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Monday, July 22, 2024

NIA Busts Another IS Module – This Time In Hyderabad

The NIA (National Investigation Agency) along with Telangana state police raided about 11 locations in Hyderabad last Wednesday and detained IS (Islamic State) terror suspects who were planning attacks on multiple locations. NIA has busted this IS module proactively and deserves applause for it as the attacks seemed imminent had these suspects not been detained.

Various news agencies reported that NIA has arrested 5 terror suspects and these are members of an Islamic State cell that was operating under the command of Muhammad Shafi Armar, the head of a group of Indian jihadists based out of Raqqa in Syria. The NIA also seized Rs 15 lakh in cash, 23 mobiles, three laptops, seven pen drives, two gas stoves, a condenser, a heater timer, a pressure meter, 3 litres of paint, two clocks, masks and two gloves. Forged identity documents and literature on making explosives were seized too. Some news reports also mention that a couple of 2mm pistols have also been seized.

Contrary to the popular belief that most people giving in to terrorist activities are illiterate and very poor, most arrested are graduates and one is even a software engineer. All are from reasonably well off families. The ones arrested are – 1st year college dropout Mohammed Iliyas Yazdani, 24; his brother and software engineer Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani, 30; computer science graduate Habeeb Mohammed, 32; high-school graduate Mohammed Irfan alias Yaqais Irfan, 27; and management graduate Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al-Amoodi alias Fahad, 31.

It seems that the Yazdani brothers first met other members of the cell in 2014 when they attended meetings organised by the Islamist cleric Abdul Sami Qasmi — a preacher who has been in prison since Feb 2016, when he was arrested by the NIA in connection with an investigation into the arrests of 20 members of a nationwide Islamic State network.  The earlier arrests and now this busted IS module proves that IS does have presence in Bharat even though all members arrested may not have direct access to IS leaders in Syria or Iraq.

Another news report revealed that a lethal explosive triacetone triperoxide (TATP) that was used by Islamic State (IS) bombers in the Paris and Brussels attacks was found in the basement of a Hyderabad house of a member of this IS module.

Deccan Chronicla also released an update through its sources that around 5-6 kg urea was kept ready by the terror suspects in order to make improvised explosive devices. “Ibrahim Yazdani, his brother Ilyas and Fahad used urea (ammonium nitrate) and nitric acid to prepare urea nitrate in the storeroom of their house in Chandrayana-gutta. The urea nitrate was ready for use and during an explosion, it would have produced toxic fumes like oxides of nitrogen which are harmful to humans. Within an area of 50 metres to 100 metres radius, people who inhale them will become unconscious. So they are chemical weapons,” a bomb-defusing expert of the Telangana State police told Deccan Chronicle.

As per news report from One India, the five persons arrested by the NIA in connection with the IS case said during their questioning that they had no plans of traveling to Syria. These people arrested by the NIA from Hyderabad last week for allegedly setting up a module in the name of the IS, wanted to form a caliphate in Bharat.

The latest update from Deccan Chronicle reveals that as per details provided by Ibrahim, the NIA has arrested four suspects from Nanded who allegedly sold country made firearms and deadly weapons to this module.

The NIA in its latest raids based on confessions of Ibrahim has seized 17 live ammunition and it has been revealed that this module was working in an organized way with divided duties.

Unfortunately, not only Dhaka terrorists, but Ibrahim, who is a chief accused of the IS module busted in Hyderabad has been inspired by Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and had attended his 10 day camp in 2010, as per this news report.

The MIM president, Asaduddin Owaisi is going to provide legal help to the accused arrested in this IS module busted in Hyderabad. While alleging that NIA is going soft on Hindu accused in 2008 malegaon blasts, he is demanding suspension of officers who arrested these IS module accused if they are proven innocent in court.

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