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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Seculars Shed Tears for SIMI Terrorists, Not for Murdered Prison Guard Ramashankar Yadav

The 8 SIMI terrorists who escaped from Bhopal Central Jail on the night of Diwali and were shot dead hours later in a face off with police, have been all but elevated to the status of victims, even martyrs, in mainstream media and secular-liberal circles.

When news came in on the morning of 31 October that the 8 prisoners, under trial for terrorism and other serious charges, had escaped from jail after cold-bloodedly murdering a prison guard, Ramashankar Yadav, the news was reported in a matter of fact way. If the prisoners had not been caught soon, the BJP Government in MP would likely have been criticized as inefficient and lackadaisical. But when news came in just hours after the prison break that the SIMI terrorists had been killed in a shootout with police after they  refused to surrender, it was a dead certainty that in the days to follow MSM would question the incident and project the dead men as victims.

And MSM did not disappoint.


The chatter bubbling under the surface in media about ‘fake encounter’ & ‘extra judicial killing’ went ballistic after a few video & audio clips emerged. As per this Hindustan Times report –

“A video clip purportedly showing policeman shooting at an apparently injured fugitive lying on a flat-topped rock raised doubts about the authenticity of the encounter, prompting rights groups and opposition parties to seek a probe. “

Then leaked audio tapes of conversation between the police control room and forces at the shootout site were splashed all over media. DNA reported

“‘Sabko nipta do’: Senior police official heard giving orders to kill 8 SIMI operatives on audio recording”

India Today arrived at the following conclusion

“According to the evidences, the cops chose to kill the eight members of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) instead of arresting them.”

Do Leaked Videos & Audios Really Prove ‘Fake Encounter’ Theory?

The 2 min video of the police approaching the fugitives who are lying on the ground after the main shootout is over can be seen here. The video shows one plainclothes policeman approach an apparently dead fugitive to retrieve a dagger from the man’s waistband. As he is pulling out the dagger, a shot can be heard in the background. The focus then moves to a policeman armed with a rifle aiming towards a group of 4 fugitives lying on the ground. He fires one more round at a fugitive whose left arm lifts for a second due to the impact of the bullet.

Let us see how Azaan Javaid of DNA has reported this video –

” a video was released on social media, in which a policeman is seen pumping bullets into a man from close range. In the same video, an unidentified person is seen taking out what appears to be a knife from the pocket of one of the deceased men, and places it back.”

The highlighted portions of the text above reveal the total falsehood in reporting –

  • Two shots are fired in the video, with a reasonable gap between both shots – there is no ‘pumping of bullets’. The first shot rings out in the background, and we don’t know who fired it and who was the target. It is plausible that both shots were fired by police at the prone fugitives. We have to remember that these are hardened terrorists who had escaped from a high security prison after brutally slitting the throat of a prison guard using an improvised dagger fashioned from jail utensils – they had refused to surrender and had in fact challenged the police. Police is trained to exercise extreme caution while approaching such criminals and take no chances –  injured combatants have been known to fake their death and strike after lulling the enemy.
  • The policeman who removes a dagger from a dead terrorist, does not place it back.

The audio tape can be heard here. This article busts the lie being peddled by MSM that the tapes somehow prove that the encounter was fake – “In the tapes, at exactly 1.15 minutes, one can hear the police officers saying that the terrorists had fired at them. They repeat this 2-3 times. And an order comes that the firing must be responded to.”

So the terrorists had no intention to surrender, and were also firing back at the police. In such a scenario, what was the police supposed to do – sit on a dharna to appeal to the fugitives to surrender? Would our secular-liberal media and terror apologists have been satisfied about the genuineness of the encounter only if a policeman had died – like Inspector MC Sharma died in the 2008 Batla House encounter? But wait…even that death was not enough for the likes of Digvijay Singh, Salman Khurshid, Sonia Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal – who till today claim the Batla House encounter was ‘fake’.

