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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Arshad Khan and his friends gang-rape a minor Hindu girl and slit her throat: Ajmer, Rajasthan

Ajmer police in Rajasthan arrested Arshad Khan and three of his accomplices for their role in the gang rape and murder of a 17-year-old minor Hindu girl.

24-year-old Khan has a criminal background, does drugs openly, roams around with a revolver on him, is abusive as per his own social media uploads, and is from Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh. He met the victim over Instagram, and that is where he started grooming her.

Khan had a habit of threatening the minor that he would commit suicide whenever his demands were not met. What such behavior does to vulnerable minors is beyond description and that is exactly why grooming jihadis adopt it. 

Police confirmed that Khan had used Instagram to groom the victim both of them were in touch. On March 22, between 3 and 4 pm, Khan met the victim. She had clearly said no to the meeting but was forced to agree when Khan threatened to come to her home. Fearing a scene in front of her parents, the vulnerable teen thought of dealing with this predator on her own, and as if she had some premonition, she left her mobile at home which later helped her family discover what had been going on in her life. 

As per police investigation, Khan asked the girl to marry him when they met, and she again refused. The accused then gang-raped the minor with three of his accomplices and slit her throat afterwards.

The minor was a resident of Ras village, in Pali district and used to teach tuition to small children. When the girl did not reach home, her family searched for her. Her body was found about 20 km from her home, near Dhuwariya village, Ajmer district, in the jungles around 100 meters from the highway. 

Khan was lurking in the area and had allegedly hurt himself as well, but ran away when confronted. Police caught him and his fellow offenders from Ajmer railway station and confiscated their car. 

The family members and other locals sat on dharna demanding strict punishment for the accused. SDM, Rural ASP Vikas Sangwan reached the spot, and Ajmer SP Vikas Sharma added that Khan was present at the spot of the murder and that he had a few self-inflicted injuries. A heavy police force was deployed in the region to maintain law and order. 

The body was moved to JLN Hospital, Ajmer mortuary and preliminary information revealed that the girl was raped and murdered. Different sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act along with rape and murder charges have been levelled against the accused.

Incidentally, Dainik Bhaskar reported that villagers and the victim’s family members had to sit on a dharna before authorities arrested the other three accused. The names of the co-accused have not been revealed as yet. The family refused to accept the body but the protest was called off after authorities assured them of a speedy and full investigation. By then, Rajendra Agarwal, the ADM had also reached the mortuary.

On social media, Khan had nicknamed himself the ‘Mental Boy.’ He is seen clutching his revolver and in some videos, he is seen blowing drugs into the camera. Another showed him dousing himself in some liquid and using some graphic effect to create the illusion that he was on fire. One shows Khan pulling the young girl by her hand. 

History Of Grooming Gangs In Ajmer

Farooq Chishti and his gang of grooming jihadi rapists who preyed on Hindu minors in Ajmer in 1992 (Images courtesy theprint.com)

Back in 1992, Ajmer saw one of the the biggest grooming and rape jihad crimes that Bharat had ever seen. At least 200 Hindu girls (some claim the number was much higher, anywhere from 500-1100) were raped and blackmailed for years by a gang led by Farooq Chishti, a member of the Khadim (caretaker) family of Ajmer Sharif Dargah and also Ajmer Youth Congress President. Nafis Chishti and Anwar Chishti, vice-president and joint secretary respectively of the Congress city unit also faced trial for their involvement in this crime.

Hindu girls aged 12-20 years were raped by this gang and blackmailed for years. These Chishti Khadims claim to be direct descendants of Moinuddin Chisti, a Sufi ‘saint’ who is much venerated today even by some Hindus who have forgotten the deep-seated hatred for kafirs that inspired him to come to Bharat and welcome the invasion by Muhammad Ghori.

Six victims committed suicide, several others moved out. Survivors were threatened and most of them did not become witnesses. Although the police and administration were aware of the gang rape and blackmail of Hindu girls for around an year, they did not take strong action against the criminals fearing ‘communal tension’ as many of the accused belonged to the influential khadim families of the dargah and attendant political pressure. 

The incident was first reported by Deenbandhu Chaudhry, a journalist working with a local newspaper. Only when the incident was reported with photographs and people in Ajmer hit the roads did the police even register an FIR.

Journalist Rakesh Simha has shared his thoughts on this sordid rape and blackmail saga in a thread, where he states that the number of girls who fell victim to this racket was a staggering 1100. This may very well be true, because most victims would have kept quiet due to fear of social shame and harassment by authorities.

Alamas, one of the key accused, is still absconding and believed to be in the US. Our judiciary, as is its norm, failed in its duty to hand out deterrent punishment that would prevent this sort of grooming and sexual exploitation from becoming the epidemic it has today. Rajasthan High Court thought it fit to acquit 4 of the 8 accused who were convicted by a lower court; and the Supreme Court actually reduced the life imprisonment sentence for those 4 to just 10 years. Justice N. Santosh Hegde and BP Singh of the Supreme Court said: “We are of the view that the ends of justice would be met if the sentence is reduced to ten years rigorous imprisonment.” 10 years for destroying hundreds of Hindu girls and their families!

The victim’s struggle for justice continues even in 2022. 

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  1. Instead of arresting, Ajmer police should have shot dead the criminals. In our country, justice is a protracted process. And these criminals, particularly if they come from affluent families, employ public prosecutors with a hefty payment to explore the loopholes of judicial procedures and get Scott free. And in the aftermath they get emboldened to repeat the crime


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