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Nepali Hindus stage protest, burn Imran Khan’s effigy in front of Pakistani Embassy in Kathmandu

Activists from the Hindu civic society in Nepal held a demonstration outside the Pakistani Embassy in Kathmandu, on July 15th. The protest was called in the wake of growing religious intolerance in the Islamic country and continued atrocities on the Hindus, which has only increased after the construction of the promised Krishna Temple in Islamabad was halted and its boundary walls were demolished recently. The videos of the incident went viral on all platforms of social media last week.

Vinay Yadav of Rashtriya Ekata Abhiyan, who was spearheading the demonstration, stated, “We condemn the Pakistan government’s actions as it is violating the basic human rights of a citizen. By holding this protest, we demand Pakistan allow the continuation of the construction of Krishna temple.” Campaign coordinator Binoy Kumar added, “The Hindu minority in Pakistan is still being oppressed by the government. The government is committing another major crime by not allowing the construction of Hindu temples and monasteries.”

Slogans demanding “Temples and monasteries must be built in Islamabad” and “Stop the oppression of Hindus echoed in the embassy arena. Protestors carrying posters and effigies of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan burnt them in front of the embassy situated on Ring Road in Kathmandu.

Though Bharat and Nepal are at political loggerheads, both these countries have a predominantly Hindu population, and it is the duty of the Hindus, the world over in general and in these two nations in particular, to take a stand for their tormented co-religionists in Pakistan. Hence, it was heartening to see Hindus of Nepal keeping political differences aside and uniting to call out Pakistan’s bigotry towards Hindus, much like the Hindus of Bharat,.

It was the first time in the 70 years since Independence that Pakistan was going to have the first Hindu temple built on its land; the Hindus of the country had donated generously for it, and all due permissions were taken. But Islamists of Pakistan would have none of it and took matters into their hands by vandalizing the under-construction temple.

A large number of Islamist bigots cheered the action which further emboldened the religious bigots. A Muslim man of Pakistan uploaded videos of his toddler sons, both of them swearing to kill all Hindus if the Hindu temple is built in Islamabad. The message although meant to threaten the sitting PM Imran Khan reached every corner of the world connected thanks to social media.  The viral video with its nefarious content was viewed by millions of internet users and attracted heavy flak from social media and mainstream media alike.

If that wasn’t enough, another video has surfaced that features a pop singer from Pakistan belting out objectionable abusive lyrics in relation to the Krishna Temple, the Hindus in Pakistan, and Hindustani. Using profanities, he reiterates the threat issued by the toddlers. He also addresses the Hindus of Pakistan and Hindustanis as dogs.

“Hindustani k*tto, tusi rahi zara Aukat vich,

Banne ni dena Mandir asi kadi Islamabad vich,”

Clearly, the concerned temple in Islamabad was not being erected for the Hindustanis that is the Bharatiyas. It was being made for the Hindus in that Pakistan. But, now that the Pakistanis have themselves declared that the Hindus in their country are “Hindustani”, have they themselves justified the CAA their leaders have been objecting to vehemently. Given that the Hindus in Pakistan are “Hindustani”, Hindustan that is Bharat becomes their natural home. Hence, we need CAA all the more to bring them home and possibly consider expanding its scope beyond the December 2014 deadline.

On December 4th, 2019, the government of India had introduced the Citizenship Amendment Act to provide expedited citizenship to the Hindus of Pakistan. The Hindu civic bodies have joined the movement to protect Pakistani Hindus by staging a protest in front of the Pakistani Embassy in Nepal. This is a great step towards the much needed global Hindu unity.

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