What about Ramashankar Yadav?

58-year-old prison guard Ramashankar Yadav from Ballia, UP was murdered by the 8 fugitives during their prison escape. This single fact is enough to blow the ‘fake encounter’ theory to smithereens. But such are the toxic times we live in, that this murder is being largely overlooked and some are even spreading conspiracy theories hinting at a police hand in his death!

Ramashankar Yadav leaves behind a wife, two sons (both serving in the Army), and a daughter who was about to get married. One can imagine the pain his family feels when they find our media ignoring the supreme sacrifice he made in the line of duty, and instead project his death as part of some elaborate staged encounter.

Women console the wife (in pink) of Central Jail head-constable Ramashankar Yadav (inset) who was killed by SIMI operatives on Monday in Bhopal. (PTI)

Chandan Ahirwar, a prison guard and colleague of Yadav, who was tied up by the fugitives before they killed Yadav in front of his eyes, is still in shock.

But the Yadav family plight is not unique – 28-year-old Jitendra Kumar, a CRPF soldier has been in coma after being injured in a blast carried out by Maoist communists in Bastar while on election duty in 2014. His family too feels similarly ignored. Everyone in media, academia, politics and intelligentsia who malign our security forces by concocting false stories and ignoring ground realities should hang their head in shame.

Did police use excessive force?

The ‘fake encounter’ theory has now been so thoroughly disproved, that the Adarsh Liberal cabal is soon going to start talking about use of ‘excessive force’ by police.

But ‘Shoot to kill’ is legitimate in law enforcement circles all over the world when police has probable cause to believe that an unarmed fleeing prisoner poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the police or others.

Let us examine the key facts in this case –

  • The 8 fugitives were armed, at the very least, with daggers made from jail utensils. If we go by the police audio, then they even fired back at the police during the shootout.
  • These were men who were facing trial for deadly crimes like terrorism (serial bomb blasts), murder (including that of policemen), armed bank robbery. They were being hunted by police forces of various states and had been traced to places as far apart as Bijnore, UP to Rourkela, Odisha. A short profile of each of these 8 hardcore terrorists can be read here.
  • They had escaped from Bhopal central jail after brutally slitting the throat of head constable Ramashankar Yadav and threatening another prison guard.
The eight suspected SIMI operatives who escaped from prision and were killed in an encounter on Monday. Clockwise from top left, Abdul Majid, Mehboob Guddu, Zakir Hussain, Amjad Khan, Mohammad Aqeel Khilji, Mohammad Khalid Ahmad, Mohammad Saliq, Mujeeb Sheikh. (Source: Hindustan Times)
The eight SIMI terrorists who escaped from prision and were killed in a shootout with police. Clockwise from top left, Abdul Majid, Mehboob Guddu, Zakir Hussain, Amjad Khan, Mohammad Aqeel Khilji, Mohammad Khalid Ahmad, Mohammad Saliq, Mujeeb Sheikh. (Source: Hindustan Times)

Hence there is no doubt that if these men had not been gunned down by police, they posed a serious threat to police as well as to innocent civilians. But the most damning part of the whole episode is the testimony of the villagers who tipped off the police about these fugitives, leading to the shootout.

Villagers testimony from encounter site

This ANI News’ video interview of the villagers who helped locate the terrorists, has been buried under the hue & cry of the ‘fake encounter’ narrative.

This article talks about the above video. It says –

“Mohan Singh Meena, Sarpanch of the village explained the entire sequence of events. He said he got information from the cops that he should alert any suspicious movement in his area. Soon he was informed by some people that some suspicious looking people had entered into his area. As he was going to the spot where they were seen, he saw people coming out of the river, one by one. He asked them to stop, but they replied in some different language, and he called the cops. He then asked a labourer nearby to bring as many people as he could, while the Sarpanch kept following the suspects. He claimed they were carrying sticks.

