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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Christian Pastor in TN Abuses Bhagwan Vishnu While Enacting Exorcism Quackery

One of the commonly used tools used by unscrupulous missionaries to harvest souls in Bharat is the exorcism ritual which claims to ‘drive evil spirits out of a possessed person.’ A carefully chosen plant is chosen as the ‘suffering victim’, who is then magically cured by the Christian pastor, while the gullible masses look on.

And such fraud proselytization of the Christian faith is often accompanied with denigration / outright abuse of Hindu Gods and Goddesses who are pronounced as ‘false Gods’ and inferior to Jesus Christ, the ‘only Son of God’.

One such case from Tamil Nadu was highlighted recently on social media –

One twitter user has claimed that the incident shown above occured in Tuticorin, not Kanyakumari.

The Christian pastor in the video above first seemingly entrances a woman, when a man comes and drops at his feet. He then takes control of the man as well and starts talking to the ‘evil spirit’ inside the man – the pastor asks, “Who are you?”, to which the man replies “Narayan”. “Who Narayan?” asks the pastor – the man gestures to his forehead and says ‘Namam’ (tilak of Vishnu).

Bhagwan Vishnu with Namam (tilak)So the scene is staged as if the man has been ‘possessed’ by Narayan (another name for Bhagwan Vishnu). The pastor then asks the man how he (Narayan) has troubled the woman, to which the man replies that he gave her some pain in hips and head.

The pastor tells the spirit that “You (Narayan) are a nobody in front of Jesus who alone was resurrected…you are sporting a namam and fooling people.”

Now, secular apologists for these missionary predators will claim that the pastor never mentioned Bhagwan Vishnu by name, and was just alluding to some spirit called Narayan who just happened to sport the mark (tilak) of all devout Vaishnavites.

But no amount of chicanery can cover what this pastor’s meaning and intent – we know what the consequences would be if Muslim or Christian symbols or icons were attacked in such a manner. The pastor would be either dead or rotting in jail by now.

This is just one case – twitter handles like @noconversion have been exposing such hateful/fraud missionaries for many years now – here are some examples:

The problem is not confined to any one state of Bharat exists in TN, AP, Telangana, Maharashtra, Punjab, UP etc.

Should this kind of hateful bigotry & quackery be allowed under the right to proselytize granted by Article 25 of the Constitution? Is this the secularism that the Nehruvian ‘Idea of India’ gang wants to impose on us? What will happen if Hindus start preaching against Abrahamic Gods in the same fashion?

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