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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Hindu Man Assaulted & Robbed by Wrong-side Muslim Bikers in Kalyani Nagar, Pune

In a shocking incident at the Ramwadi underpass on Pune-Ahmednagar Road, four men robbed and assaulted a 29-year-old car driver for requesting them not to ride on the wrong side of the road.

The Yerawada police have arrested the four accused — Lohegaon resident Sameer Dilawar Khan (40), Amjad Faiyyaz Shaikh (32), Mohsin Mohammed Rafiq Shaikh (33) and Wajib Azis Shaikh (34), residents of Kondhwa.

On Sunday evening, at around 8pm, Vadgaonsheri resident Deepak Nawale (29) was driving home from Kalyaninagar when his car was held up in the underpass due to a traffic jam. While waiting to clear the jam, Nawale noticed three men riding on a motorcycle on the wrong side of the road and requested them not to flout traffic rules.

Instead of taking his advice kindly, the suspects started abusing and manhandling him. When Nawale retaliated, the men called up their accomplice, who also assaulted the victim with stones and an iron rod.

Fortunately for Nawale, a few passers-by stepped in to save him and managed to nab two suspects. The other two suspects were arrested in the early hours of Monday.

According to the police, one of the suspects is an autorickshaw driver, the other a taxi driver, while two others have a criminal record. “One of them has also been booked under provisions of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) a few years ago,” said inspector Ashok Kadam of Yerawada police station.

While the Ramwadi underpass is open only to motorists travelling towards Vimannagar from Kalyaninagar, the one-way rule is regularly flouted. The triple-seat riders decided to use the underpass as they were heading towards Kalyaninagar from Lohegaon. Several motorists were waiting to clear the congestion in the narrow lane, the police complaint stated.

“As Nawale, the son of a retired police officer, saw the men, he requested them not to ride on the wrong side of the road,” Kadam said. This enraged the suspects and they abused him at first.

The two pillion riders jumped off the bike, picked up stones lying nearby and hit Nawale on his head. The suspects then pulled the victim out of his car and further assaulted him with stones and an iron rod. However, passers-by soon intervened and helped nab two suspects.

Before fleeing away from the spot, the two other suspects allegedly snatched Nawale’s smartphone and a gold chain, totally worth Rs 95,000.


The area where this incident occurred is one of the poshest parts of Pune. It is another chilling reminder that significant sections of the ‘minority community’ hold kafirs (non-Muslims) and the law of this land in utter contempt – their brazen approach is unchanged, irrespective of the fact that a ‘fascist, Hindutvawadi’ Government is in place at both center and state, as secular-liberals proclaim every day! Will ex-VP Hamid Ansari clarify if this is what he meant by ‘fear and insecurity’ which has gripped Muslims across Bharat – or is that ‘fear’ manifesting in other acts such as the brazen abduction and gang-rape of a minor Hindu girl like we saw recently in Muzaffarnagar, UP?

Bred on a diet of intolerance and contempt for the other through madrasas, community leaders and Urdu press, and increasingly radicalized by globally influential Wahabbi-Salafi preachers – these are people sitting on a volcano of rage, just waiting for the slightest of triggers to erupt.

Just a week back, we had reported on how an elderly Hindu man was murdered by a Muslim youth over a minor tiff, by pushing the Hindu man under the wheels of an oncoming truck. That incident occurred just a couple of km away from this latest assault.

Will our secular-liberal cabal please advice tolerance to this group, which is the real long-term threat to all peace-loving citizens of this country – whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians?

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  1. This is another truth our society never accepts—the aggressive attitude of Muslims when they deal with Hindus. I saw the following happen in Mumbai, in a “nice area.” A Hindu woman and her daughter were walking when a ball came and hit them. Soon, a Muslim youth came and started behaving very aggressively with the woman, who was totally startled, and as it is in some shock since the ball had hit her quite hard. She did not even retaliate, but this youth kept bullying her. Finally, this “brave lad” was taken away by his own community, and I can never forget that they all had a look of admiration on their face that “kafiron ko unki auqat dikha di hamare ladke ne.”


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