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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Father of Dalit youth lynched by Muslim mob commits suicide in Congress-ruled Rajasthan

A month after 28-year-old Harish Jatav was brutally thrashed by a Muslim mob in Alwar for accidentally hitting a Muslim woman with his motorbike, his blind father Ratiram Jatav committed suicide after police refused to act against the accused.

The mob, led by one Umar Sher, beat Harish so badly, that he was profusely bleeding and unconscious by the time the police got to him. He died in a Delhi hospital 2 days later.

As per a Panchajanya report, Ratiram had been continuously imploring police to arrest those responsible for his son’s death, but Rajasthan police claimed that Harish died in the road accident and not due to mob lynching.

Ratiram Jatav (Credit: Panchajanya)

Right from the time of the incident, it was clear what the police stance was going to be, as Alwar SP Paris Deshmukh had said ‘there is no evidence to indicate that the youth’s death was a case of mob lynching’.

Denying a crime or underplaying the matter is usually the first instinct of Bharat’s ill-equipped and over-burdened police. Moreover, secular conditioning by the Nehruvian establishment has resulted in crimes committed by minorities being swept under the carpet, at the altar of political correctness and to avoid ‘polarization’. The most egregious example of this mindset was the Godhra train burning in 2002, where 58 Hindus were burnt alive by a fanatical 1500-strong Muslim mob but our secular establishment tried to pass it off as an ‘accidental fire’.

However, if a minority is the victim of a crime, irrespective of the context such as the victim being a thief/smuggler, all hells break loose and police comes under intense spotlight to act fast & assuage the outrage of left-liberal elites.

Another clear pattern has emerged in the last 3 decades – whenever the Congress or any ‘secular’ party (like Samajwadi, RJD, TMC, NCP) is in power, radical elements in the minority community get emboldened and police apathy towards the majority Hindus becomes even more pronounced.

Harish & Ratiram Jatav’s tragic case is also a telling comment on the ground reality in Bharat. Hindus, despite being a numerical majority, are unable to muster the required numbers & influence to organise sustained protests and force the secular state to pay heed to their concerns. Contrast this with the way serial protests are organized for victims from the minority community like Tabrez Ansari (lynched after being caught stealing), forcing the police & administration to fast-track those cases.

Ironically, the Congress Government in Rajasthan recently passed an anti-lynching law, which provides for life imprisonment and a fine from ₹1 lakh to ₹5 lakh to those convicted in cases of mob lynching leading to victim’s death. Many critics have claimed that the law is a half-baked political move aimed at appeasing Congress’ Muslim votebank. Certain districts in Rajasthan like Alwar & Bharatpur are grappling with a serious cattle smuggling problem, and affected farmers were left with no resort but to form vigilante squads to tackle the menace of the well-armed & ruthless beef mafia. It is these handful cases of cattle smugglers being lynched that has driven the Congress Government to enact the new law, critics allege.

But whether this anti-lynching law will be applied when the victim is a poor Hindu like Harish Jatav, looks extremely doubtful.

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