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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dangerous indoctrination of Muslim children in name of anti-CAA protests

A mother from Kerala posted a short video on the video sharing platform Tik-Tok recently discussing the assassination of PM Modi to ‘save India’ with her minor daughter who appears to be 6-7 years old. The video went viral in minutes leaving many netizens stunned, and the woman was compelled to delete it and render an apology. Her Tik Tok profile has since been removed.


The video made in Malayaam, by Tik Tok user @Shaikha350 featured a brief exchange between the mother and her daughter who appears to be 6 or 7 years old at best. We at HinduPost have a copy of this disturbing video and are sharing the same as we believe this is a serious issue which needs wider debate.

Mother: What should be done to save India?

Daughter: Modi must be killed

Mother (giggles): And who will kill him?

Daughter: You will.

Mother (giggles): Me? So that is the only way to rescue India

Looking at the video, one can take an informed guess that the Tik Tok user is from a middle class educated background. This again blows a hole in the secular-liberal brigade’s theory that Islamic radicalisation is due to illiteracy, poverty or discrimination.

We have known mothers as nurturers all our lives; hence it is painful to witness this mother seed her poison into an innocent child. What is even more chilling is that she thinks prompting her own child to talk about the PM’s murder is funny, and she proudly posts it online for the whole world to see. Whatever happened to maintaining innocence of children, of teaching love and respect, or at least basic civic values like exercising your right to vote? Should we all go around hoping for assassination of leaders we disagree with?

What a sad, shameful depravity in the name of motherhood!

Children of this tender age have malleable minds and they tend to pick emotions, habits, personality traits from their family, especially the mother and father, and community in which they grow up. If this is what the mother is discussing with her daughter, we can safely assume it is a mainstream topic of discussion in her friend and family circles. What sort of vibes will these children absorb from such mothers?

What is even more worrisome is that this is not one rare and unique incident of children being indoctrinated in the name of anti-CAA protests. Several children have been seen participating in the riots and vandalizing public property.

And there are several other videos exposing religious radicals instilling violence in the minds of young children and training them to grow with thoughts of militancy brewing in them.

This indoctrination of young Muslim minds has chilling parallels with the elite left-liberal cabal which too has openly wished for Narendra Modi’s assassination. The pseudos who routinely abuse the elected Prime Minister as ‘Fascist’ should be asked one question: What would any fascist do with a mother who discusses his assassination with her child?

How close are we to cartoons & kids shows where children are taught to pelt stones & shoot ‘kafirs’ (Hindus, Jews etc) – like is the norm in Palestine or other parts of Middle East.

Forget even raising this dangerous trend of children being inured to violence and taught blatant falsehoods, mainstream media is actively participating in the campaign to normalize the ‘protests’ and to shame the silent majority by using misinformed children as props.

We hear of concentration camps being set up, which of course is a big joke – just another cycle of lies the liberals are peddling day and night. Let alone concentration camps, these terrorists-in-the making have not even been arrested or penalized for seeding violence in young minds, a dangerous form of child abuse.

Plan the Prime Minister’s assassination on Tik Tok, and roam around free – what more ‘Azadi’ do our degenerate left-liberals desire?

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