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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Kerala Model: Government Ayurveda College gives degree certificates to failed students

There are reports of massive irregularities in the Doctor’s graduation ceremony at the Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram. Many who received the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) certificates on the 15th of this month still need to pass the exam. It is unknown when this irregularity started happening in this Kerala government college or whether it is the norm in other Universities in the state. 

Reports show that out of 64 graduates, seven still needed to clear the second-year examination. The BAMS course is five and a half years, including House Surgery. Arrears, if any, of the rest who actually ‘passed’ remain unspecified.

Dr. Mohanan Kunnummal, Vice-Chancellor of Aarogya University, was the special guest at the graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, Kerala Health Minister Veena George, the Pro-Chancellor, was the designated chief guest at the event but suspiciously failed to show up.

There have been allegations that the son of a PTA member is also among those who received nonbinding certificates. College authorities allegedly conspired and issued certificates to this student and several undeserving candidates.

It was also reported that the SFI-led House Surgeons’ Association decided to whom the degree certificates should be given. Students Federation of India (SFI) is the notorious quasi-militant student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM). Fearing violence and beatings, most Professors and students meekly agree to their diktats.

The incident came to light when some bright students argued against the irregularities in the graduation ceremony. Their disclosure exposed the officials who helped lagging students who failed the exams. Even more suspiciously, college authorities gave strict instructions not to share pictures of the graduation ceremony on social media. Local media refused to carry images of these ‘Doctors.’

College authorities then proceeded to justify these illegal activities. They claimed that the ceremony was organized according to their list. This shows collaboration between the communist-linked party cadre and the college. College Principal Dr. G Jai told the media that if there are allegations, they will be investigated, and more doubts will be clarified.

Citizens raised doubts about what will happen to the patients who came to such unqualified doctors for treatment. Others accused the government BAMS of becoming a degree that can be bought using money and political interference. Students alleged that a serious crime had been committed and the Governor should intervene.

Since Ayurveda is an ancient Bharatiya Hindu knowledge bank, communists have long despised this Vedic way of living and tried their best to denigrate it. The allopathic medical lobby that sells medication and treatment at rates multiple times that of Ayurveda, too, would like it wiped out. Dim-witted students are yet to understand this and are actively participating in destroying their future. Nothing else explains their deeds.

As the college began to gain negative publicity, authorities went into damage control mode. Health minister Veena George ordered a ‘probe’ into the allegations. The Director of Medical Education (Ayurveda) was asked to file a report. The college initiated a probe into the role of the House Surgeons Association in the incident. Usually, a third party examines, but the accused or their cronies investigate in Kerala.

College authorities ordered all the students to return their Degree certificates by 11 am on 21 December. One student returned the certificate on 20 December, while the remaining six returned the documents on Wednesday. Those who had supposedly passed on merit refused to produce their hard-earned credentials. 

This meant that all the seven students conferred degree certificates during the controversial ‘graduation ceremony,’ despite failing the exam, have returned their certificates. They submitted the documents to the college principal Dr. Jai. The college authorities now claim that the rest of the students don’t need to produce their credentials. It is alleged that the communists are trying hard to brush the incident under their carpet without punishing anybody. 

The college authorities said that a final decision would be taken only after seeking permission from the Vice-Chancellor of the Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS). The University officials claimed they had taken a serious view of the incident. As per law, the Chancellor is authorized to make such decisions.

Since the college authorities are trying to conceal the incident, students said they would complain to Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan. The Governor is also the Chancellor, for now. He is waging a lone battle against communist atrocities, and the whole system is trying hard to replace him. 

On 22 December, the Kerala State government sent the University Law (Amendment) Bills to replace the Governor as Chancellor of 14 State Universities to Raj Bhavan. The Bills were forwarded after the Assembly unanimously passed them on 13 December. Earlier, the Governor had rejected an ordinance brought by the government to strip him of the Chancellorship. It is widely believed that he will likely refer the unconstitutional Bills to the President.

The proposed legislation will enable the government to appoint academicians or “persons of eminence” (incompetent Marxists masquerading as experts) in various fields of knowledge, including agriculture and veterinary science, technology, medicine, social science, humanities, literature, art, culture, law or public administration, as Chancellors. 

The state then plans to create a selection committee chaired by the Chief Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Speaker as members to identify Chancellors. Experts have warned that such a move will eradicate the higher education system in Kerala, which has already hit new lows. 

Unless the central government interferes and implements reforms similar to the infamous Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), all will be lost. The Central Health Minister, too, should intervene in the certificate fiasco. Though Governor Arif Khan has massive public support, he will not be able to bring about reform independently. Most political outfits who wish to preserve their unfair practices are up in arms against him.

Communists, Congress, and their allies have made Kerala University certificates worth toilet paper. Local politicians usually blame the host country that refuses to accept such credentials. Whenever such incidents occur in Gulf countries, Islamist political establishments like the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and their cronies lobby hard and resolve the issue on the sly.

Other countries refuse to accept pressure tactics and ask job aspirants to retake local exams to prove their worth. Most fail and are forced to take other low-paying jobs. Reservations, anyway, are an unheard-of evil in countries except for Bharat. Even the lead author of the Constitution of India, Dr. B R Ambedkar, would not have desired in his wildest dreams that the blatant discrimination against a select few would continue even in 2022.

Incidentally, last month, HinduPost reported that both local Congress and Communist leaders inaugurated a controversial Popular Front of India- linked (PFI) Ayurveda hospital near Pathanamthitta, Kerala. It belonged to Dr. Fousina Thaqbeer, the wife of top PFI terrorist Sadiq Ahmed. Dr. Thaqbeer is also an active and vocal member of the banned terror outfit. She is a Pathanamthitta district committee member of the National Women’s Front (NWF), the women’s wing of the PFI.

In the infamous September pre-dawn raid, Ahmed was arrested by National Investigation Agency (NIA) officers. Pathanamthitta Municipality Chairman and CPM Pathanamthitta district committee member Advocate T Zakir Husain and Congress opposition leader in the municipal council, Jasimkutty, were among the prominent members in attendance. It is unknown whether Dr. Thaqbeer attended Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram. 

Unfortunately, until and unless the certificate issue is resolved, honest Ayurveda doctors who toiled hard and their relatives will be unable to publish their convocation photos or certificates online. Incidentally, Kerala also has a Minister for Higher Education, R Bindu, who has remained mute throughout this controversy.

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