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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Minor Dalit Youth Rohit Tanti Killed by Muslims in Gole Bazaar, Kharagpur, WB

On the late evening of 18th September, at about 9:30 PM, Rohit Tanti, a Hindu belonging to Dalit Khatik community, was returning home when he was waylaid by 4 – 5 Muslim men in Kharagpur, West Bengal.

Rohit was beaten mercilessly with iron rods and bamboo sticks as a result of which he sustained severe internal injuries and fell on the ground. It is alleged that while beating up Rohit, his attackers were shouting “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Allah Hu Akbar” and “Hindu <abuse>”. This incident happened in the Gole Bazaar area under Kharagpur Sadar Assembly Constituency of West Bengal.

Some local practicing Hindu boys took him to hospital where he was declared brought dead. It is noteworthy that when Rohit was being beaten up by the Muslims, some senior people aged between 45 – 60 with affiliation to ‘secular’ & communist organizations were present there at the scene, but they did not intervene to stop or apprehend the Muslim attackers.

Rohit Tanti
Rohit Tanti

Later, as the news of the death spread in the area, local residents and the Hindu community were angry. Rohit’s inconsolable parents wanted to know why communist/secular minded seniors did not try to save Rohit? By 11:40 PM, the entire area was a battle field; there was a power cut in the area, which is suspected to have been done by the Local TMC secular politicians to put the Hindu community in a disadvantaged position.

By midnight, Hindu youth, irrespective of political inclination, had united and gathered for a counter attack in case the Muslims attacked the Hindus further. There was heavy police presence too. Police was stopping the Hindu community members from going out of the Gole Bazaar area.

The next day saw skirmishes between both groups, and around 7 shops were burnt down by irate crowds.

Shops damaged in rioting after death of Rohit Tanti
Shops damaged in rioting after death of Rohit Tanti

Rising tide of Muslims fanaticism in West Bengal – toothless police

The Kharagpur Sadar Assembly Constituency was won by BJP in the recently held Legislative Assembly elections 2016 in West Bengal. Sri Dilip Ghosh, an Ex-Pracharak of the Sangh and a staunch Hindu wrested the seat from “Chacha” Gyan Singh Sohanpal of the Congress who was once the speaker of West Bengal Assembly.

BJP Yuva Morcha leader Shri Arnab Mitra said – “It is very unfortunate that a youth lost his life in such a way. An elder son of the household, Rohit had dreams but those dreams of his family have been brutally extinguished by criminals. There is deterioration of law and order in West Bengal due to the Muslim appeasement policies of the TMC government. A disproportionate number of crimes are being committed by members of one particular community. Is there something wrong with the community, or something wrong in the way how pseudo secular political parties deal with people?”

BJP State General Secretary, Ms. Debashree Chaudhury reached Kharagpur and met some community members. However police did not allow her to go to the cremation ground or meet the family members of the deceased. Then she went to meet the Additional SP of Medinipur District who made her wait for more than an hour, before leaving his office through the back door without meeting her.

Later when Ms Debashree Chaudhary went to meet the SP, the SP refused to meet the BJP delegation. BJP leaders and karyakartas resorted to a road blockade and were arrested.

Local MLA Sri Dilip Ghosh was out of town when this incident occurred. He had been invited to speak at a World Hindu Conference held in USA to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago speech.

Locals strongly believe that this is not a simple case of fighting between youth or some kind of robbery. This incident is one of several incidents which are being carried out in different parts of West Bengal as part of what seems like an orchestrated Jihad against the Hindu community.

It is also to be noted that all political parties like Congress, TMC and CPM are trying to cover up the incident, and were putting pressure on Rohit Tanti’s family to settle the matter as a case of accident or suicide. Only the BJP was in favor of a proper investigation, arrest and trial of culprits.

People gathered outside Rohit's home and in Gole Bazaar area
People gathered outside Rohit’s home and in Gole Bazaar area; Consoling the grieving family

Police has been a failure in this case too, as has become the norm in West Bengal. Police in West Bengal has become a slave of the ruling TMC, and has hardly any power to arrest anyone from the Muslim community unless given a go ahead by the ruling TMC.

Even after 30 hours of the incident, none of the culprits have been arrested. Police has only imposed section 144 in and around Gole Bazar to confine the Hindus within the area while Muslims in other areas are meeting freely.

