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Monday, November 28, 2022

Can Bharat replicate what France did by projecting Mohammed cartoons on French government building?

On Wednesday evening, France stood in defiance against Islamic terror when it ran a projection show displaying among other pictures, several cartoons of Mohammed that led to killing of Samuel Paty, as well as a picture of the slain French teacher as a tribute. The cartoons were projected onto the Montpellier and Toulouse government building.

The teacher was beheaded by a fanatical Islamist for showing Mohammed cartoons in a class relating to freedom of expression, where he had used the previously published Charlie Hebdo cartoons as an example. Unconfirmed reports state that the terrorist was a Chechen immigrant.

While the World Islamic Scholar’s body found nothing serious about the beheading except that the order did not come from a Sharia court as it should have, the French were defiant. Regional mayor Carole Delga said that the decision to showcase the art was taken to send the message that there would be no weakness in the face of enemies of democracy. The French government has also taken a decision to shut down all major Islamist associations.

The question that naturally follows is whether we in Bharat can replicate what France did. To answer it in short : no, we cannotBecause the first voice of disapproval would come from Hindus themselves who have been so deracinated that they still believe that calling out Islamist extremism or Christian evangelism amounts to hurting minority sentiments”.

Let us take a small example: how many of us are familiar with Shri Kamlesh Tiwari? If you had to run a Google search to find out who he was (yes I used the past tense) then our point is made. He was a Hindu activist brutally murdered by Islamic terrorists for his alleged comment against Mohammed.

Hindupost has already presented a contrast in the reaction to the two terrorist acts. If you thought that the Paty murder was horrific, read what happened to Tiwari:

“Hindu activist Kamlesh Tiwari had his throat slit was stabbed 15 times & shot at last year by Islamists over an alleged comment he made about Mohammed in 2015. Tiwari was kept in jail for close to one year under the draconian NSA Act for that alleged comment by the SP govt in UP.”

Tiwari’s murder is not a one-off incident; numerous Hindus have been at the receiving end of Islamist terrorism yet neither the politicians nor the ordinary Hindus have cared to take a tough stance. The less said about Bharatiya media and the leftist-Lutyens-secular cabal, the better it would be.

There are two aspects at play here – 1)  we refuse to accept that an Islamic problem exists and 2) the Hindu defensive mindset which has been carefully fostered over the decades thanks to the Congress-Leftist-Lutyens cabal. Any Hindu who attempts to stand up and raise his voice is immediately labelled a “fascist”.

Social media (SM) has helped to change the defensive mindset to some extent. However, we still have miles to go before we become unapologetic and drop political correctness like the French have done today. Mind you, Macron and the French were liberals who welcomed Islamic immigrants and are simply course-correcting today.

At the outset, let us acknowledge that the situation of Bharat is far removed from France. We are surrounded by hostile Islamic neighbours waiting for an opportunity to put their “dar-ul-Islam” plan into action. We have an equal number of internal enemies, if not more, in the form of the Leftist-Secular-Lutyens-cabal backed by political parties like Congress in an attempt to break Bharat.

If Hindus are to effectively take on these anti-Hindu forces then we must first drop the defensive mindset. Furthermore, we must recognize the Islamic threat. De-islamization is non-negotiable. In fact, I would not hesitate to go a step further and demand defanging Christian evangelism and communism for the simple reason that in Bharat both have been co-opting with Islam as we saw during the anti-CAA stir.

Hindus often tend to forget that Bharat is the only land we have and if we do not fight for Dharma we are at risk of losing what little is left. If we are not ready to push the envelope and demand a proper Hindu rashtra, we may have to settle for mediocrity where Hindu culture and Dharma will be under constant attack like it is today.

(Featured Image Source: Breitbart)

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