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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Sadhvi Pragya Gets Bail In Malegaon Blasts Case, Family Terms It ‘Triumph of Truth’

After almost 9 long years of awaiting a proper charge-sheet, Sadhvi Pragya, one of the main accused of 2008 Malegaon blasts case, has been granted bail by Mumbai HC. The bail has been granted at a surety of Rs. 5 lakhs and her passport has to be deposited with the NIA court. The other primary accused, Colonel Purohit has however not been granted bail today. Going by the news report, the division bench headed by Justice Ranjit More granted the bail, as NIA had earlier discharged her of all charges and did not oppose her bail too.

In an earlier news, an intervention plea was also filed by a Malegaon blasts victim named Nisar Ahmed Bilal opposing the bail plea of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. It may be noted that her family has alleged previously that she had been severely tortured during the initial years of custody because of which her spine is injured, and she also developed cancer in the custody.

We called up her family today to know their reaction, her brother-in-law Bhagwan Jha, who is taking care of her case said :

After 9 long years, truth has triumphed. This is nothing but triumph of the truth. The people who were scared to look at and speak the truth earlier, have spoken the truth today. She has suffered immensely and for a long time. But there is always hope.

When we asked him to react on the news that some victims are planning to approach the Supreme Court opposing her bail, he replied :

This is a regular process. That will keep happening. We will fight it when that process starts. Currently, we have got bail because there was merit in the case.’

(Featured Image Credit : PTI)


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  1. Good news. BUT, Nine Years? (Like Col Purohit) India is ruled by the dregs of humanity. By Constitutional and political (majoritarian) choice. India’s Judiciary, Bureaucrats, Police and all on Govt pay roll, as befits unaccountable Certified Congenitally Backwards, are born callous.

    While the Constitution has sliced and diced privileges, entitlements, and applicability of law by caste, tribe religion, gender, person, and so on to erode all sense of equity, fair play and accountability to law, the Judiciary have leveraged all this to become a law unto themselves.

    Each judgment nails down the unfitness for purpose of the judiciary. All men are what they do. Judiciary are any alien tyranny callously destroying millions of Indians’ lives and potentialities.

    India needs better quality of judges and not quantity. No Judge will agree for they Judge in their own cause.

    But for quality to improve, standards have to improve. For standards to improve we need equality under law (the abolition of “reservations” in particular) and accountability in all walks of life beginning with education.

    As things stand Indian Judges lack erudition, arithmetic, integrity, culture, manners, etiquette alacrity and assiduity.

    In the course of several decades of “stay” Motherass High Court asked my lawyer, in open court, “If he wants to remarry, why does he not become a Moslem? Why is he still a Brahmin?”. After several years of “stay” Karinayithikka High Court tells my lawyer, in open court, that the Indian Penal Code is not applicable here because this is not the US or UK, before letting off 10 accused VIPs (from 2 years SI for defamation and 3 years RI for fabrication of evidence) against whom I had brought a cognized criminal case. Both the stay and the quashing were regardless of law, facts, evidence or procedure. On appeal, the Supreme Court declined to uphold the rule of law.

    The judiciary have been enabled to be unaccountable to notions of law, equity and fair play by the executive and superior courts through social engineering appointments and immunity from impeachment among other things and by the Constitution that has enshrined exceptions to both the Rule of Law and Equality under law in the Indian Constitution. Apart from eroding competence and integrity, the resultant culture has bred insouciance and arbitrariness of a very high order. The deleterious effect of this on the National character has been as extreme as the corrosion of education for political convenience. Today the Courts are defenders of the four important principles of any Banana Republic, “Just because you did it does not mean you are criminal”, “Just because the statute book says so, does not make your actions a crime”, “Evidence lies in the perception of the judge”, and “Just because you did not do it, does not mean you are innocent”.

    The climate all this has created over the last Seventy Years has ensured a playing field that favours criminals and criminals alone.

  2. Felt a great relief upon seeing this news! 8 long years w/o conviction, for false charges, by UPA government. Finally she is free. ANd mind you, she was seriously ill in jail, yet was not released on bail for treatment. This is how our sadhu/sadhvis are treated by the secular governments. Secular is just another name for anti-Hindu.


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