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JNU Communist Students Break Security Guard’s Leg, Assault Females to Stall Movie Screening

On 27 April, Vivekanand Vichar Manch (VVM) and Global India Foundation were screening the movie ‘In The Name of Love – Melancholy of God’s Own Country’ by national award winning director Sudipto Sen at JNU, where before starting the movie the Director had urged the protesting leftist students to watch the movie and engage in a healthy discussion and debate after the screening.

However, JNUSU (JNU Student Union currently led by United Left alliance of AISA-SFI-DSF) opted to continue their protest on the other side of the campus where effigies are usually burnt at Sabarmati Dhaba.

Soon after the movie began they came closer to the group of students watching and started disrupting through their dhaplis (tambourines) and slogans. They were still on the other side of the human chain formed by security guards who were standing on the right side of the screen (Sabarmati Dhaba side).

However, the movie continued and thus a few protesting students came from the other side (left side where there were no guards, i.e. Sabarmati Hostel side) and they stood in front of the screen with their placards; then their comrades entered from the right side too.

Despite these sloganeering students standing in front of the screen, the movie continued and students were watching it peacefully. As all their attempts and tactics of provoking students watching the movie peacefully were going in vain, Pradeep Narwal in patronage of JNUSU along with some other protesters climbed the platform and cut the wire of the projector and broke the screen inspite of several requests to him not to do so.

They had climbed the platform on which the projector was placed. And then they started abusing the students on the other side including common students, guests, VVM and ABVP activists. Female students were pinched, groped, scratched and pushed in which shirt button of two female activists of ABVP were opened. Many girls were also pushed and manhandled. Many ABVP activists received threats from the Communists that they will be maligned and targeted on campus saying “tumhari yahan koi aukat nahi hai….koi nahi sunega tumhari campus me” (you have no standing here…no one will listen to you on campus).

Suddenly I heard that there were some leftist goons throwing eggs and stones due to which another scuffle took place near the tree on the road on the right side of Sabarmati Dhaba, and Gaurav Kumar came rushing towards us with his bleeding hand telling that somebody had beaten and pushed him so hard that he fell and a sharp object injured his hand.

Later on when some students questioned an ex-JNUSU President Mohit Pandey from AISA (student wing of CPI – ML) that how can they get so violent in their protest, he started abusing them and tried to run away in his car with some of his comrade friends – one of them was Aamir from Umar Khalid’s Organization BASO (Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Students’ Organisation). They were in such a hurry that they ran their car over the leg of the security guard Yogesh Kumar who was trying to control the situation. The guard was immediately rushed to AIIMS. His leg is fractured at three places and he has been advised three months bed rest.

JNU Guard Leg Broken
Injured security guard Yogesh Kumar

The former JNUSU President’s insensitivity and inhumanity towards the injured guard infuriated the students who tried to grab him and hand him over to police. However, all their efforts went in vain as JNUSU President Geeta Kumari  and other JNUSU members were successful in shielding him as they were more in number and he ran away.

Later on, BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule Student Association) students started raising slogans like “Tilak Tarazu aur Talwar inko maaro jute char” (a casteist slogan first coined by BSP which calls for hitting so-called upper castes with shoes). There were counter slogans from students affiliated to ABVP and Vivekanand Vichar Manch like ‘Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat’, ‘Tum jativad se todoge, Hum rashtravad se jodenge’ (you can try breaking with casteism, we will unite with nationalism) etc.

Amidst this sloganeering, Rahul Sonpimple, BAPSA leader, threatened an ABVP activist that ‘pandit ladkiyon ka yahin campus me rape karenge’ (we will rape Pandit girls here on campus). This comment was a deliberate tactic to provoke her and insert a caste angle to the entire episode for gaining political mileage and registering BAPSA’s presence in the left-right debate. This time he was shrewd enough to say this in a low tone that no one could record, unlike his earlier mistake of threatening ABVP activists loudly on camera saying ‘Tum ABVP walon ko suar ki tarah katenge’ (we will hack you ABVP guys like pigs)

Finally, the movie was screened, despite all these obstacles, on a white curtain as the proper screen rented by VVM was torn by the Leftist goons.

ABVP has registered an FIR against against this incident at Vasant Kunj (North) Police Station.

(The author has requested that we keep their name anonymous)

HinduPost Note

Here are some other tweets on this entire episode, which once again exposes the hollowness of the Left lobby’s claims that they are advocates of free speech and freedom of expression. The reality is that all over the world, the Left knows only one way to counter opposing thought – violence.

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