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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Muslim mob sets police station ablaze in Malda, West Bengal

Bengal becomes the target of mob violence again as a Muslim mob set a police station ablaze on the pretext of the alleged death of one Ainul Khan while in police custody at the Milki police station, Malda district, West Bengal. 

Ainul Khan (55), a resident of Puratan Bhagabanpur area, along with seven others, was arrested from a gambling den on Sunday. Khan, reportedly, felt unwell and had to be rushed to a primary health center situated near Milki police station. 

Doctors at the health center who examined Ainul Khan, suspecting that he had suffered a heart attack, referred him to a hospital in Malda which was about 15 kilometers away from the location. 

By this time, the neighbors and family members of the arrested man had surrounded the Milki police station creating a wild chaos. When rumours of Ainul Khan’s ‘expiry’ spread in the mob, they alleged that Khan had died due to police assault while in custody and the entire trip to Malda was a cover up.

The unruly mob then ransacked the police station, set it on fire causing damage to many important documents, torched police vehicles, and left 4 policemen seriously injured. Khan also passed away during the melee. 

As per the district Superintendent of Police, Alok Rajaria, The attackers snatched the other accused persons and set the outpost on fire, resulting in damage of important documents.”

Clearing the air about Khan’s death, the SP said that though he was referred to Malda Medical College and Hospital but locals did not allow him to be taken to hospital alleging that he had expired due to police assault.

“Drastic action is being taken. 15 people have been arrested and the hunt is on for the other miscreants,” he added.

As per most recent reports, a huge contingent of police and Rapid Action Force were deployed at the spot to control the situation

It is worth noting that this is not the first time the state of West Bengal, which is sitting atop an explosive mine of jihadist crimes, has witnessed a Muslim mob attacking its institutions. Back in June, the grandson of 75-year-old Mohammed Sayeed, after his death due to health issues, mobilized a 200-strong mob to carry a mass attack on the NRS hospital and assault doctors in the medical facility.

The police stood as mute spectators watching the hospital turn into a battle ground, while the prized “vote bank” of the state government vandalized the building, beat up doctors with brick and lathis. Doctor Paribaha Mukherjee, a bright student & a school topper, who had just started his medical career, was hit by one such brick, that caused a depressed fracture in his skull’s right frontal region with contusion. 

While the police provided no protection to the doctors, the state government blamed the incident on the BJP and even threatened the doctors to resume work.  

This attack on police comes nearly four years after a 2.5 lakh strong Muslim mob burned down the Kaliachak Police Station in the same district of Malda, attacked Hindu temples, shops & homes, and even clashed with BSF. CM Mamata Banerjee had rationalized the Kaliachak violence as not communal, but ‘BSF vs people.’


With every passing day, not only Bengal but the whole of Bharat is witnessing an increasing trend of Islamist mobs taking to the streets to carry out their mad dance of destruction. The pretext can be anything – 2012 Assam riots, Rohingya issue, demands for sharia-style lynching of Kamlesh Tiwari, Kathua, American movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’, Tabrez Ansari, arrest of cow smugglers, minor road accidents. They have been promised impunity, it seems. 

Tabrez Ansari, a thief, gets caught while stealing a bike, gets beaten up and dies of cardiac arrest few days later in police custody. The liberals turn the criminal into a national hero overnight. Mobs protesting Ansari’s death resort to violence in different parts of the country.

On the other hand, Ainul Khan dies of heart attack after being caught in a raid by the police, and his family and locals invade a police station and set it on fire. 

Have these people been granted the absolute freedom to carry on with all kinds of anti-social activities without being accountable to law and justice?  Will the liberals, pray tell?

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