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Friday, September 17, 2021

Man Killed by Muslim Neighbour Over Tazia Donation; Indian Express Reports As “Joke Gone Awry”

57-year-old Manhar Variya was murdered by his neighbour Nazir Pathan (35) at VUDA quarters near Rang Vatika in Bapod, Vadodra on Tuesday evening.

Family members of the deceased claimed that when he was sitting below his building, accused Nazir, who lives in another block of the VUDA quarters, came and started demanding money for Tazia (a procession taken out by Shia Muslims on festival of Muharram). His son claimed that both of them had heated arguments as Variya refused to give money. Nazir then stabbed Variya leading to heavy blood loss.

Manhar Variya Hindu Man Murdered
Manhar Variya, murdered by his Muslim neighbour over Muharram donation; (Courtesy: ConnectGujarat.com)

Nazir fled from the spot after stabbing Variya, who worked as a labourer. Variya was rushed to SSG Hospital but was declared brought dead. Bapod police was informed about the incident by the hospital authorities.

“We are taking statements of the deceased’s family members and have learnt that the duo had a fight. Once all procedures are done, exact reason behind the murder will be known,” said A V Parmar, police inspector, Bapod police station.

Meanwhile, the police seized Nazir’s autorickshaw and have launched a manhunt for him. A formal FIR was registered against Nazir at Bapod police station late in the night.

Indian Express ‘reporting’

The above report has appeared in Times of India, a leading English daily known for its anti-Hindu slant on most issues. However, TOI pales in comparison to the vitriolic Hinduphobia witnessed in other English MSM newspapers like Indian Express, Hindustan Times and The Hindu. Let’s examine how Indian Express has reported on this issue:

Their first report is a small column (less than 100 words) buried on Page 4 of the 14 September Ahmedabad edition –

Note how this report completely sidesteps the deceased’s family members claim that Manhar was stabbed by Nazir (IE reports the accused’s name as Nazim) because he refused to donate money for Tazia. For IE and its ilk, the version of a victim’s family only seems to matter when the victim is Muslim.

The very next day, IE carries a bigger report (around 400 words) titled ’58 Muslim families flee Vadodra colony after murder of Hindu man’ – 

So the news of an elderly Hindu being stabbed to death by his young Muslim neighbor is less news-worthy for IE, compared to the alleged relocation of Muslim families fearing reprisal. IE has even found it worthwhile to report the version of a Muslim resident in the society who is playing victim and claiming that the murder was the result of a “joke gone awry”.

Did IE go around asking Hindu neighbors of Junaid Khan or Pehlu Khan on what they thought were the alleged reasons for their murders? Can the family of a dead Hindu not even grieve in peace without being painted as aggressors as per the ‘secular reporting’ editorial framework practiced by Indian Express?

This is not the first instance of a Hindu being murdered over a dispute arising from donations for a Muslim festival. In November last year, Indrajit Dutta was brutally assaulted by a Muslim mob in Bengal’s Birbhum district after he refused to donate money for Muharram. Indrajit later died of his wounds in hospital.

This is how The Hindu reported the incident in a brief article titled ‘Normality returns to Birbhum‘ –

“Normality has returned to Mollarpur in Birbhum district of West Bengal where tension prevailed after the murder of a businessman for allegedly refusing to contribute to the Moharram celebrations.

The incident took place earlier this month when Indrajit Dutta was assaulted by some persons who demanded a large sum for Moharram. “When he refused to pay, they assaulted and caused him severe injuries,” the owner of a shop told The Hindu on Friday. As the condition of Mr. Dutta deteriorated, he was shifted to a government hospital in Kolkata where he died on Monday.

“There is no communal tension in the district. There is no communal angle to the assault, and we have arrested those involved in it,” Birbhum Superintendent of Police N. Sudheer Kumar said.”

Our ‘national’ media couldn’t be clearer in their intentions – when a Hindu dies at the hands of a Muslim, their number 1 priority, in fact their only priority, is to facilitate return of “normalcy” – journalistic integrity of reporting full facts, or justice for the aggrieved Hindu family be damned. But if a Muslim dies at the hands of a Hindu, they will move heaven and earth to bring “justice” to the family, even if it means giving communal overtones to the issue where none exist, or publishing unsubstantiated gossip as verified news.

For the English language MSM of this country, Hindus are indeed children of a lesser God. 

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  1. Surprisingly the majority number of Journalists at these media houses are Hindus but yet prefer to play the fake Muslim sympathy cards.??

    • Because bjp is a Danga baaz party. It’s waiting for that right moment to instigate a communal riot and divide people. Bjp then polarizes hindoo votes and win election. Bjp supporter then become hardened cow vigilantes criminals and lynch people for eating or carrying beef. This is modus operandi of bjp.

  2. Facts are as clear as daylight: a Hindu man was murdered for the simple reason that he refused to give money for a Muslim religious procession. Why should he? He is not a Muslim, and he is not rich. But for this “crime” he was punished. This is INDIA!! Muslims keep demanding brazenly, and Hindus are not even allowed to refuse their demands.


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