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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Daughter of Retired Colonel Abducted & Raped for 1 Week, Forced to Accept Islam & Marry – Bijnor, UP

A Mumbai High Court Lawyer and daughter of a retired Army colonel was abducted and raped for 1 week Bijnor, UP in an attempt to force her to accept Islam and marry her Muslim abductor, Amar Ujala has reported.

The girl lives in Juhu area of Mumbai and practises in the High Court there. She met Faisal, a native of Imambara mohalla of Nehtaur (a small town near Bijnor), who runs a salon in Mumbai. She developed a friendship with Faisal, who invited her to visit Nehtaur for his sister’s wedding. When she reached Nehtaur, the girl was imprisoned and locked in a room.

Apart from being repeatedly raped, she was mentally tortured and pressurised to convert to Islam. She was forced to wear a burqa. The accused hatched a plan to forcibly marry the victim on the day of his sister’s wedding. When she opposed, she was beaten up by Faisal and his family members.

Chief accused Faisal who abducted and raped a Mumbai High Court Lawyer for 1 week, to force her to convert and marry (Credit: AmarUjala)

On Sunday, Faisal and other males members of the house went out to shop for Faisal’s sister’s wedding. The victim managed to slip out of the house and reached the police station. Based on her statement, police have lodged a complaint against Faisal, his father Nazar Alam, brother Shadab, mother Naseema and sister-in-law Ishrat. The main accused Faisal has been arrested, but the rest of the family is absconding after having locked their home.

Editor’s Note

This incident might come as a shock to urban Hindus, as they are unaware that this is a sickeningly common occurrence in the interiors of Western UP and many other mixed-population areas across the country. It sounds insensitive to say this, but we hope that at least this case (as it involves one of ‘them’) will pierce the delusional secularist fog that surrounds minds of yuppie Hindus, who have by & large regarded #LoveJihad (or sexual grooming by Islamists) as a Hindutva conspiracy.

Involvement of women members of Faisal’s family in assaulting and keeping the victim captive, is another aspect which has come to the fore in several other cases. Such inhumanity is a direct result of supremacist Islamic teaching which is drilled into many Muslim minds since birth regarding inferiority of the kafir (non-Muslims), especially the ‘idol-worshipping’ Hindus.

Another aspect that our politically correct commentators would like to sweep under the carpet, but which is like an open secret now, is the role that demographic shift plays in the rising tide of such crimes. Bijnore district in North-Western UP is part of a belt in Western Uttar Pradesh and Southern Uttarakhand that is most likely to be Muslim majority by 2061 as this detailed analysis using various statistical models shows.

If self-avowed progressive and liberals Muslims & others in this country want to really do something good for our society and country, they need to battle this menace of fundamentalist Islam which has taken deep root in the Indian Muslim mind due to teachings of home grown organizations like Deoband seminary, Jamaat-e-Isalmi, Jamaat-Ulema-Hind, Tablighi Jamaat, PFI etc. This is the greatest danger facing the country today, not Hindu ‘fundamentalism’ that our pseudo-intellectuals keep flogging ignoring the massive social churn witnessed in Hindu society since Independence.

(Hat tip to @DivyaSoti for sharing this news)


As per Republic, Faisal gave his name as Rahul when he met the victim in Mumbai. 

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  1. The time has come to protect our women and there should be a mechanism to take care of their future, just as Rakhi festival had created bond. Every Hindu woman should have a protector besides her parents and own brother in the light of jihad spreading slowly and dangerously.

  2. This is just one facet of a “Social Engineering” India’s cultural revolution. Law less, and therefore, a “Constitutional”excrement.

  3. Mera sab hindu larkion se kehna hai ke apni izzat aur abroo ki hifazat ki khatir wo katvon se kum se kum talluk rakhen aur jab zaroori ho tou hi katvon se milen ye na ho ke friendship ke chaakar hindu larkian katvon ke hathon apni izzat abroo ke sath sath apni poori zindagi barbaad karwa baithen.


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