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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

First Kairana, Now Meerut: 125 Hindu Families Out of 425 Leave Lisadi Gate Area Due to Muslim Harassment; MSM Does Not Report!

The Hindu exodus from Kairana eventually received news reportage, thanks to the tireless efforts of activists and a few honest news channels such as Zee News who sent reporters to report from the ground. In the past few days, there has been a large exodus of Hindu families from Meerut: specifically, the Lisadi Gate area of Prahladnagar (which is a Muslim majority area). There are 425 Hindu families living there, of whom 125 have left, and put up their homes for sale.

This news was reported by several Hindi newspapers such as: Dainik Jagran (27th June, front page), JantakiawazNavbharat TimesMnews

However, as expected, English language MSM such as Times of India are not interested at all: they would rather report on the sexuality of some person named Manish Arora (I know, even I had not heard of this person before) in their “latest news.” Talk about priorities and serious journalism on issues affecting the country!

Hindu families leaving Prahladnagar area of Meerut after continuous harassment by Muslim goons (Credit: MNewsIndia)

Anyways, reading through the various Hindi reports of this situation in Meerut, the following consistent issues come forth, which is what the Hindu families are saying is the cause of them leaving:

1. Harassment of Hindu women by Muslim men.

2. Sudden gathering of mobs on even small issues with Muslims.

3. Targeted harassment of Hindu homes by Muslim youth: by parking their vehicles in front of a Hindu home, and engaging in vulgar language, even after being asked not to.

The Muslim community is also pressuring the Hindus to sell their homes at much lower prices than market price, taking advantage of this fear.

None of this should be surprising to anyone who has lived in a Muslim majority area. It happened in Kashmir for decades before the Hindus finally left one day in 1989. And then they were also asked to sell their properties for low rates by “well wishing Muslim neighbors.” It happened in Kairana recently. Now it is happening in Meerut.

All the while, UP is ruled by a “Hindu fascist CM” if our English-speaking liberals are to be believed. And all this while, even our PM is trying to calm our “insecure and frightened Muslim community.” Whether such an entity exists outside of the air-conditioned offices of NDTV and other liberal myth-making institutions is another matter altogether.

Hindus, open your eyes. In large swathes of land very close to our national capital, Hindu communities live in fear. Sometimes so much fear that they decide to leave their ancestral homes. This is not happening in Pakistan around the time of partition. It is not happening in Kashmir in 1989. It is happening few tens of kilometers from Delhi, in 2019.

We have heard of similar stories in Sundar Nagari and Brahmpuri (both in Delhi). We have heard of Haridwar. Now we are hearing of Meerut.

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