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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Assam Rifles accused of supporting Christian Kuki-Chin settlers attacking Hindu Meitei in Manipur

Disturbing reports are emerging from Manipur regarding the violence that has rocked the state ever since a protest by the Christian Kuki-Naga ST (scheduled tribe) communities turned violent and claimed over 50 lives, and displaced over 20K.

The protests which were apparently organized to protest a Manipur High Court order to grant ST status to the Hindu Meitei community as well, are believed to actually be against the recent crack down by the Manipuri government against illegal poppy cultivation and forest land encroachment by Kuki-Chin immigrants from Myanmar. These immgrants have been illegally settling in the sensitive border state with help of certain separatist groups and Church organizations.

A senior human rights activist from Manipur has penned an open letter to the PM and HM, wherein he has disclosed the false narratives against the Meitei community, and made some disturbing comments about the role the Assam Rifles is playing in the conflict.

The Assam Rifles (AR) is a paramilitary force controlled by the central government. It is responsible for border security, counter-insurgency, and maintaining law and order in Northeast Bharat, and especially guarding the Bharat-Myanmar border. The AR is one among the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) and comes under the administration of the Ministry of Home Affairs, while its operational control is maintained by the Indian Army.

This is what the open letter addressed to PM and HM that HinduPost is in possession of has to say (minor edits made to improve readability) –


This conflict in Manipur was initiated by the illegal Kuki-Chin settlers who have migrated illegally into Manipur from Myanmar. They attacked, looted, and raped the local Meitei Hindu people, destroyed temples and burnt hundreds of Hindu homes. The Meitei have been fighting back in self defense.

However, it has been noticed that the Assam Rifles has been wrongly siding with the aggressor Kuki-Chin settlers. Can someone responsible in the Government of India urgently clarify who controls the Assam Rifles?

Is it the Indian Government, or the Chinese Government, or the Pakistani Government, or the American Government?!!! MANIPUR is BURNING – innocent people’s lives and homes have been destroyed by these wicked and violent fanatics!

The Kuki-Chin Christians want to establish a Zo-Nation – this is their open manifesto. Their main obstacle is the Meitei community – the indigenous Hindu people of Manipur. They want to either kill or convert the Meitei to Christianity (their Presbyterian Church), so that they can control and subjugate them. They have attacked, looted and burnt Meitei houses and shops and destroyed major temples in the last few days!

Their plan is to make the Meitei people homeless and helpless. Then they will use their unlimited foreign funding to send Christian-converted Meitei with aid material, rice, clothes to convert the Hindu Meitei.

In this way, the Meitei Hindus will effectively come under the indoctrination network of the Presbyterian Church, controlled by the Mizo-Kuki-Chin foreign invaders. The Church has been doing this effectively for decades in the seven states of North Eastern Bharat, using their frontal Organisations. This is their modus operandi –

– First, cause ethnic clashes between two communities.

– Then, reach out to the victim community with aid material and convert them


Please see this video –



On social media, Kukis are claiming that the Manipur’s Meitei Hindu community had set fire to an Anglo-Kuki War Cemetery gate. But this video shows that the Kuki people themselves set fire to the gate, just to blame their victims, and then play the victim card themselves. This shows the kind of false narratives that are being peddled, contrary to ground reality.

We need a strong government-controlled Assam Rifles to keep the terrorists under control, not to take their side and destroy our country, our homes and our livelihoods!


Assam Rifles is openly giving a free hand to the Kuki-Chin tribes and Kuki militant groups who are currently listed by the Government of India as ‘SOO’ (Suspension Of Operation), being dangerous terrorist groups of foreign origin.

Sirs, kindly immediately change the command of Assam Rifles and bring stability to the region for the safety and stability of our nation. Kindly act urgently, sirs. You are our only hope for protection in the face of this uncalled for violence and destruction of property and lives.

Annex: Photos and Videos

Senior citizens forced to pick up arms in self-defense against the Kuki attackers:

Elderly Hindu Meitei forced to pick up arms to defend their villages against Christian Kuki militants

Video: Interview with a local who describes how Kuki-Chin settlers armed with sophisticated weaponry attacked Meitei villages, forcing them to pick up whatever arms they could find and build bunkers to defend their people

HinduPost Note

It is indeed disturbing, though not surprising, that while the mainstream media and media-savvy Christian Churches across the country are portraying the conflict in Manipur as one about the ‘majority’ Hindu Meitei community trying to ‘usurp the rights of indigenous tribals’, the truth is that this episode is yet another dark chapter in the history of our ‘secular’ Republic which has failed to protect the lives and culture of indigenous Hindus and Dharmics time and time again, while allowing foreign-funded Abrahamic fanatics to run amok.

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  1. For your kind information Meitei are not Hindu they have a religion called Sanamahi about the AR they played a vital role in both hill and valley they helped both the community who are stranded.


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