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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Bar Council of India condemns attacks on Police during CAA ‘protests’

The Bar Council of India has condemned attacks on police personnel by ‘protestors’ against CAA. It slammed the rioters and expressed solidarity with the police saying humiliation of police won’t be tolerated, while the malicious protestors & their enablers continue to blame the police with a view to attack its credibility.

A press release by the Bar Council of India signed by the Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra has appealed to all lawyers, Bar Associations and Councils, and student bodies of NLUs and other law colleges to play a leading role to make sure that law and order is maintained across the country.

It is further stated that if anyone is found  spreading disharmony or inciting the public for any kind of violence, he/she must be brought forward and handed over to the concerned authorities for prosecution.

The press release added that legal professionals, students and concerned bodies like Bar councils and associations must work on diffusing the tension across the country by convincing and educating the masses who have been misled by the so-called leaders for personal agenda and political ambitions. The masses should await the verdict of the Supreme Court on petitions against CAA and must have faith in the apex court’s impartiality.

Source: PTI

The release further said that any damage to public and private properties, as well as attacks on police and defence personnel would not be taken lightly. The legal fraternity will not tolerate humiliation of the police or defence forces, the BCI has stated. Bar associations and student bar associations should deprecate any sort of provocative speech against any political leader, the release concludes.


In the aftermath of the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act in both the houses of parliament, the country has been witnessing violent protests by the Muslim community across the country. The protests have turned into riot-like situation in many places, especially in West Bengal, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh. However, the truth has been far from what has been propagated by the ‘dissenting’ media houses. The rioters have ferociously attacked police personnel on multiple occasions and across many cities.

In the Muslim majority area of Seelampur, Delhi, the violent mob had assembled in large numbers to overpower the police who had only cricket helmets on to protect themselves.

Quoting Dara Singh, a constable posted in Seelampur police station, who was injured in the Seelampur violence “I wasn’t expecting that the protest would turn violent in a moment and hundreds of men would turn hostile. They hit us with bricks and stones. We tried to stop them, but they didn’t listen to us.”

Singh further added, “I was standing with five to eight other policemen when more than 20 men surrounded us and pelted stones and bricks. Although I was wearing a helmet, a stone hit my left eye and I fell to the ground. I could hear my colleagues trying to pacify the angry crowd, but they were still pelting stones at us. Soon, officers came to my help and took me to the hospital.”

In Lucknow, the violent mob set fire to and burned an entire police post. Reportedly, a total of 20 motorcycles, 10 cars, 3 buses and 4 media vans were burned by the violent mobs in the area around Parvati Chowk in Lucknow.

Ahmedabad faced the worst of all where in viral videos on social media show a violent mob pelting stones at police vehicles and personnel. What is particularly disturbing is the video of a police personnel being cornered by a blood-thirsty mob which then tries to lynch him. A total of 12 policemen have been injured by the violent mobs in Ahmedabad. Another video from Shah-e-Alam area in Ahmedabad captures how the mobs cornered some police personnel and started pelting stones at them.

However, liberals, English-language journalists, Bollywood celebrities and opposition politicians have downplayed the situation and have involved themselves in pointless hate mongering against the police by peddling the ‘brutal crackdown on innocents’ narrative.

Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia caught spreading fake news as he alleged that the Delhi Police was attempting to set a bus on fire where in fact, the Delhi Police was trying to douse the fire.

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee went as far as saying that BJP wanted communal riots in the state, while she herself totally failed to control the rioting mobs destructing public property.

In such testing and turbulent times, Bar Council of India’s expression of solidarity with the police personnel is like water to the thirsty when the whole left-liberal ecosystem is busy pointing fingers at law enforcement.

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