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Friday, December 8, 2023

Aligarh MLA Zameerullah Dares Anyone to Arrest Molester Hiding in his Home

In a shocking development, Samajwadi Party MLA Zameerullah Khan from Aligarh has claimed that the sole absconding accused, Zubair, in the Babri Mandi molestation case is staying at his home, and challenged “anyone who can dare” to come arrest him.

Two weeks back, a 19-year-old newly married Hindu woman was molested by four Muslims – Nadeem, Shadab, Amir and Zubair – (original reports had incorrectly given 3 accused names as Suheil, Ismail and Danish) which led to a clash between the two communities. Deeply insecure regarding the safety of their womenfolk due to many such sexual crimes and distressed by administrative apathy towards their pleas, many Hindu families in the Babri Mandi area of Aligarh had approached authorities to sell their houses and migrate, triggering fears of a Kairana like exodus.

As per this report, the MLA Zameerullah Khan made the comment to local media reporters while coming out of SSP Luv Kumar’s office. “Woh chautha aaropi mere ghar mein hai. Jisme himmat ho aake pakad le use,” (the fourth accused is at my home. Anyone who dares can come and arrest him) he reportedly said.

Playing the Muslim victimhood card

Zameerullah Khan had gone to meet SSP Love Kumar to complain against Station House Officer (SHO) of Sasni Gate, Vinod K Yadav, who had gone with a police force to raid the house of the last accused, Zubair, in the molestation case. Khan alleged that the “police forcefully entered the house while women members of the family were bathing”. Refuting the allegation, SHO Yadav said, “No one had entered the house (of the accused) except a woman constable.”

Police raided the accused’s house in Babri Mandi on Sunday, where officers made announcements over the loudspeaker asking him to surrender. After waiting for an hour, the team returned empty-handed. Zubair finally surrendered in the district court on Monday.

The tactics used by the accused Zubair’s family are not new – it has often been seen that mosques and Muslim neighborhoods are used as ‘safe houses’ for Muslim criminals, with the entire community coming to their aid if law enforcement tries to enter and do their job. By now, every Muslim house in Aligarh will be buzzing with news about how the ‘Hindu SHO harassed innocent Muslim ladies’, and how the community is being vilified for the ‘alleged’ acts of a few. No one will question the absurdity of the assertion that police should ring the bell and wait for permission when they go to raid a house to catch an absconder. Just like Batla House encounter, where the fact that Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma lost his life to the IM terrorist’ bullets was lost amidst the whole ‘fake encounter’ narrative, this episode too might become another chapter in the Muslim victimhood playbook. And there will be no dearth of Muslim imams or ‘secular’ politicians like Congressman Salman Khurshid, who as a UPA Law Minister claimed that Sonia Gandhi was ‘moved to tears’ when she saw photos of the dead Batla House terrorists, to drill this victimhood in Muslim minds.

No Muslim public figure will  ask the community to introspect on why Muslim youth are responsible for a disproportionate share of crimes against Hindu women in UP; ‘progressive’ Muslims like Aamir Khan will not question the Islamic doctrine and social conditioning as per which a woman not covered from head to toe (with hijab/burqa/niqab) is considered ‘sinful’, or the doctrine espoused by a ‘moderate’ female professor from Al-Azhar university (the most respected Islamic university in the world) in Egypt which says Muslims can rape non-Muslim women during ‘legitimate wars’.

Pressure tactics working? Original FIR diluted, counter FIR filed

In a sign of growing pressure on the administration to dilute the case, the police has withdrawn the robbery charge in the initial FIR filed by the 19-year Hindu woman who was molested. A counter FIR has also been filed against the victim’s family.  She met District Magistrate (DM) Rajmani Yadav and the SSP on Monday, and threatened to commit suicide if the complaint filed against her family was not quashed.

BJP has rallied to the aid of the victim’s family, and a delegation of state BJP leaders, including Aligarh Mayor Shakuntala Bharti and MP Satish Kumar Gautam, met with the DM and the SSP on Sunday evening and sought an FIR against Khan for his statement. MP Satish Gautam also accompanied the girl during her meeting with authorities, and said, “Our party supports the girl’s family. The cops should not have removed the charges of robbery from the FIR. We have expressed our concern over a counter FIR filed in the case by the other party.”

However, the language used by BJP in condemning Zaheerullah Khan’s statement is weak & confused – if media reports are to be believed, they have termed Khan’s statement as “infuriating” or “provocative”. Zameerullah Khan has admitted to giving shelter to an accused person with a non-bailable warrant against him; this is a criminal act, not a mere provocation. UP minister Azam Khan’s statement accusing the opposition of being behind the gruesome Bulandshahr gang-rape is provocative, not Zaheerullah’s remark which is a brazen challenge to law enforcement. BJP should be making the SP leaders in the country’s parliament answerable for this – a ruling party MLA is openly admitting to criminal abetment; no wonder UP has sunk into total lawlessness.

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  1. Most of Hindus in UP who live with muslims and interact with them on daily basis have adopted an islamic mindset. It is the underlying reason for the present state of UP and Bihar.


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