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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Love Jihad: An Ignored Crime

Love Jihad is an activity under which young Muslim boys and men reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities (mainly Hindus as they are easily vulnerable) for conversion to Islam by feigning love. This issue has garnered national attention in 2009 when large number of conversions were found as a result of Love Jihad in Kerala and areas surrounding it.

This issue though continuously projected as a threat by the leaders of Hindu society, has been denied as a matter of controversy by the secular media and liberal intellectuals citing the personal choice of choosing life partner as the reason for such conversions, despite of all the rapes and murders it has caused and the suffering of many Hindu girls who are exploited and abused after marriage under sharia law. But on the other hand, even former communist CPM and Congress chief ministers of Kerala had acknowledged the rapid conversions, especially of women into islam over the years.

But will personal choice of choosing life partners make our young girls choose such cruel men, giving rise to increase in crime against women and forcible conversions? Let us have a detailed analysis over this issue.

Recently, a 16 year old girl named Amrita’s body was found lying at the railway track near the Mukkali station in Kerala. Though it was projected as suicide by the secular media, subsequent events have made the police take custody of three young muslim men. It was later revealed by the police that the girl was spotted together with one of the guys named Muhammad Irshad a while  before her she was found dead as per an eye witness.  Some reports say she committed suicide, but the photographs of her dead body say otherwise. Will a girl coincidentally have chosen such a cruel man as her partner without any acting or efforts taken by him? (Reference:

Amrita (image source)

Let us see some other cases where the girls ended up with similar fate. In May 2015, 23 year old Anuja was found  hanging with her head tonsured and hair strewn on the ground. Later it was revealed that the girl was in a live in relationship with a man named Khaleem who was the chief accused in the murder of BJP leader Manikandan (murder of BJP and RSS leaders are very common in Kerala, another thing which is continuously ignored by media and central government), which made police take custody of Khaleem and find out his history. Khaleem, a married man with three children, had wooed Anuja through facebook and professed love, following which the couple decided to marry making Anuja end up with this fate. 

Few months ago, days before the state elections of Kerala in 2016, a rape case stunned the nation. A 29 year old law student named Jisha was found dead in her home at Perumbavoor. She was living with her mother who worked as a labourer. Police found her body in a mutilated condition. After weeks of probe, police finally arrested the culprit, Ameer-Ul-Islam from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Further enquiries of the accused, revealed that Jisha had resisted sexual advances from him earlier on the day she died, which led to her cruel rape and murder by the culprit, making us suspicious about whether Amrita too had the similar fate in the hands of Muhammad Irshad and his friends.

These incidents show that our young innocent girls like Anuja, Jisha and Amrita are in grave danger by these jihadists who lure Hindu women to marry them for a life of exploitation and abuse, and do not hesitate to rape and kill them if they resist.

In July 2016, it was reported that the girl named Nimisha who converted into islam and left to join ISIS with her jihadi partner  had won prizes in Gita chanting when she was at school. So this means that just the basic education of Dharmic tradition from childhood is not enough, we must also teach our kids to abhor all sort of jihadist elements much like how muslims teach their children to detest polytheism and idolatry by showing examples from their scriptures and deeds of their prophet. It is now one of the duties of elders in Hindu families to educate their girls from childhood about the harm people like Muhammad Irshad can cause to them, preventing them from undergoing any such sufferings. 

(This article has been written jointly by @dauhshanti & @paanchajanyaa)

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