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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Kerala Governor Arif Mohd. Khan narrates CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s old “change of clothes” incident

Kerala governor Arif Mohd. Khan said he knows CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s character very well, and alluded to a incident many years ago when Vijayan allegedly had to change his lower garments, the implication being that he wet himself, following a run-in with a no-nonsense cop.

Talking to media in Kochi, Khan said, “the CM has gone to the extent of saying that he does not know who I am. But I know certain other things also…I know how in Kannur he tried to free a man who was arrested by the police in a murder case and he tried to do it forcibly. When the young IPS officer took out the revolver, he (Vijayan) only knew what happened to him. He had to go back home to change his clothes,’’ said Khan.

Instead of sending communist goons to threaten him, the governor challenged the CPM to march into Raj Bhavan if they dared, and physically attack him if possible. Threats of dire consequences are hurled by the Communist cadre against the governor now.

Earlier, Vijayan said that the governor was a ‘nobody’. Meanwhile, the governor taunted back that he knew Vijayan very well. The governor noted that the current CM had to go home and change his clothes after a young IPS officer was forced to take out his gun when Vijayan and other communists were trying to save a killer from police custody. What the governor was implying is that Pinarayi had to change his clothes because he had wet himself.

Some reports suggest that the young IPS officer Arif mentioned is Ajit Doval, appointed by the then government as Thalassery Superintendent of Police to restore peace during the Thalassery riots in the early 70s. Others suggest that it was RN Ravi, the present Tamil Nadu governor.

Dec 1971 Thalassery riots

In 1971, communal rioting allegedly instigated by CPM had broken out in Thalassery, a city in Kannur district. When the administration tried to bring peace in violence-hit areas of Kannur, the then-CPM leadership superficially preached harmony but were accused of silently stage-managing the communal violence.

In one episode, police were arresting a rioter accused of murder, whom Vijayan and other CPM cadre tried to save. This is when the incident alluded to by Khan happened. Incidentally, it is said that after the cop’s warning to Vijayan, the violence immediately ceased. 

According to the witnesses, the IPS officer pointed a revolver at Vijayan’s forehead. The officer reminded Vijayan that he had nothing to lose. Vijayan went down on his knees and apologized. Later on, former CPM leader MV Raghavan also disclosed this incident.

Raghavan suffered a lot at the hands of the very same Marxists that he began his career with, but that is another story. Incidentally, Raghavan’s son MV Nikesh Kumar runs the pro-CPM Reporter TV channel and now peddles fake propaganda for Vijayan.

Raghavan was a former Communist leader from Kannur. He was expelled from the CPI(M) following internal politics in which he advocated an alliance with the United Democratic Front (UDF) partners, including Kerala Congress and Indian Union Muslim League. This stand was against the official line of keeping these two parties out of the Left Democratic Front (LDF). In 1986, Raghavan formed the Communist Marxist Party (CMP) and was the General Secretary. CMP allied with the United Democratic Front, and Raghavan was a minister in several UDF governments.

Interestingly, when the Thalassery riots occurred, the Communist Party of India (CPI) ruled the state at the time with the support of both the Indian Union Muslim League and the Congress. K Karunakaran, the veteran Congress leader, was the then Kerala Home Minister, and current CM Vijayan was the MLA from Kuthuparamba in Kannur. The riots lasted from December 28, 1971, till the 31st, when 4,000 clashes were reported that left 140 dead and hundreds maimed.

Rumors were spread that slippers were thrown from the first floor of the Noorjahan hotel in Thalassery at a religious procession taken by Hindus to the famous Melott Bhagwan Muthappan Madappura temple. As news spread, clashes began in earnest. The CPM sided with the Islamists and accused the RSS of targeting Muslims and their mosques, and the clashes escalated. 

When the fake news of ‘racial violence’ against Muslims reached Thalassery in late December 1971, the CPI-M entrusted young Vijayan and M.V. Raghavan to ‘guard mosques’ that the RSS was purportedly targeting. They intended to convince Muslims that communists were their saviors. Later reports suggested that communist goons themselves started the violence.

Armed with microphones, Vijayan and his companions traveled around the areas affected by the riots. They urged people to ‘uphold peace’ and ‘resist communal incitement’, while many believe they were actually inflaming sentiments behind the scenes. On January 4, 1972, a mob attack claimed the life of one of them, comrade U. K. Kunjiraman, who was standing guard at a mosque that their mobs had targeted for destruction.

More details about the alleged arrest of Vijayan can be read here.

Pinarayi Vijayan’s bloody past

Vijayan’s late father, Mundayail Koran, was a toddy tapper. In his youth, Vijayan was known as Vijayan Koran. He was also the first accused in the murder of RSS activist Vadikkal Ramakrishnan on April 28, 1969. Citing technical grounds and lacking concrete evidence, Vijayan and his accomplices were acquitted. This decision came after the court pointed out the prosecution’s failure to prove the case ‘conclusively.’ Koran is now known as “Pinarayi Vijayan” outside his police records and was sworn in as the chief minister of Kerala in May 2016. Pinarayi is the name of his native village. 

RSS worker Vadikkal Ramakrishnan who was assassinated in Thalacherry in 1969 (Vijayan allegedly had a hand in this, though he was never convicted) & Pinarayi Vijayan, distributing relief to Muslim victims of 1971 riots

In 2014, an ex-CPM leader and two-term MP from Kannur, A.P. Abdullakutty, shared startling details about CPM’s politics of murder. He revealed that Pinarayi Vijayan, who was then CPM state secretary, had instructed party workers in 2008 to follow the Bengal communist style of killings opponents to avoid bad publicity – ‘bury their bodies in a deep pit along with a sack of salt. The world never comes to know about the blood, photographs or the news about such killings.’

In 2016, the Marxists championed VS Achuthanandan as their chief ministerial candidate, and the LDF was voted into power. Overnight Achuthanandan became too old a candidate for the party and brought Vijayan into the limelight. Back then, and after the gold smuggling saga was exposed, the incident that the governor mentioned about Vijayan did come up.

But the communist cyber wing and urban Naxal cronies quickly extinguished this story with fake narratives. Their main argument is that Ajit Doval, or any IPS officer, has not revealed the lockup incident regarding Vijayan. But, neither has anyone dismissed the same.

Vijayan now has hundreds of policemen for his protection and moves around in convoys of more than 40 vehicles, excluding local police vehicles. He has also spent crores from the public coffers to appease media organizations.

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