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Monday, April 15, 2024

Muslim Youth Barge into Mandir During Kirtan, Vandalize Murti, Abuse Devotees – Deoband, UP

A bhajan-kirtan program being held in Deoband’s ancient Hanuman Mandir was disrupted when a group of Muslim youth barged in using abusive language, vandalized a Sri Krishna murti and broke the mike, as reported in Hindi newspaper Jagran.

The kirtan (group religious recitation/discourse) was being held on the night of Tuesday, 5th December. As per temple committee member Balwant Kumar Mittal, around 11 PM Faizan (son of Bhura) along with some of his friends entered the temple wearing shoes & hurling abuses at Hindu devotees. They threw down the murti of Sri Krishna and broke the mike being used for the program.

When the pilgrims tried to catch the Muslim youth, they ran away after issuing threats. Soon, other Hindus of the area, including BJP’s City President Gajraj Rana, gathered and demanded strict action against the accused. Inspector Pankaj Tyagi said that Faizan has been arrested and a case registered against the other accused.

The Jagran newspaper of that day has also reported another news about an illegal structure appearing overnight outside Hanuman mandir in Deoband. It is not clear whether it is the same temple which Muslim youth vandalized the previous night.

2nd report in Jagran about an illegal shack coming up overnight right outside Hanuman Mandir, Deoband

The report says that Hindus of the area were astonished to see a khokha (shack/small shop) outside the temple on Wednesday morning. Local leaders of Bajrang Dal, VHP protested and sat on a dharna outside the temple. They said that such attacks on Hindu temples were occurring regularly, and demanded that administration remove the illegal structure in front of Hanuman mandir.

Deoband is home to one of the most famous Islamic seminaries in the whole world – ‘Darul Uloom, Deoband’. Most Islamic terror groups which have emanated from South Asia like Taliban, LeT, SIMI etc. swear allegiance to the Deobandi school of Sunni Islam.

Last year, Yasmin M Khan, a Paris-based researcher had written an article series for Firstpost titled ‘How Deoband became shorthand for extremism and violent intolerance entered its ideology’ based on her visits to a collection of small and large madrassas in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

Although the article romanticizes about Deoband’s “progressive role in the freedom struggle” (the truth is that Deoband supported the Congress’ freedom efforts in order to avoid splitting Muslims and to finally convert Bharat into an Islamic State) and juxtaposes Deoband’s hardline and exclusivist Islamic teaching against “syncretic Sufi Islam” (read about the Islamization of Bharat by Sufis in this 3-part series) , it still makes for instructive reading on the deep radicalization of the Indian Muslim mind that such toxic madrassas have produced.

We reproduce an extract from the first article of that series-

“The Deoband brand of madrassas, which has mushroomed all over Asia and beyond, preaching an orthodox version of Islam and radicalising Muslim youth, is one of India’s most popular exports.

Recently, the Financial Times reported that the word ‘Deobandi’ (a graduate of Darul Uloom, Deoband) has become “shorthand for a Sunni Muslim extremist”. The “ubiquitous” Deobandi madrassas, described as “dens of jihadism and violence”, it said, were everywhere – estimated to run into “tens of thousands”. “Wave after wave of Deoband graduates have gone on to found their own madrassas across [the] region,” wrote the paper’s South Asia bureau chief Victor Mallet in a comprehensive survey of madrassas on the subcontinent.

…. By propagating a narrow and selective interpretation of Islam and its texts that portray women as inferior to men and non-Muslims as “kafirs”, they sow seeds of extremist thinking. They promote a harsh and intolerant version of Islam and insist that their understanding of the Quran and Sharia alone is authentic – and those who don’t accept it are not ‘true’ Muslims.

Experts in the West call it the “conveyor-belt effect” whereby madrassas initiate the process of radicalisation putting them on the path to further – and often violent – radicalisation. A friend of mine who lives in Meerut decided to send her ten-year-old son to a madrassa during summer vacation to learn the Quran and “something about Islam”, told me she was shocked when after a few weeks the child started asking “strange questions” like why she didn’t wear burqa; and was it “haram” to watch movies and have photographs in the house? When she asked him who had told him these things he said his “maulvi saheb” at the madrassa had. “But I was really upset when one day he asked if our Hindu maid was a ‘kafir’. I told him to stop talking such nonsense and decided that he was not going back to the madrassa,” my friend told me.”

Will any Indian ‘liberal’ like Shahid Siddiqui, Ramachandra Guha, Irfan Habib, Sadia Dehlvi et al speak up on this extremist menace that is staring us in the face? Lutyens’ Delhi is infested with dozens of think-tanks – has anyone bothered to do the kind of research this Paris-based researcher has managed to do in a few months?

Our liberals go blue in the face dissing ‘orthodox Hinduism’, caste, Hindu ‘superstition’ and warning us against becoming a Hindu Pakistan. What about the very real threat of present-day Bharat spawning another Pakistan?

A few stray accidents in Delhi churches set the media ecosystem abuzz with doomsday predictions of impending genocide of Christians – Western media too picked up the chatter and then US president Obama even issued a gratuitous piece of Gandhian advice on his official visit to Bharat.

It has been over a week since this Hanuman Mandir was desecrated in the town which is the heart of South Asian Islam – home to the Deoband seminary which claims to spread the ‘message of peace’. Has anyone from Lutyens bothered to discuss this gross violation of Hindu human rights?

Has any national leader of BJP bothered to raise their voice and boost the sagging morale of their ground level workers fighting this extremism and naked intolerance on a daily basis in the gulli-mohallas of UP?

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