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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Caste Barrier Issue at Vadayambadi Temple – Mischief by Breaking India Forces to Manufacture Caste Issues

Recently the Vadayambadi temple in Kerala had burst into the limelight with many media outlets speaking about a “caste wall” around the temple to prevent the entry of Dalits. As per the reports published in many media outlets, the protest against this wall by Dalits which has been going on for years suddenly turned violent when 128 protesters of Dalit Bhoo Avakasha Samara Munanni and other political activists who came from faraway places were arrested by the police last Sunday. The protesters were involved in a Dalit pride march and were arrested for raising abusive casteist slogans. But local sources state that the Vadayambadi temple has caretakers from the SC community for years. Bashing the claim of the Dalit activists that they are not allowed entry in the temple, the natives state that the sweeper of the temple Kunjukurumba belongs to Pulaya community and there is an orchestrated attempt by ‘external elements’ to create violence among the peaceful population of Hindus around the temple.

Although the usual suspects, online and other media outlets notorious for allying with the ‘breaking India forces’ had portrayed the pandemonium in Vadayampady as a struggle against untouchability and caste discrimination, the reality turned out to be otherwise. The caste barrier issue at Vadayambadi temple as per the locals is baseless as they state that there is no discrimination in the temple and the temple is being managed by Dalits as well. They argue that people who wish to divide Hindus along caste lines are behind the controversy for many local Harijans are also supporting the construction of the boundary wall around the temple lands to prevent its misuse by anti-social elements who indulge in alcoholism and vandalism.

Reports state that a local landlord name Iravi Raman Kartha donated the temple lands to a Bhajanamadom of Vadayambadi over a century ago. In 1962, when the LDF government under EMS Namboodiripad was ruling Kerala, Nair Service Society received Patta for the same land. It was the Minister belonging to CPI, who provided patta for NSS. However, CPI aligned with the Dalit – Naxal forces are present in the forefront of the agitation now as per the reports. The 95 cent ground which is under controversy now was an open space then. It was used by people from all communities including Harijans with the approval of NSS to build pandals & conduct group meetings. But later as the land was being misused at times by miscreants, who indulged in alcoholism and spoliation, they decided to build a wall around it.

The construction of the wall was started on February 7, 2017, after about 27 people who misused the land for improper activities were arrested. The High Court of Kerala had also approved the authority of NSS over the property when Arun Chellappan approached the court against the building of the compound wall. According to the reports, it is the ‘Maoist- Islamist – Evangelist/Dalitist’ forces who converted the compound wall built by the NSS around their property into a ‘Caste Wall’. From then onwards this wall got casteist touch. The protesters demolished the wall, and the police had to intervene and remove the pandal of protesters, which led to the latest incidents. They were also supported by personalities belonging to PFI, DHRM, and those like K Sreekumar who has been promoting anti-Hindu theories as a part of Breaking India motives and media outlets.

Recently, this K Sreekumar was involved in another controversy wherein he delivered a speech at Kollam abusing Hindu gods. A two page complaint filed on him by BJP’s district committee member S Vijayan stated, “He said that lotus blooming from the navel of lord Sreepadmanabha was something that is being propagated by BJP and that lord Brahma’s three heads were glued together using fevicol. He also said in his speech that lord Ayyappa was born out of a homosexual relationship.” The local Hindus along with certain members of BJP opposed this speech which was reported by the media as a physical assault on the poet.

A person named Joy Panaveli also was at the helm of the Dalit protest. Moreover, anti-Hindu extremist groups comprised of SDPI, evangelist elements, anti-state extremists connected with Naxalites etc. are behind the Dalit Bhoo Avakasha Samara Munanni which has many Christians and Muslims as its members. According to the visuals of the protests and police action, non-Hindu women wearing head scarfs also tried to enter the temple land during the turmoil.

The Dalit protesters who were involved in the call for violence and chaos are not local residents and are from distant places like Payyannur, Kannur, Alappuzha, Idukki, Kottayam etc. Locals also state that the Dalit- Naxalite organisations are painting everyone who stands for the temple as part of RSS. Interestingly, they are even accusing CPI(M) and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala Police as Sangh Parivar agents. The online propaganda sites run by forces connected with Breaking India agenda are also extending the same propaganda and confusion nationally as well as internationally.

However, The Kerala Pulayar Maha Sabha (KPMS), which is the largest organisation of a Scheduled Caste Community in Kerala has opposed the agitation by so-called Dalit activists. The leaders of KPMS were also attacked by Joy Panaveli, the Dalit activist who is leading this protest. KPMS leaders have vehemently opposed the Naxalite and extremists who tried to sneak in the issues about the Hindu community and create tensions. The police removed the pandal of the protesters which was attached to the KPMS office after KPMS leaders requested the police to do so. The leader of the protest, Joy Panaveli abused Pulaya community leaders for the same, and hence he was arrested by the police for atrocity against Scheduled Caste community. Contrary to the popular media narrative, in Vadayampadi, it was so-called Dalit saviours who belong to Christian and Muslim community who created unnecessary caste tensions to divide Hindus along caste lines. By doing so, they even attacked people who are really from the scheduled caste community.

Despite recognising the sinister designs of the Maoist – Islamist – Evangelist nexus against the state, the current regime of Kerala under the Marxist party is trying to divert the attention of the public. They are more worried about the growth of ‘Sangh Parivar’ rather than the integrity and peaceful existence of the country. Even though the Dalit- Naxal protesters were raising their anger against the state government of Pinarayi Vijayan, the Marxists are unable to act. Through secularism and vote bank appeasement, the mainstream left parties have unleashed a Bhasmasura in the garb of Maoist – Islamist – Evangelist nexus aka, Breaking India Forces in Kerala.

Original report in Malayalam http://braveindianews.com/07/02/143924.php

Note: This article has been jointly written by Dauhshanti (@heresince1993), Anjali George (@Kuvalayamala) Paanchajanya (@paanchajanyaa)

(Feature Image Courtesy: The Newsminute)

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