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Ancestral Houses Of Hindus Are Still Being Burnt In Kashmir

Unscrupulous elements set ablaze the residential house of a Kashmiri Pandit family on the night of 25th November 2016 in Shopian, Kashmir, who took to social media to express their disappointment. There is no mention of this news in the English mainstream media as yet.

We could contact a member of the KP family whose house was burnt down, Mr. Vinod Tikoo, and in his words :

“My late aunt ( bua ) owned this house ..the house belonging to Late Sh. Arjan Nath Wangoo, F/o Ashok Wangoo & Preduman Krishan Wangoo, was gutted by the miscreants on the night of 25th November at Shopian Traparpora, Kashmir. Residential house of Chaman Lal Wangoo was also partially damaged in this fire incident. The house was occupied by the police for watch, and ward of the non Kashmiri Pandit migrants for the last more than 18 yrs. It is very sad that the government is trying to bridge the gaps but all in vain. Still we are getting targeted by damaging our homes and hearths. So that there should be no possibility of our return to homeland.”

Here are some pictures of the house burnt :




Mr. Vinod Tikoo’s wife, Ms. Lakshmi Kaul, took to twitter to express herself :

And my last connection to homeland has been set ablaze last night in Shopian!! While we try to build bridges, our homes continue to burn.

— Lakshmi Kaul (@KaulLakshmi) November 26, 2016

@ABoni8 my husband’ ancestral home – I haven’t even visited it yet! So many memories of their childhood 🙁 All ashes now

— Lakshmi Kaul (@KaulLakshmi) November 26, 2016

@ABoni8 everyday attempts are made to wipe out our very existence. We shall not fade nor lose our connection to the roots no matter what!

— Lakshmi Kaul (@KaulLakshmi) November 26, 2016

It is unbelievable that such news from Kashmir doesn’t make it to mainstream media and doesn’t get discussed on news panels. Will the Kashmir government give compensation for this damage, like it was given to Dadri victims or Mewat gang-rape victims? The question is, how many Hindus / Kashmiri Pandits will the government compensate through out Bharat? Not only does this need to be discussed loudly, also needed is politically incorrect discussion of bringing Kashmir under common laws and constitution like rest of Bharat. Also needed is a consistent discussion on how to wipe out Islamic violence.

Kashmiri Pandits have been awaiting justice since decades!

(We thank Mr. Vinod Tikoo & Ms. Lakshmi Kaul for speaking to us).

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  1. Very sad to see the result of Gandhi’s decisions. They were going to Pakistan why the hell did he stop them? Muslims can not live in peace with anyone, not even with their own people as in Syria.

  2. You can never have peace with Islamists, there is not even a single country in a world where they are in majority and minority is living peacefully. They have slowly and steadily cleansed the minority. We have to terminate terrorists to such an extent from valley that, they should shit in their dreams before taking this route. I am with KPs always, would love to die for them, as they owe one to us. Indians couldn’t do anything in 1991 to help them, although it was mainly due to congress, but still. Jai Hind..


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