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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Father of 3, Imran Bhati, became Kabir Sharma for fraudulent second marriage with Hindu girl

Yet another case of a Muslim man assuming a fake Hindu identity to marry a Hindu girl has come to light – this time from Sikar, Rajasthan. And what’s worse, the perpetrator Imran Bhati (30), had a whole team of accomplices pretending to be his Hindu parents and relatives, to pull off the scam.

As per a report in Patrika, the girl’s father said that he got his only daughter married to Imran Bhati (alias Kabir Sharma) on 13 Feb in Mateshwari resort, Jaipur. All guests from the groom’s side pretended to be Hindus and the marriage was carried out as per traditional Hindu customs. The father gifted Rs. 11 lakh in cash & Rs. 5 lakh worth jewelry to his daughter, and spent over Rs. 3 lakh for the wedding function.

After marriage, the girl went to her in-laws’ flat at Niwaru Road, Jaipur, but returned on 18th Feb to her parents’ house in Sikar. Her ‘husband’ demanded an additional Rs 5 lakh from the girl’s father. Due to continuous pressure, the father arranged Rs. 2.5 lakh from an acquaintance. However, on 17 May, the girl disappeared from her parents’ house along with the Rs. 2.5 lakh, and her mother’s jewelry worth lakhs.

Imran Bhati, pretending to be Kabir Sharma, marrying a Hindu girl (Image Credit: Patrika)

After their daughter’s disappearance, the distraught parents tried to get in touch with their ‘son-in-law’, but his mobile was switched off. When they asked around using his photos clicked on their mobiles during the ‘wedding’, they discovered that his real name is Imran Bhati, not Kabir Sharma. He used to work in a motor company in the city, and his father Iqbal Bhati has a vehicle service station near Sikar bus stand. Imran Bhati was already married and has 3 children.

Bhati had meticulously planned the fraud – he had hired the wedding photographer and videographer himself, to ensure that the bride’s side only had few photos clicked on their mobiles. Police has not been able to track him or his accomplices as yet.

There is also a marked difference in how this matter has been reported in regional Hindi media, versus national English media. Patrika informs us that SP Sikar, Dr. Amandeep Singh Kapoor (IPS) has constitued a special team to track down Imran Bhati and the girl. However, Times of India (TOI) reports  police saying ‘as the couple are adults, there is little they could do’.

One wonders at the intelligence of such TOI journalists who imagine that a clear-cut case of fraud and illegal second marriage (the girl had not converted to Islam, which rules out a second marriage as per Islamic sharia law), can be dismissed as a ‘victimless crime’. If police indeed told TOI that it could do nothing as the ‘couple are adults’, then either that police-person is grossly incompetent, or the TOI reporter is making things up. The second scenario looks far more likely seeing how our mainstream media operates.

Finally, one question for our Hindu-baiting left-liberals: how do so many members of a minority community, allegedly living in fear due to ‘rising majoritarianism’, have the chutzpah to perpetrate such a brazen fraud on the hapless ‘majority’?     

Such cases of Muslim men assuming fake Hindu identities to trap Hindu girls are fast rising across Bharat, especially in the North and East. In this article, we had documented 10 such cases which clearly indicate that such cases are not one-offs, but part of an established pattern. Yet, such incidents are quickly buried by the English-language media and our elites who prefer to rant & rave against ‘fake Love Jihad narrative’, instead of highlighting these crimes and triggering much-needed introspection in Muslim society.

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