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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

‘Fake Baba’ Pramod Krishnam and the curious Congress attempt at Muslim-Brahmin alliance

On Janmashtami, Congress leader Pramod Krishnam tweeted a couplet by Hasrat Mohani in praise of Bhagwan Krishna. He claims to be a Hindu spiritual leader, so he should be aware that there is a huge corpus of poems in  Sanskrit, Braj, Hindi and indeed every Bhartiya language on Krishna. He should also be aware that this is the day of birth of the Bhagwan and has nothing to do with ‘aashiqs‘. If he wished to quote a Muslim poet, he could have easily quoted Syed Ibrahim Raskhan, a great devotee of Krishna, but he chose the Muslim League leader Hasrat Mohani.

Clearly, what Krishnam wanted to pander to the Muslims, which are probably the only section of the society that supports the likes of him. This is not the first time he has pandered to his Islamist supporters.

Pramod Krishnam
Pramod Krishnam, Digvijay Singh and ‘Swami’ Chakrapani

The fake baba, has also fought elections for Lok Sabha on Congress ticket in 2014 and 2019. He had given the slogan “Nahin hai jo Muhammad ka, hamara ho nahin sakta” i.e. “He who does not believe in Muhammad is not my own” implying that he considers only Muslims as his own. Indeed, there are tens of his videos extolling Muhammad and Islam, but I could not find a single one where he extols Hindu Dharma and its Gods! Naturally, he lost his deposit in 2019 elections.

Hasrat Mohani

Many people will wonder why I raised objection on quoting Hasrat Mohani. His image has been that of a secular Muslim leader who did not want partition. Indeed, he wrote poems on Krishna, so how could he be a bigot?

Hasrat Mohani was a leader of Muslim League. He was also a member of Communist Party and Congress. But there must be some ideology that drove him. Let us see what were his actions in 1946 to understand his ideology. In 1946, he was the lead campaigner in eastern UP for Muslim League. He went door to door preaching that Pakistan was the birthright of Muslims. Of course, once the partition happened,like many other Muslim League leaders, he decided it was better to live in Bharat than migrate to Pakistan. I will let the readers decide what his ideology was.

Hasrat Mohani was also a member of the Constituent Assembly, but he was so opposed to the Constitution of Bharat, that he refused to sign it! He raised the Islamist agenda in the Constitution and when not raising Islamist views, raised the Communist agenda. Members of the Constituent Assembly had the good sense to ignore him.

Now we come to the issue of his Krishna Bhakti. He considered Bhagwan Krishna to be a messenger of Allah. This puts him in third position in Islamic system after Allah and Muhammad. I am sure any Hindu would oppose such a travesty. Krishna was the complete manifestation of Vishnu himself and no Hindu believes in any such entity named Allah.

Pramod Krisnam : guru of controversies

Born to Jaswant Singh in 1965, Pramod Krishnam describes himself as a ‘spritual guru’. This controversial guru has established an Ashram in Sambhal in Uttara Pradesh and named it “Kalki Peeth” in early 2000s. More than religious work, the peeth is known for encroaching on govt land. In 2017, the District collector stopped the construction of the buildings there due to many irregularities. The trust under Pramod could not also explain the source of huge funds, about 90 crore, that was being used to fund construction.

In 2019 election, an audio of Pramod Krishnam and Swami Chakrapani, went viral. Chakrapani is another Congress leader, who wanted to get ticket for Lucknow seat, as revealed in the video below. He was the one who recently staged the drama of Gomutra party to fight corona, which internationally defamed Hindus and Hindutvavadis. He claims to be president of Hindu Mahasabha, but is clearly a stooge of Congress.

In that audio, Pramod Krishnam has copiously abused Samajwadi Party candidate Poonam Sinha as well as his own Congress Party. This writer has heard the complete audio and can say that the language is no better than that of a street thug and certainly not that of a religious figure. A sanitized version of the video is given below. It is interesting to note that both Chakrapani and Krisnam have been declared fake babas by various religious bodies of Hindus.

Brahmin persecution narrative

Presently, Pramod Krishnam is engaged in pushing the narrative of Brahmin persecution in Uttar Pradesh. Ever since gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in encounter, he has been fielded by Congress to woo Brahmins. His tweets try to portray that Brahmins are being killed daily in UP because Yogi Adityanath is a Rajput and hates Brahmins.

pramod krishnam Brahmin narrative

It must be noted that all parties are trying to conciliate Brahmins in UP these days. SP has recently promised a 108 feet statue of Bhagwan Parsuram if they come back to power, while BSP has promised an even higher statue with hospital and park in his name! Congress has declared Shiela Dixit as CM candidate in 2017 to appease Brahmins before they teamed up with Samajwadi Party. Congress, in the meanwhile has started a Brahmin Chetna Yatra under its leader Jitin Prasada and is likely to project a Brahmin face in next UP assembly elections.


The Congress party in UP is in crisis. It won just 7 MLA seats out of 403 in 2017 assembly elections. In last Lok Sabha election of 2019, its then President Rahul Ghandy lost election from Amethi. It is practically struggling for its existence, therefore it is trying new strategies to become relevant again.

After opposing construction of Ram Temple for years, many of its leaders including top leadership welcomed the bhumi-poojan on 5th August. The current attempt to establish a Muslim-Brahmin alliance is its latest gambit to reestablish its presence in UP. It would be interesting to see how far it succeeds.

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
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