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Thursday, June 1, 2023

CPM Student Wing SFI Attacks Dalit and OBC students

Students Federation of India (SFI), the student wing of CPM, has been accused of brutally thrashing Dalit and OBC students in University of Hyderabad campus. The reason for the assault – SFI was not happy at the independent political views of the group of Dalit and OBC students.

As per media reports

“Students Federation of India (SFI) members allegedly thrashed two Dalit and three OBC students on University of Hyderabad (UoH) campus on 11th Feb. The five were attacked around 1 am following an argument between the SFI members and MA student Karthik Mulkala.

K Jaswanth Simone, an M Phil student who had earlier written an article explaining why Dalit PhD scholar Rohith Vemula had left Marxists, was beaten when he tried to rescue Mulkala. He was taken to a hospital and later discharged. The other students assaulted were identified as Kranthi Madiga, Chandan Kumar Mishra, Zakir, Ditty Suresh and a guest of Mulkala.

Mulkala said that the trouble started after SFI students asked Chandan Kumar Mishra, an MPhil student, for a match box. “When he said he did not have one, they asked him to fetch one which he refused to do so,’’ said Mulkala, a close friend of Vemula, who committed suicide in January 2016. “Meanwhile, one SFI member picked up an argument with me over our political views after which we were surrounded and they started beating us.’’ He added that friends who came to their rescue them were beaten up.

Mulkala blamed caste prejudices for the “unprovoked attack’’, saying that they were attacked for their political views as they belong to Dalit and OBC communities. He added that their attackers belong to forward castes. “This does not happen with ABVP or NSUI members. They beat up students from backward castes especially if they have their own political views and are critical of SFI.’’

Mulkala said that they are politically unaffiliated. “We are not Ambedkarites or members of Ambedkar Students Association. So why this brutal attack on us?’’ he asked.  He identified his attackers as Atul Swapna Prakash, Varun Sudharan, Siddharth Majula Suresh and Sunny. The five would lodge a police complaint if the university administration does not take any action.”

Around this time last year, the nation was burning with the issue of University of Hyderabad Phd student Rohith Vemula’s suicide. The left-liberal-Islamist lobby had tried very hard to pin the blame for Rohith’s tragic death on the ‘suvarna’/’upper caste Hindu fascists’ of BJP & RSS. But old FB posts by Rohith and a struck off portion of his suicide note showed his disillusionment with groups like SFI and ASA, who were actually behind the whole fracas which eventually led to Rohith’s supsension and subsequent suicide.

The communist intolerance for opposing views is evident in every university where SFI or other leftist groups have any influence. From JNU in New Delhi to Jadavpur university in West Bengal, leftist student bodies resort to violence and physical intimidation to quell any independent thought – all in the name of social equality and justice! Often the worst victims of this left fascism are the under-privileged OBC and Dalit Hindu students who are mentally and physically coerced to toe the leftist line.

Currently the CPM is in power in Kerala and there has been a corresponding surge in cases of SFI bullying and violence in Kerala college campuses. Here are some recent cases –

  • SFI workers beat up girl students for taking out independent march at ‘Party College’ of Madapalli.
  • SFI workers thrash Dalit student Vivek with iron rod for starting ‘Ambedkar Students Movement’ at MG University, Kottayam.
  • SFI workers attacked a mother who had come to Perunthalmanna Polytechnic to complain about attack on son Ameen.
  • Attacks on ABVP activists are a regular occurrence – 2 ABVP activists were brutally assaulted by 30 SFI workers in Kasargod college on Feb 2, ABVP leader VS Vishnu was attacked by SFI at MG University when he was taking part in a Dalit agitation.
  • A tribal Dalit student was stripped and abused in SFI controlled Karyavattom University Hostel in Trivandrum
  • Even sister leftist student body AIYF (youth wing of CPI) has come out against SFI brutality. They recently held a rally demanding “SFI should close down torture chambers in colleges under its control”

So while ‘progressive’ SFI claims to defend democracy & represent marginalized communities, they continue to physically resist opponents rather than engage intellectually. They use students belonging to SC and ST categories for campaigns and rallies, while students from elite families enjoy the privilege of being leaders.

Dalit JNU scholar Abhinav Prakash reveals more in this India Facts article on the two-faced nature of left student politics –

“In the JNU campus, the much-vaunted secular ideals vanish in thin air with the constant abuse and harassment of Hindus and their religious beliefs. Open ridicule of Hindu deities is the favorite pastime of the liberal-progressive comrades in comfortable cahoots with the Islamists.

Hindu students, especially from the SC/ST or OBC backgrounds are mentally harassed for being Hindu and sometimes, are aggressively pressurized to boycott Hindu festivals and throw the picture or the murti of their deity, they may have, into the dustbin.

This then is the hard truth of the left’s commitment to free speech and the pretense of any “debate culture” in its intellectual citadel of JNU.”

But don’t expect the media to question communist stalwarts like Sitaram Yechury, Prakash Karat, D Raja or intellectuals like Romila Thapar, Ram Guha, Irfan Habib etc on this culture of intolerance & penchant for violence embedded within the leftist psyche.

The reality is that Hindu society has moved on from the 1950-60s time wrap that most Marxists dwell in. There has been a massive churning and previously oppressed communities have moved up the economic and social ladder. Social mindsets have changed enormously, especially in urban areas but even rural populations are not untouched due to the communication revolution. This is not to say that all inequities have been eradicated, but tremendous progress has been made which the Marxist ideologues can’t afford to acknowledge as it would cause their entire worldview to collapse.

Old labels no longer apply – the so-called ‘progressive’ left is in reality far more feudal & intransigent today than the erstwhile conservative Hindu society.

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