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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Hindus suffering violence and mob-lynching in Muslim-dominated areas, governments should act: VHP

The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP)’s International Working President Advocate Alok Kumar ji in a statement said that violence against Hindus is on the rise in Muslim-majority areas of the country, adding there should no place for violence in the social life of the country.

Here is the full text of the statement issued by him –

“Bharat is governed by its Constitution and rule of law. There should be no place for violence in the social life of our country. All forms of violence, no matter who does it and against whom, are reprehensible and unforgivable.

In recent times, many incidents of mob-lynchings and other forms of violence against Hindus by some Muslims have been reported in various parts of Bharat. This includes murders, rapes, desecration of holy places and vandalisation of properties. This shows that Muslim society, especially in Muslim dominated areas, is becoming intolerant and violent.

I refer below some of the more painful incidents as illustrations.


On May 24, 2020, five persons travelling in a SUV killed Sanatan Deka a vegetable seller in Assam’s Kamrup district. The only reason for this was that Deka’s cycle was collided with their SUV. Two of the assailants Faizur Haq and Yusufuddin Ahmed have since been arrested.


Three Muslim goons entered the house of a Dalit at 1:00 a.m. on June 10 last at Nurpur in Begusarai district of Bihar, gang-raped a Dalit woman on point of a pistol and also attempted to rape her daughter though unsuccessfully. Even after the name of one of the criminals, Laddu Alam, s/o Feroz Alam, was conveyed to the police, he has not been arrested. The criminals are still roaming free and threatening the victims. The Station House Officer (SHO) of the place, Mr. Sumit Kumar, is on the contrary, threatening the victimized Dalits and threatening those who brought this barbaric incident to the notice of society through social media. This family has been receiving threats from Jihadists to leave the village.

Similar incidents are not one but innumerable. These include the case of gang-rape of a 15-year-old Hindu Dalit girl and her murder by Muslim jihadis in Kishanganj; beating up of Rahul Poddar’s family at Saraiya village in Begusarai subdivision in order to prevent the youths from reading Ramayana during the month of Ramadan; lodging of F.I.R. against Hindu vendors / businessmen in Nalanda for hoisting the “Om” flag; the planned conspiracies going on at many places including Sitamarhi, Begusarai, Purnia, Araria, Katihar and East Champaran. The free fun of the incidents show that the police and the administration tacitly ignore or are complicit in the commission of such offences.


Recently in West Bengal, Hindus were attacked for three days continuously at Telni Pada village in Bhadraser tehsil of Hooghly district. Despite there being a medical emergency during COVID-19 lockdown, their houses were burnt, women were targeted and they were also beaten up. The police did not act.

In the Harishchandra block of Malda, there was looting in the Hindu settlement and attempts were made to damage the temple. In a village near Basirhat, women were beaten up by the police itself. Police and law & order machinery were also attacked in Howrah by the Muslim mob. In Murshidabad district, Hindu areas have been repeatedly targeted.


Neeraj Prajapati of Lohardaga was killed only for his participation in a rally in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act on 23rd January. His family lost its sole breadwinner.


There have been a spate of murders  in recent years by jihadis in Karnataka . In the year 2017-2018 they Include: i) Kuttappa  in Madikeri. ii) Prashant Pujari at  Mudabidre. iii) Raju at Mysuru. iv) Praveen Pujari  at Kushalnagar. v) Sharad Madival at Bantval vi) Deepak Rao at Suratkal. vii)Rudresh at Bengaluru and viii) Paresh Mestha at Kumata.


Many incidents of Hindu persecution by jihadis have been reported in Mewat region of Haryana. A three-member fact finding team led by Major General G. D. Bakshi has investigated this matter and has given its report.

Due to atrocities against Hindus in Mewat, many Hindus have been forced to leave and migrate from their homes. In many villages, there are no Hindus living anymore. In several others, the number of Hindus families living is now less than 5.

In one case, during a marriage celebration in a Valmiki family in Chirauli Punhana, Muslims attacked, beat up the baraatis and looted their gold ornaments. An FIR has been filed with Punhana police station.

Objectionable content was posted on Facebook by a Muslim, but no action was taken against him even after the police complaint. On the contrary, a false case was filed against the Hindu person who filed the complaint.

Even in matters of cow slaughter, the police does not take any action despite information given to it. On April 28, Raghuveer, a labourer was shot dead by cow smugglers in Punhana. This case is being covered up. The labourer’s family is on the verge of starvation, but his family has not been given any compensation or other support by the state.

The village Kulaita (Nagina) is inhabited by some 500 families; only 10 of them are Hindus. It has been made difficult for Hindus to even come out of their houses. The womenfolk are not safe.

An indecent remark was made on the Shikha (crest, top knot) of a Hindu boy on 12 May. When protested, about 200 people landed up at his house and badly beat up the family.


In Hauz Kazi, there was a minor quarrel over parking between a Hindu and some Muslim boys. In response to it, a big Muslim mob assembled, attacked a nearby Hindu temple and damaged the deities in it.

