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Sunday, October 1, 2023

While We Are In Denial, Our Girls Are Suffering

It is the elephant in the room that our chattering classes pretend doesn’t exist. They will cluck their tongues at the cow ‘vigilantes’, the ‘screeching’ sadhus/sadhvis, the ‘rising intolerance’, or any other topic deemed worthy of discussion in ‘civilized circles’ by the Lutyens intelligentsia….but not this. This topic is as much taboo for our elites as blasphemy is for the garden variety Islamist.

But the targeting of Hindu girls by Muslim criminals is an issue that ordinary Hindus can no longer afford to ignore. When we talk about the rising tide of sexual crimes against women in this country, it is an aspect that no serious criminologist or sociologist worth his/her salt can afford to ignore – i.e., if the goal is to really understand  the root causes behind such crimes and come up with solutions. Adopting an ostrich like head-in-the-sand approach is making the situation worse.

Lets look at 3 recent incidents and ask ourselves why none of them were deemed outrage-worthy by national media:

Bharatpur, Rajasthan: A 16-year-old pregnant girl from Khechatan village in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur died Friday after being poisoned. The girl’s father said that on the way to the hospital, she had told him that four neighbourhood youths, Irshad, Subedeen, Shabbir and Arif gangraped her about two-and-a-half months ago. He said that she had told him that Umar, the father of one of the accused, fed her poison, saying it was an abortion pill. Postmortem has confirmed that the girl was pregnant and had been poisoned. No accused has been apprehended yet.


Surat, Gujarat: An act of suicide owing to first capturing the intimate moments between a Hindu girl Deepika Khatri, living in Keshav Park of Surat’s Dindoli from Gadadara and studying in DRB College, with her lover Moin Khan Pathan, and then uploading them to the Internet has come to light. An audio clip of Deepika Khatri who committed suicide has also surfaced. In this audio clip a conversation between the mother of her Muslim lover and Deepika is recorded. As the audio clip suggests, Deepika can be heard telling her lover’s mother that it’s all her fault and she must be punished for the same, and that she’s going to commit suicide. She also told her while on the verge of tears that her parents would beat her up.


Bijnore, UP: A Hindu minor girl from Tibdi village studying in inter college was abducted by Ikrar, resident of Kajiwala, on the night of 20th July. Ikrar is twice the age of the girl. Police swung into action after protests by Hindu Jagran Manch, Shiv Sena, ABVP and villagers. They first traced the girl to Mumbai, but she was removed from there before they arrived. She was finally recovered from Badgam, J&K where Ikrar had kept her in a rented house.


Bijnore Hindu girl kidnapped news in Dainik Jagran
Bijnore Hindu girl kidnapped news in Dainik Jagran

Undeniable Pattern

These are not isolated incidents: there is a clear pattern here for those with their eyes & minds open. Tara Shahdeo case, the Dalit nursing student gang-raped in Kerala, the Bihar-sharif case where a girl was lured over Facebook and raped, and dozens of cases from UP where girls are gangraped and the vile act video recorded – they all exhibit the same pattern.  And the situation in UP is so bad now that these rape videos are actually selling like hot cakes in the market; the torture doesn’t end for the girl with the rape itself, she continues to be shamed and blackmailed based on the video, driving many to suicide.

Fear regarding safety of women is one of the primary factors driving Hindus to exodus from their ancestral homelands such as KairanaAligarh, Sundar Nagri (Delhi). Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee in 1989-90 after a series of brutal rapes and murders. West Bengal is seeing the same as Hindu girls are regularly targeted by Muslim predators, while police looks the other way. The same serious problem exists in Kerala and coastal Karnataka as well.

This epidemic needs a strong response on two fronts : law enforcement, social and political. Our Central Government needs to deploy its best legal & law enforcement minds to study and fix the flaws in the current system that allows rapists to act with such impunity – police reform should be focus area for the Home Ministry. Secular governments of the type in UP and Bihar embolden such criminal elements in the Muslim community, hence people need to kick them out of power. There should be a massive public awareness campaign to educate young girls on this issue, and to warn potential perpetrators – this is what the WCD (Women & Child Development Ministry) & Maneka Gandhi should be focussing on, not online ‘trolling’. Finally, both Hindus and Muslims need to introspect on the social factors driving these crimes and take corrective action.  Hindus, for starters, need to start backing awarness campaigns like this one launched by ABVP, rather than living in a fool’s paradise created by chattering commentators like Shobhaa De who live in plush gated societies and have no clue what is going on in the mohallas and kasbas of real Bharat.

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  1. These will be fucked soon along with their political, ideological,social,religious masters…have patience we will not spare any one, they will pay heavy price with interest

  2. This is a hypocritical post!! The 2 cases this post cites to build its case are from BJP ruled states – but, the solution suggested is to uproot other (non-BJP) state govts!!
    Fact is: anything from 60-90% r#pe cases in India are false, which are filed with oblique motives of vengeance, extortion or to coerce a boy-friend into marriage!! The misuse has only increased much more after the 2013 R#pe law amendments!
    The response of every political party across the board – BJP, CONgi, AAP etc. – is to be mute spectator to such blatant abuse of laws which in turn affect the real victims themselves.
    It only furthers corruption – the police remains more interested in false cases as it brings in good moolah.
    Courts remain clogged with fake cases – they don’t punish false r#pe accusing women for 2 reasons:
    a) the judges are themselves compromised with their own biasesd, seeped into the communist/leftist/feminist mindset and internalized belief that a woman is a victim even if she filed false case
    b) punishments to such women will attract backlash from breasst beating feminist brigade

    Look at another hypocrisy – right from the level of PM – he’s concerned about gau-rakshak stuff, even though the causalities till date are few and far – but remains mum on blatant law abuse of 498a, DV, R#pe etc. that’s ruining much more lives annually.
    Solution is to bring in police, judicial and legal reforms – that will only come if the political parties develop spine to stand up to the craap spread from fem brigade!


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