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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Muslim barber sexually assaults minor boy, loses arm on railway track while fleeing; The Wire claims attack by ‘Hindu fundamentalists’

A Muslim man, Akhlaq Salmani (28), was caught sexually assaulting a 8-year-old Hindu boy in Panipat, Haryana around 2 AM on 24th August. The furious family members of the boy confronted Salmani and slapped him, but he managed to flee.

While running away, Salmani’s arm was cut off below the elbow when he fell on railway tracks. The next morning he was found near the tracks by railway police and hospitalised.

The family of the boy initially decided not to file a complaint to save the minor further trauma, but decided to file an FIR on 7th September after policemen started inquiring with them. The FIR was filed at the Chandni Bagh police station in Panipat under Section 6 (punishment for aggravated penetrative sexual assault), Section 18 (punishment for attempt to commit an offence) of the POCSO Act and Section 323 of the IPC.

In the FIR statement, the eight-year-old boy’s uncle Vishal* (name changed to protect identity), explained that he, his wife and their eight-year-old nephew were sleeping in the verandah. The gate, which faced the railway track was unlocked but closed. “Around 1:00 am I got up to take a leak, when I returned I saw that the boy was not there and the door was open. I woke the neighbours and family members and everyone began searching for the boy. We spotted a young man and then saw that he had pushed the child to the floor and was on him; the minor boy was without clothes.”

Speaking about what followed, he said, “We were furious, asked him his name and slapped him. He told us his name was Aqhlaq and ran away to the side of the railway line. Ever since I have been looking for him.”

The boy’s mouth was swollen and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. When the FIR was registered, Singh also submitted the medical certificate of the boy from his visit to the hospital on 27 August. He had four injuries in total.

However, on the same day as the family filed their FIR, Salmani who had also recovered sufficiently by then and been visited by his brother Ikram, filed a counter FIR which claimed that around 1.30am on August 24, Salmani was near the Kishanpur area of Panipat, searching for water. When he knocked at a house, four people allegedly attacked him with sticks and bricks, dragged him to a nearby saw machine and chopped his right arm off with a chainsaw. They later dumped him near the railway track, the FIR added.

Salmani’s brother, Ikram, alleged the crime was committed after the culprits allegedly spotted the number 786 tattooed on his right arm. “They were kattar (orthodox) Hindus who do not want Muslims to live in Hindustan anymore. There is no doubt in my mind that my brother was attacked for being Muslim. I will not sit back till we are heard well and loud.”

Ikram said his brother got the number 786 tattooed when he was just 15 years old. “We believe in 786. We believe in Allah,” he added.

Among media outlets who reported this news, most like The Wire and Hindustan Times have focused on the version presented in the FIR lodged by Salmani. They have extensively quoted Ikram Salmani, and mentioned the FIR lodged by the boy’s family only in passing. The Quint has at least reported both versions, but even their headline stresses on ‘Muslim Man Attacked in Panipat’, the fact that a minor child was sexually assaulted by Salmani who pushed his genitals into the child’s mouth is secondary for them.

The Wire has in fact quoted rabid Islamist propaganda outlet which has completely erased the child sexual assault part from their report!

Police investigation has corroborated what the child’s family is saying, and the child himself has given statement to a magistrate about the sexual attack.

Chandni Bagh police station SHO Inspector Ankit Nandal who is investigating the matter told The Quint – “Preliminary investigation suggests that the hand was cut by the wheels of the train….why would a man go to someone’s house at 2:00 am to get water? Also why would they cut his hand when there is no history of enmity? The man is not from here. The child has also given a statement in front of the magistrate. He said that Akhlaq had pushed his private parts into his mouth in an area close to railway station.”

Now, an SIT under Panipat DSP Satish Vats has been formed to investigate both the cases.

Saharanpur MP BSP’s Fajlur Rehman, Samajwadi Party district president and Bhim Army district president have all visited Salmani’s home.

Muslim radicalisation versus Hindu cluelessness

Ikram Salmani is the member of an organisation called All India Jamaat E Salmani. A look at the organisation’s website tells us its various demands on behalf of the Salmani community – office space in every district of the country; action against any official who ‘conspires’ against them; land grants in all districts; appointment by Central and State governments of officials and lawyers nominated by the org; special employment schemes; political quotas; amendments to Article 341 of Constitution to allow quota for ‘Dalit’ Muslims and Christians.

How many such Muslim organisations exist across the country? This gives an idea about the kind of finely tuned political antennae Muslims have. They are organised horizontally and vertically at all levels. They are acutely aware of how to set an agenda, how to capture the narrative, how to present themselves as victims while working non-stop to extract more and more privileges from the secular state. They know they have strong allies in left-liberal mainstream media, Communists, secular/liberal/atheist ‘Hindus’, Christian organisations and the left-liberal NGO lobby.

Ikram Salmani knew exactly what buttons to press to ensure his brother’s arm getting cut becomes the main story here, not the sexual assault and oral rape of a 8-year-old boy. He knew, just like those who falsely claimed they were assaulted after refusing to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’, what line would be picked up by the English-language media. Now, the media’s entire focus is on a man’s arm being cut  ‘because he had tattooed the Islamic symbol 786’.

Meanwhile, Hindus are hopelessly clueless about their situation. They think politics matters only at time of elections and all they need to decide is which party to vote for. They are clueless about the multi-pronged global forces working against them, and the legal discrimination which they face within Bharat, forget the state of Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh. For eg., ask yourselves, how many educated Hindus are aware of the Hindu Charter?

Even the so-called RW ‘politically aware’ Hindu cannot see beyond BJP-RSS. Have we asked the other Hindu organisations, including the small community organisations and local temples, the Akhara Parishads, the various mathas etc. about their stance on crucial socio-political issues staring Hindus in the face? Do they even have an opinion? Do Hindus living in UP know what’s happening in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal or vice versa? But Muslims across the country will tell you that giving refuge to Rohingya Muslims is a ‘humane cause’.

Is it any worder that Akhlaq Salmani has become another cause célèbre for our elites:

While poor Rahul who was lynched in Delhi a few days back by 4 Muslims has been all but forgotten, branded a ‘thief’ just because he had past run-ins with the police.

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