Ankit Sharma was killed on 01.02.2018 in front of the public by the family of his Muslim girlfriend in a street in Tagore Garden, Delhi. The Muslim girl herself told that her family had killed Ankit. However, the Delhi government had done a lot of politics in this incident.

In the year 2017, an air hostess trainee Riya Gautam, living in Delhi, was killed. The person who carried out the murder was Adil. Riya’s crime was that she was Adil’s neighbour and he had befriended her for a few years. But when she refused to meet Adil, he stabbed her to death. In this case, along with Adil, the police also arrested 2 of his accomplices namely Salim Ansari and Fazil Raju Ansari.

51-year-old Dhruv Tyagi was publicly murdered by sharp weapons in front of his son by Mohammed Alam and Jahangir Khan in Moti Nagar in the national capital for protesting against sexual harassment of his daughter. The killers also attacked Dhruv Tyagi’s son. Police investigation discovered that 11 people had surrounded and killed Dhruv Tyagi.

In 2016, Pankaj Narang was killed in Vikaspuri, Delhi. Nine people were arrested in this including 4 minors. The only reason for his death was that while playing cricket with his nephew, he forbade some people against rash driving.

24-year-old Preeti Mathur was stabbed to death in public by her Muslim stalker Mohammad Munsair in the Nizamuddin area.


On 16 May 2019, Imran, Tufail, Ramzan and Nizamuddin burnt Vishnu Goswami alive with petrol in UP’s Gonda district. Vishnu’s mistake was that he was drinking water from the tap on the roadside while returning with his father. In the meantime, the Muslims sparked a dispute with Vishnu and his father, and when the matter dragged, they sprinkled petrol on Vishnu and set him on fire.

The killing of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari shook everyone in 2019. The investigations revealed a wide-spread conspiracy of Islamic fundamentalists that spread from Ahmedabad to UP.

Chandan Gupta was murdered in Kasganj district only because he had joined a procession being taken out for hoisting the tricolor on Republic Day – 26 January. He was raising the slogan of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” (“Hail Mother India”) during the tricolor procession being taken out by VHP and ABVP. Some Muslims shouted slogans of Pakistan Zindabad during the tricolor journey that passed through a Muslim-dominated area. The persons who held high the tricolor were stoned and fired at from rooftops in the Muslim-dominated area. Chandan died in the incident and later the police arrested Salim, the main accused.

On 5 July 2017, the body of Hina Talreja was recovered. After investigation, it was revealed that Hina’s husband Adnan had first had her gang-raped by his friends in front of himself and then shot her dead. Then he dumped the body on a highway in Kaushambi district and escaped.

This murder in Aligarh’s Tappal is an incident that made everyone think whether humanism is left in society or not. The accused in the incident were Mohammed Zahid and Mohammad Aslam, who crossed every limit of ruthlessness with a 2-year-old girl child for only 10 thousand rupees. Before killing the girl, they tortured her for 8 hours. Later, her body was thrown at a place where she was badly torn up and clawed by dogs.

A Hindu Dalit leader Arun Kumar was lynched in Agra by Muslims named Shah Rukh, Raja, Imtiaz, Abid and Dilshad.


This is a quick list. Only a few illustrative incidents have been mentioned. They are as examples only.

These examples make it clear that the majority Hindu society is a big victim of violence and mob-lynching by Muslims. It suffers more than other communities. However, these incidents do not appear in big newspapers and visual media. They are not debated. Atrocities against Hindus do not become news headlines. The resentment of the so-called seculars in cases of atrocities and violence against Hindus is not the same as it is in favor of terrorists, jihadis or minorities.

It is unfortunate that there are some gangs in Bharat that include a few lawyers, so-called civil society organizations that are being run in the name of human rights. They make a lot of noise when a terrorist is killed or if a minority community person unfortunately dies. They go to any extent to tarnish the image of Bharat in the media, on the roads and in international institutions. While, if a person suffering from injustice happens to be a Hindu, they look the other way and refuse to even acknowledge the incident.

This conspiracy must be exposed. Therefore, I have narrated a few cases, where the victim(s) is a Hindu; the crime against her/him is heinous but these were not seen by the liberal-secular gangs, none of them lit a candle in their memory or uttered a word of sympathy for the sufferers. No section of Muslim leadership also condemned these crimes. This double standard should now be understood by the country.

There is a well crafted conspiracy in this country going on for a few years to confuse and mislead the minorities. For example, it was shamelessly propagated that if the CAA is implemented, Muslims would have to show property documents held by them for three generations and if they failed to produce documents they would be sent to detention centers. Similar propaganda was made after the Ramjanmabhoomi judgment. This campaign of falsehood creates tensions and disharmony in the minorities against the majority Hindu community.

The intolerance and violence against the Hindus arises from this campaign of vilification and absolute fabrications. The persons and organisations responsible for creating such atmosphere should be identified. The persons who act against the interests of Bharat and deliberately create disharmony should be brought to book.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad calls upon Bharatiya society to rise as one person against such efforts and to work for building a harmonious society.

We call upon the Central Govt. and Govts. of States to trace out these elements; investigate these matters and prosecute them. Govts. must ensure that the forces working to create divisions and fissures in society are defeated.”

(Featured image source: Shankhnaad)

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