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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Nupur Sharma finally gets gun licence

Nupur Sharma, whose comments in response to anti-Hindu mocking by an Islamist panelist during a TV debate were spun as ‘blasphemy of Islam’ by notorious ‘fact checker’ Md. Zubair and used to incite mob violence and murderous attacks on Hindus across the nation, now has a gun licence.

A Delhi Police source said that she has been given the licence to carry a firearm for her protection. Buckling under global Islamic pressure, including that by tiny Gulf nation of Qatar which runs the anti-Hindu propaganda outlet Al Jazeera, the BJP later suspended Nupur from the post of party spokesperson.

Sharma recently moved a plea before the licensing unit of the Delhi Police as her life is in danger and she needed a gun to carry round the clock for self-defence. The police unit after ‘taking opinions and understanding the gravity of the matter’ allowed her plea.

In her application, she told the police that she was receiving death threats and needed a pistol to carry.

Hindus like tailor Kanhaiyalal Teli and pharmacist Umesh Kolhe were brutally murdered and dozens were assaulted or intimidated, forcing some to even leave town, for standing up in defense of Nupur Sharma’s right to free speech, following the instigation by Zubair and incitement by Islamic clerics like those of Ajmer Sharif dargah.

Instead of coming down on those inciting murder and mob violence, the judiciary failed to uphold rule of law and instead berated Nupur, inviting condemnation from citizens of all walks of life.

Our secular state has failed to safeguard fundamental human rights (including the right to live) of ordinary Hindus who make up the majority and contribute almost all the taxes collected by the state. Yet, the same state apparatus makes it extremely difficult for Hindus to even arm themselves for self-defence.

Whether it is a Hindu being murdered for ‘blasphemy’ like Kamlesh Tiwari, Kishan Bharwad or the Hindus, including women and children, gunned down in Rajouri recently by jihadis – Hindus will continue to be sitting ducks unless they either organize themselves at scale or change the fundamental nature of this state itself.

(With IANS inputs)

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  1. License by itself is only one step. She needs a proper small sized full-time carry pistol, a holster, and needs to practice drawing and firing so that she can use it if need arises. Also, it will be helpful for her to always have a bodyguard present who is also armed and trained. One person alone cannot always stave off a determined attacker(s). Take case of tailor Kanhaiya–he was attacked in coordinated manner by 2 Muslim fanatics. She needs to go through all possible scenarios and have them “wargamed” before hand. This is not the kind of thing you can do if you haven’t already mentally rehearsed it many times.


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