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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bengaluru teen gang-raped, confined & tortured for 40 days by Muslim family

A Bengaluru-based minor was allegedly gang-raped at Sakrebailu, in the outskirts of Shivamogga city, Karnataka recently. The incident came to light after a women’s organisation, Surabhi Mahila Santwana Kendra into whose care the girl came to be, filed a complaint.

According to the complaint, the PU student was gang-raped by three persons after which three others allegedly tortured her. Police have arrested four persons in connection with the incident, while two others named in the complaint are still at large. The girl, hailing from Visvesvaraya Layout in the city was studying in Kolar. When she returned to her home in Bengaluru recently, she discovered that her mother was having an illicit affair.

Troubled by the discovery, the girl, according to the complaint, boarded a train. She got down at Shivamogga railway station and was sitting alone, when she was approached by an auto driver. The police say the gullible girl confided to the auto driver, identified as Sharuk, about her problems. The accused assured her help and took her in his auto to the bus stand, along with his friend Amzad. They ganged up with another of their friends, Taufiq, and gang-raped her near Sakrebailu, according to the complaint.

Her ordeal was not over yet, as she was then taken to Amzad’s brother-in-law Yusuf’s house. She was kept in the house by Yusuf’s wife Parvin Banu and her brother Mubaraq, who forced her to stay in the house and tortured her.

According to sources, the girl had been kept in Yusuf’s house for more than a month. The victim told the Child Welfare Committee that she was confined to the house and not allowed to venture out. She missed her menstrual period during that time, and the accused took her to a hospital for a pregnancy test, the results of which have not been disclosed.

Meanwhile, in Bengaluru, a missing-person complaint was filed by the victim’s mother. Yusuf, who learnt of the complaint, took her to the woman’s police station and handed her over saying that the girl was found at the railway station.  She was admitted to Surabhi Mahila Santwana Kendra, whose staff lodged a complaint.

Geetha Shivamurthy, Chairperson of Child Welfare Committee, said the victim was the only daughter of a single mother. “Her mother is now in Shivamogga. We will counsel them both,” she said.

“We are trying to ascertain whether the girl was in touch with any of the accused before she came to Shivamogga,” she said.

When contacted, Shivamogga Superintendent of Police Abhinav Khare said that police were investigating the issue. To a question, he said that the girl was allegedly gang-raped on September 7 and had spent close to 40 days in Shivamogga since then.  “We are still investigating the case. We have arrested four persons and are yet to nab the remaining two,” he said.

The above news appeared in on 23 October 2016

Why are such Crimes Not Discussed?

Let us for a second imagine that the above incident had occurred in a BJP ruled state like Gujarat, with the victim being a Muslim girl and the perpetrators Hindu. Would it have died out as quickly from the news cycle? The entire country is rightly discussing the Bengaluru molestations on New Year’s Eve, but this brutal crime was ignored.

What makes this case unique is that after the gangrape, which is heinous in and of itself, the girl was kept in confinement, tortured and possible sexually abused for 40 days – with the active participation of a female relative of the accused.

The girl was kept as a sex slave for all practical purposes – this kind of behaviour is usually exhibited by professional human traffickers, whereas the people involved in this case are leading normal lives. What explains the psychology of a household where a young girl who is reeling from trauma after a sexual attack is kept in further captivity with the complicity of all relatives, including females?

A family is supposed to be an institution which keeps its members away from criminal activity, but this phenomenon of family endorsement of sexual crimes against women must worry every sociologist worth their name. As Sankrant Sanu says in this article –

“When rape and molestation are supported by the family, it can no longer be considered merely a criminal act. It brings into question the values of that family. What kind of morality makes rape a family act?” 

This is not an isolated incident, and many such incidents have come to light in the recent past –

  • A Hindu woman from Kolkata was lured via Facebook, raped, married, and forced to convert to Islam by her husband and in laws residing in Bihar.
  • A girl in Bihar’s Motihari district was brutally gang raped by 5 family members of Samiuallah after she & her mother protested against the girl’s molestation & harassment by Samiullah .
  • National shooting champion Tara  Shahdeo from Ranchi was deceived  by Raqibul Hasan Khan alias Ranjit Kumar Kohli into marriage, and later tortured for over a month by Raqibul and his mother to convert to Islam.
  • In another case from Ranchi, Jaya Bhandari  married Waqar Danish Anwar who claimed that his family was ‘secular-minded’ and that she could remain Hindu after marriage – but right after marriage he & his family started pressurizing and physically assaulted her to convert to Islam and take the name Zoya Anwar.
  • A British woman was kidnapped and abused as a sex slave for 13 years by a British Pakistani taxi driver who confined her in his home where his mother, brothers, and their wives also stayed.
  • Every year in Pakistan, hundreds of young Hindu and Christian girls are abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, and then married to their Muslim abductors – with active connivance of abductors’ families, religious bodies, police and judiciary.

It is time that we acknowledged the fact that Islamic societies have a problem with regards to their treatment of women, especially non-Muslim women.The Left-liberal fringe shouts down this important debate under the banner of Islamophobia & the evergreen label of ‘Hindutva hate-mongering.’  But  this is NOT about painting all Muslims with the same brush, just as acknowledging the problem of female infanticide in Hindu society does not make all Hindus baby killers.

Unless we acknowledge a problem and raise awareness about it, no solution will be found and things will go from bad to worse. For eg., despite all the cynicism and left-liberal hatred directed towards the first BJP Government in Haryana, their focus on implementing the PM Modi’s ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’ (save the girl child, educate her) program has resulted in Haryana achieving a markedly improved sex ratio of 900 girls as against 1,000 boys for the first time in 15 years.

Da’wah, i.e preaching of Islam to convert a kafir (non-believer) is considered a pious act and a religious obligation by Muslims – and it seems that some fanatics (both men and women) believe that converting kafir women, by whatever means possible, is better as they will reproduce and help achieve demographic dominance.

This is the ugly truth that we can no longer afford to brush under the carpet.

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  1. When this happens in Ranchi, it occasionaly makes it to the National Headlines. Why not in Bungle Uru, Capital of Tipu Sultan Naadu?


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