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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

PFI terrorist under investigation gets salary from Kerala Government

The “secular” communist government of Kerala pays a monthly government salary to the national chairman of the Popular Front of India (PFI), who is now in jail for terrorist activities. State-run Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) pays Rs 67,600 monthly salary to OMA Salam. He was among those arrested for terrorist activities on September 21st.

Covert PFI members ran the fanatical anti-national group while living everyday lives and holding suitable employment in the government and commercial sectors. As per the income tax statement submitted by Salam, the Kerala government paid him Rs.7.84 lakhs as salary for the last financial year alone. Meanwhile, he was on ‘leave’ and toured the world to arrange funds for PFI’s terror activities. 

Salam has been on the KSEB payroll since 2003. He joined in March 2003 and immediately went on leave till July 2010. Over the years, both Congress and Communist regimes paid the known jihadi traitor huge salaries. 

Salam is a Senior Assistant in the KSEB Manjeri Regional Audit Office in the Malappuram district. He was arrested in early December 2020 for collecting money for terrorist activities. Following this, KSEB suspended Salam on December 14th, 2020. 

The law requires a government employee under suspension to be given a subsistence allowance for six months. Meanwhile, the incident that caused the suspension should be investigated and action taken. If the inquiry is not completed within six months, the employee is entitled to have two third of his salary, and in Salam’s case, it is Rs 67,600. In other words, since his suspension, he has drawn Rs 7.84 lakhs and was getting a government salary of more than Rs 1 lakh per month till then. 

After it was discovered that Salam was the chairman of PFI and had been in that position without KSEB Board’s approval, he was suspended in December 2020. He was also connected to the PFI offshoot Rehab India Foundation, which was also banned.

According to the KSEB letter informing Salam of his suspension, it came to light during the investigation that Salam was also serving as the chairman of a group that had been outlawed and was being investigated by several agencies due to its alleged activities and dubious fund transactions. “It has also been proven that the accused has undertaken multiple foreign journeys without proper authorization,” the statement says. Salam has been to countries like Syria and has allegedly handled crores worth of funds.

Meanwhile, Salam was released on bail. Although the investigating agencies provided much evidence, the investigation continued without considering any of it. KSEB released the money bypassing the computer system so that the payment of salaries to Salam remains unknown.

According to a senior KSEB officer, they were under intense pressure to return him to the service from leaders of the opposing CPM and Congress. Finally, they decided to accept the State Police Chief’s letter of approval before returning him. However, the clearance for the Police Chief has not yet been given. Salam ultimately wins because he receives a two-thirds wage despite not working. However, the common Keralite suffers greatly since his hard-earned money is used for anti-national actions.

His 7.84 lakhs salary details were revealed after the income tax statement submitted by Salam was leaked. Even though Salam was arrested from his house in Manjeri a few days ago, KSEB has still not taken action. According to reports, the Jihadis apprehended appeared to be enjoying normal lives while working toward their goal of converting India into the Islamic Republic by 2047. These individuals were in charge of radical anti-national elements. Investigation agencies have retrieved evidence from the criminal organization’s offices. 

The most important was the “Mission 2047” brochure and CDs. They urged Muslims to use force against Hindus in Bharat. Cadre was taught how to prepare improvised explosive devices (IEDs) using commonly available materials. Crores worth of unaccounted money has also been seized. Swords were recovered during a raid at a puncture shop in the Wayanad district. The shop belonged to the PFI area committee president, Saleem, who is now absconding.

Meanwhile, Pinarayi Vijayan has instructed top government officials to implement the PFI ban without ‘undue haste.’ This allowed terrorists to remove various documents from the offices of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the Popular Front. This strategy is part of communist appeasement politics to draw a maximum number of terrorists from the banned outfit to join the CPM. Such policies might be why some district collectors do not even respond to Vijayan’s phone calls. 

Incidentally, the same Vijayan and his communist state government implemented the Supreme Court verdict on allowing women of all ages into Sabarimala Temple using force. Back then, even women protestors were brutally beaten up by biased police officers. He also provided drug-running police officers to escort urban Naxal women to the temple. It is no wonder that a PFI terrorist enjoyed his government’s support economically and ideologically.

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