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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Class 7 Student Gang-raped by 3 Muslim Neighbors in West Bengal

A 12-year-old Hindu girl was raped at knife-point by 3 neighbours – Sheikh Amin, Rashid Naskar and Salim Noskara – on Kali Puja night in West Bengal. The girl was alone in her home when the crime occurred; her father died a year ago, while the mother who works as a house-help was out for some work.

It is alleged that when the family first approached a local CPM leader Bishwanath Haldar for assistance, he advised them to settle the matter through local arbitration. But during the arbitration, he tried to save the accused. So the victim and her mother approached the police on Sunday and lodged a complaint against 8 persons – the 3 rapists and others, including the CPM leader, for abetting the crime.

The student of class 7 complained that the 3 men broke into the house and raped her after threatening her with a knife. The girl was too scared to shout at first, but as the ordeal continued she started screaming. Relatives from her maternal grandmother’s house nearby came running on hearing her screams. By the time they reached, the rapists had escaped on a motorbike.

The victim was admitted to Diamond Harbor Hospital. On Sunday night, police raided the village and detained the grandfather of one of the three accused and the father of the other accused for interrogation. The 3 accused are associated with minor criminal acts in the area – there are allegations of stealing and robbery against them.

Police have recorded the details of the girl student and are searching for the accused.


Editor’s Note

Such crimes have become quite common in West Bengal, belying CM Mamata Banerjee’s claim that all is fine in the state and everyone is living in harmony. Shockingly, in the past the CM has even described rape cases like the high-profile Park Street rape as “sajano ghotona” (concocted incident) – we wonder whether this rape of a poor Hindu girl in a village will even register with the CM or the urban chatterati.

(We thank @trunils for sharing the news and assisting with the translation)

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  1. This is the actual change mamata banerjee wants to bring in Bengal , Hindu community in many areas of Bengal lives scared because of these violent 30% voters of Bengal government

  2. Also, why are you emphasizing that victim was class 7th? Don’t you know that as per sharia law, 7th is already old enough for sex? Don’t you know that Mohammed married Aisha when she was only 6, and he was 54? So what is wrong with this? Nothing. You Kafirs need to open your mind, only then will you get Jannat, else you are headed to Jahannum.
    (sarcasm ended)

    • Dear bharathi, where are you getting this from… consensual sex is something and RAPE is another…. how does your comment stand in front of this hideous crime

      • Amitovo-da, pl. see the note in parens at the end of my post. It is meant to be a sarcastic attempt at rescuing the Muslim perpetrator using Sharia arguments. I mostly post such sarcasm on here to drive home the point. Sorry if that was not clear.

  3. Please dont give “communal color” to this chhota-mota “local” incident. That’s what you Sanghis always do. Please refrain from that, and report it in a “communally sensitive” manner, meaning don’t reveal that victim was Hindu (since victims are always HIndus, so no need to say it) and perpetrators were Muslims. Instead, only say they were “local boys.”
    (sarcasm ends)


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