Once the cops arrived, he says, the cops asked them to surrender, but they shouted some slogans and began pelting stones and compelled the cops to open fire. The cops even fired in the air but they did not heed he says. And even as the cops had encircled the criminals, many people from surrounding villages had slowly turned up to see the fight. Even the video showed hundreds of people in the background.”

The sarpanch (village head) adds the following points which the article has missed out –

  • When the villagers tried to stop the fugitives, they threatened to shoot them.
  • The 8 men kept thumping their chests and raising slogans. They did not appear to have any fear of death.
  • For all us villagers, Diwali has been celebrated today as the country’s enemies have been killed today. We are all happy.

Maybe it this happiness of an ordinary Bharatiya villager that the news-traders and media propagandists sitting in Lutyens Delhi cannot stomach, due to which Mohan Singh Meena’s voice has been censored in MSM reporting.

The reason the fugitives were not willing to surrender – JIHAD

Any sane person, even a criminal, would realize when surrounded by police that there is no escape and that it is best to surrender. Why then did these 8 fugitives decide to fight it out to the bitter end? To understand their motivation, we must look at an old video from May 2014, when 2 of these 8 men were being taken from a Bhopal court –

In the video the men can be heard saying

  • We are coming, Taliban. I am waiting for Taliban
  • There is only one superpower in the world – Allah-o-akbar (Allah is the greatest)
  • Next is Modi’s number…Inshallah
  • Slogans being shouted – Nare-takbir (a standard Islamic war cry), Allah-o-Akbar, Al-Karim, Al-Jihad
  • From Palestine to Afghanistan, we will win.

These men saw themselves as holy warriors for the cause of a globally dominant Islamic Caliphate. They were fighting a holy war , i.e jihad – and as per Islamic theology, the mujahids (soliders of Islam) who die while waging jihad are guaranteed a place in the highest level of Paradise.

There are some arguing that the 8 fugitives were under-trials and hence it is not right to label them as terrorists. But when the men themselves are proudly proclaiming their support for global Islamist causes and threatening to kill the PM himself, why are we tying ourselves up in knots over semantics?


There can be no doubt in a rational person’s mind who takes time to sift through the facts, that the police encounter with these 8 deadly fugitives was genuine. But in this day and age of 24×7 TV and byte-sized news bytes, the media propaganda will end up convincing even some intelligent people that the 8 men were innocent victims of a ‘communal’ police in a ‘communal’ state. Politicians like AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal, Congress’ Digivijay Singh, TMC’s Mamta Banerjee will also ensure the conspiracy theories get official sanction in their respective votebanks.

A security expert writing on this matter says it best –

There seems to be no issue too serious, no institution too sacrosanct to avoid politicisation and sensationalizing.  Politicians with an axe to grind may go ahead and use the incident to castigate the police and target the government, even choosing to ignore or twist facts. But we, as ordinary citizens must realize and appreciate that such actions by the police and other security forces are aimed at protecting us. If we can’t give them even the slightest margin of error in decision and action, it is at our own peril.”

While known propagandists like Rana Ayyub were always expected to spread the secular-liberal ‘fake encounter’ narrative, what is worrying is the fact that even educated, articulate Muslims like M Reyaz whose twitter bio describes him as ‘Assistant Professor | Political Commentator| Wannabe Expert on Eurasia|’ and a person who has written columns for various media outlets like Daily O, The Hoot, Al Jazeera, DNA, Scroll, Tehelka, Firstpost is also spreading the Muslim victimhood narrative, ignoring the facts at hand.

Given the way Muslims are being fed lies from all sides, it is no surprise that the funeral processions of these SIMI terrorists were attended by thousands.

The danger to our nation from secular-liberal forces within could not be clearer. The surprisingly comprehensive election victory of Narendra Modi in 2014 has brought their poisonous agenda bubbling underground to the surface – if these forces are not countered and defeated soon, they will succeed in their goal of tearing the nation apart.

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