Locals allege that West Bengal Police offers protection to Jihadis and anti-nationals. Recently, West Bengal police offered protection to controversial student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, out on bail in a sedition case, when he came to Kolkata on 8th September, but arrested BJP workers who were protesting against Kanhaiya Kumar in Kolkata.

Hindus in West Bengal feel pushed to the wall, which could have serious repercussions as per locals. After the pre-dawn attack on an Army Base at Uri on 18th September 2016, Muslim-Hindu skirmishes have ensued in different towns and villages across West Bengal. Some Muslim youth have been seen triple riding bikes without helmets and flying Pakistan flags in Muslim dominated areas, flouting traffic rules.

(This report is based on inputs received from local sources in West Bengal, chiefly Sh. Arnab Mitra (@ASM_BJP . The incident seems to have been completely censored in English mainstream and West Bengal regional media)

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  1. A so-called bong I am debating against on another website will still defend muslims while abusing Hindus even when I share these news coming out of WB.

  2. दलित कब से हिन्दू हो गया? गुजरात में यह दलित हिन्दू नहीं था….दलित का कार्ड दलितों को ही खेलने दो….

    • दलित तब से हिंदू है जब से वह कर्म योग, भक्ति योग, या ज्ञान योग के मार्ग के अनुयायी हैं, तब से हिंदू हैं जब से वह संत रविदास जैसे महान गुरु के अनुयायी हैं, तब से हिंदू हैं जब से वह मूर्ति पूजा करते हैं….अतः दलित तब से हिंदू हैं जब से हिंदू धर्म की समाज में स्थापना हुई| और बाकी हिंदुओं की तरह दलितों का अब्रहॅमिक (ईसाई और मुस्लिम) मिशनरी धर्म-परिवर्तन करना चाहते हैं…इसलिए भी वह हिंदू हैं !

    • Who r you to say so???? Do u think yourself as dalit leader of all. I’m a Schedule Caste and also a proud hindu.
      People like u makes us weekend if hindus won’t fight for our last land India, it will better we died before converting ourselves to Muslim.
      Fuck off

  3. I would say learn to but atleast hide your obvious intentions when you publish a PR piece in the name of news. As the fourth pillar of a democracy, the media is bound by law to present news as an unbiased narration of the truth.
    The news piece written has a very prominent political inclination. I don’t want to take the name of any side.
    However, please do not forget the fact that a life was lost, a son was lost and a family was driven incomplete. No visit by any political party affiliate can change that.
    I am from Kharagpur and now reside in Pune. My heart goes out to the inconsolable mother.
    But I say again do not publish crap in the name of news. PR pieces have a different place where they are accommodated. Don’t do it on the same page wherein the loss of a life is mentioned.

    PS : I am a non-political middle class wager who works everyday to make ends meet. I was a student of journalism and I admire the profession, please do not malign it. I have no affiliation towards any political party of WB or even for that matter of the world.

    • Strange. You are a journalist and want news to be hushed up! FYI this news has not been given prominence in any daily newspaper, nor is the news that 300 hindus in a village in Birbhum will not be able to celebrate Durga Puja for the fourth year in succession because 25 Muslim families live there. Do you realise that this state faces a real danger in demographic balance but nobody wants to talk about it. I am also not a member of any political party but am a hindu and feel scared that the state that was salvaged for the hindus against the opposition of Jinnah in 1947 faces a real danger of hindus becoming a minority again. What you are calling crap is actually a serious warning against an imminent change in the demography of Bengal. Be real and stop writing such naive bullshit.

    • Ha ha ha paid #Presstitute of the Anti Hindu lobby wants to suppress news where A hindu Dalit Boy is brutally murdered by Muslims….. bloody these motherfucker presstitutes will only cry about Dadri.

    • Life is like a circle and nothing will remain same
      Now a days I see a lot of change in thinking of Hindus Muslim radicalization is a topic of discussion among Hindus
      Time is changing for the betterment of Hindus

    • U sickculerist people are more alarming for us. Just look at your socialist media community in 2015 to 2017 west Bengal faced more than 200 communal incident none of them covered by Bengal media coz those violence happened against hindus. If a Muslim gets killed in up next whole would know that but when a hindu gets no one have time or intention to cover them. U guys makes hindus life cheaper in day by day.
      Someday I thought if I born Muslim in this country, I would get better respect.


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