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Monday, July 22, 2024

Have Hindus of Assam woken up to Congress/AIUDF backed illegal immigration?

Assam recorded over 82% polling, the highest ever in its electoral history, as per reports after the second and last round of the crucial assembly election in Assam. In what was essentially a battle for Assam’s civilizational survival, have the indigenous people of Assam finally mustered the nous to defeat those who want to sell them out under the garb of  ‘secularism’?

For 58 of the 69 years since Independence, Assam has been ruled by Congress; including for the last 15 years under CM Tarun Gogoi. Hence the blame for the number one issue in this election – illegal Bangladeshi immigration – rests squarely on the shoulders of Congress, and particularly its 3-term CM Tarun Gogoi. 2011 census analysis shows that under Gogoi & Sonia/Manmohan rule,  Muslim population of Assam increased by a whopping 3.2 percentage points in the 2001-11 decade to reach 34.2%, compared to a rise of 2.5 & 2 percentage points in the preceding two decades.

And once the illegal immigrants gained enough numerical strength, they formed their own Islamist party – the deceptively named All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) headed by the man our English media lauds as the ‘perfume baron’ – Badruddin Ajmal. As reported earlier in HinduPost, Badruddin Ajmal is a dangerous Islamist politican who stands accused of playing a part in the 2012 Assam riots, instigating the exodus of North-east students and workers from the West and South of Bharat, and someone that even indigenous Assamese Muslims accuse of harboring illegal Bangladeshi Muslims.

Assam Election Hindus Voting
Old, young, poor, rich: Hindus of Assam vote in record numbers; Image Credit: Twitter user @laimacha

Lid Blown Off Illegal Immigration Racket

If any more proof were needed to understand the depth of the illegal immigration problem facing Assam, West Bengal, and by correlation the rest of Bharat, an undercover investigation by a media house revealed how this racket works –

“Assam’s biggest election issue, illegal immigration, is not unfounded. A sting operation by India Today TV investigative team exposed the extent of the menace as well as the modus operandi of converting Bangladeshi immigrants into legitimate Indian citizens.

According to the investigation, captured all on camera, middlemen have established a well-oiled machinery to provide documents of identity proof such as driving licences and school transfer certificates, against which these migrants can becomes citizens and exercise their right to vote.

The investigative team unearthed several cases in which such individuals who had been declared as foreign nationals by the Foreigners’ Tribunals, had their names on voter lists and were up for voting in the second phase scheduled for April 11. The authorities and the government seem oblivious to this racket.”

Hence it was no suprise that illegal immigration became the number 1 issue in this election. As psephologist Dr. Praveen Patil puts it eloquently in his analysis on  –

“One has to really underscore the scale and the depth of the demographic problem in order to make sense of the Assamese civilizational hurt. For instance, in the US, there is a raging political debate over illegal immigrants so much so that the upcoming presidential election may well be decided by this clincher issue. The total number of illegal migrants in the US is said to be numbered at around 11 million which is roughly 3% of the population. In Assam, even by conservative estimates, more than a third of its demographics is made of illegal migrants!

How can a state survive with such large numbers of infiltrators? In fact, this election today is the election of survival for Assam. As we had reported in our pre-poll survey, the “illegal migrants” issue has become a wave in the state, possibly a far bigger wave than even 1985. When we asked what was the issue on which they have voted on these two days of polling, there was a quantum jump of 13 percentage points in those who have actually exercised their franchise based on the migrant issue. Indeed, many of the local issues have been overwhelmed in this tsunami of the “illegal migrant” current.”

Assam Election Issues
Assam Election Issues; Credit:

Congress does what it does best – polarization and scare mongering

Dr. Patil describes the ruling Congress party’s panic once they realized the direction the electoral wind is blowing –

“The ruling Congress party headed by Tarun Gogoi began to realize the depth of the anger after the first round of polling on April 4th (in mostly eastern Assam) and a massive scale of state sponsored polarization was unleashed. Congress workers started spreading the rumours of how Gujarat 2002 massacre would be repeated in the state if the Muslims do not vote for Gogoi. In fact, many Bangla speaking clerics even tried to preach that a vote for AIUDF would be an indirect vote for BJP. By now Congress had realized that almost all segments of non-Muslim Assamese voters were deserting it and the only way to make a comeback was to try and garner complete Muslim votes.”

Full page ads were issued in newspapers to rake up the 2002 Gujarat riots and an iconic image of the riots was splashed everywhere. So much so that the man who’s face Congress was cynically using pleaded them to stop.

Congress polarization tactics
Congress polarization tactics; Poster caption reads:  “Does Modi’s Gujarat mean development? Do you want Assam to be another Gujarat? The decision is yours.”

Of course, the same Gogoi was never hauled up in media or courts for his negligence during the 2012 Assam riots which left 77 dead, and lakhs more displaced. In fact, in true Congress blame game style, back then Gogoi had shifted the blame on his High Command sitting in Delhi for delaying army deployment!

Hindus in Assam learn the lesson – Vote or perish

Muslims know the power of their vote, and consistently record far higher voting percentage than Hindus. Urban Hindus in particular live in a fool’s paradise, blinded by the 24×7 diet of Bollywood pop-culture, cricket, faux intellectuals preaching ‘secularism’ & one-sided ‘tolerance’. Some Hindus with a passing interest in politics fall for the media narrative that ‘all politicians are equally bad, but Hindutva is the most dangerous ideology‘ – hence they choose not to exercise their vote, or if they are fed-up with the obviously corrupt and incompetent Congress, choose ‘secular’ alternatives like AAP, JD(U), SP, RJD. Later, the so-called seculars tie up with the Islamists and Hindu hating communists to keep the ‘communal’ (Hindutva) forces out! Result :  More corruption, poor governance (after all, the perks of power have to be equally distributed among various squabbling factions), and zero law & order – who will tackle Muslim extremists and hurt their votebank? So what if a few Hindus have to be sacrificed – media will anyway ensure that such news is suppressed/distorted…after all reality might ‘polarize’ Hindus and endanger ‘secularism’! This is the self-fulfilling circular logic on which ‘secularism’ today stands in this country.

Assam Election Secular Alliance
Nitish and Laloo join hands with Islamist AIUDF

But Hindus of Assam seem to have snapped out of this dangerous inertia, probably realizing the existential threat they are faced with. The second phase voting in Assam witnessed unprecedented high polling in urban areas where BJP is believed to be stronger. Gauhati East, Gauhati West, Jalukbari and Dispur, the state’s most elitist seats, recorded 80% polling, 15% more than in 2011. At least seven urban constituencies, with a high Hindu and tribal population in the Muslim belt, also voted in huge numbers. “It shows people have become conscious of their rights,” BJP’s CM candidate Sarbananda Sonowal said.

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