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Friday, March 1, 2024

19-year-old domestic help raped by her Muslim neighbor on pretext of offering lift

A 19-year-old domestic help in East Delhi has been raped by her neighbour, Shahid, who offered her a lift in his car. 2 other men, also neighbors of the girl, were involved in the heinous crime.

The Pioneer reports

“In yet another incident, highlighting lack of women’s safety in the national Capital, a 19-year-old girl alleged that she was raped in a moving car in East Delhi’s Madhu Vihar area.

The incident took place on Tuesday night when the girl was returning home from the IP Extension area. The accused abducted her in a Black Eeco car and took her to Noida where one of them raped her. Threatening the girl of dire consequences, the accused threw her out of the car.

Police said that the incident was reported to them at around 11.30 am on Wednesday when the victim, who works as a domestic help informed her family about what had transpired last night. Her family further took her to police.

Police sources said that as per her statement, the girl was heading towards her employer’s house when three men in a Black Eeco car intercepted her. Since the victim knew the accused as they all are neighbours, she allegedly went with them as they offered to drop her to her employer’s house.

Once inside the vehicle, one of the three men raped her while the second man was driving the car,” said a senior police officer. After raping her, the accused threw her out of the car. According to the complaint, the girl somehow managed to reach her home and shared about her ordeal with her family. Police said that the girl is being counseled.

The girl stated that the three men are her neighbours. One of the accused who raped her has been identified as Shahid while the one who was driving the car has been identified as Kalia.

Based on her statement and medical examination, police have registered a case of gangrape under relevant sections of the IPC at Madhu Vihar police station.

Police sources said that one of the accused has been arrested while the other two accused are still absconding. Police said that they are questioning the accused.

While NCR is generally considered unsafe for women, and not without justification, one category of these sexual crimes which is often glossed over is attacks by criminal-minded Muslim men on unsuspecting female acquaintances, who are often non-Muslims.

Here are some recent cases of sexual crimes committed by Muslim men against non-Muslim women –

  1. A 21-year-old JNU student was drugged and raped in Delhi by two Afghan nationals (with UNHCR refugee cards) whom she knew.
  2. 21-year-old from Jharkhand was raped by an acquaintance Arif (23) in a moving car in Delhi
  3. 16-year-old Dalit handball player in Rajasthan was allegedly raped by her physical training teacher, Abdul Hanif (40), repeatedly over two years
  4. 16-year-old pregnant girl in Rajasthan, who had been gang-raped for over 2 months by 4 Muslims from her neighborhood,  died after father of one of the accused fed her poison, saying it was an abortion pill
  5. A Hindu woman was drugged and raped in Bihar by a Facebook friend, Asif Iqbal.
  6. 18 year old Rinku Shah was abducted from Cooch Behar, West Bengal by 41 year old A Qasim, and later found dead in a Delhi hotel.
  7. Bengaluru teen was abducted and gang-raped by 3 Muslims, before being confined & tortured for 40 days by family members of one of the rapists.
  8. 30-year-old Muhammad Shafi was arrested for sexually assaulting more than 30 Hindu women in Kerala after deceiving them by posing as an NRI surgeon. He told police he would not target Muslim women since they belong to his religion.
  9. 15-year-old Twinkle Shaw was raped & murdered by Mohammed Aftab who dumped her body in a coal pit in Jamuria, West Bengal.
  10. Such crimes are a routine occurrence in West UP – last year, HinduPost had tracked 7 such assaults in a period of 2 weeks from in and around Muzaffarnagar district alone.

Islamist doctrine considers polytheist kaafirs (non-Muslims) as sub-human, and the fact that Hindu girls do not cover up from head to toe like Muslim women do, makes them legitimate targets for Muslim fanatics. What Muslims hear from their imams, maulvis and Islamic professors only strengthens this outlook –

  • Allah allows Muslims to rape non-Muslim women in order to humiliate themclaimsIslamic professor Suad Saleh, from the renowned Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. Al-Azhar is considered the top-most University in the world for Islamic studies, followed by the Deoband seminary.
  • A Muslim cleric’s claim that women who do not wear the veil are like ‘uncovered meat’ who attract sexual predators sparked outrage around Australia.
  • Muslim imam in Sweden claims women who don’t wear hijabs are “asking to be raped”
  • Indian Muslim evangelist Zakir Naik says that the solution to avoid molestation and rape is that women should wear hijab (a veil that covers the head and chest).

This article explains why there are strong historical and theological roots for the fundamentalist Muslim’s view of rape of kafirs as a virtue, not a sin or error.

In light of the relentless left-liberal propaganda campaigns such as #NotInMyName, #RisingIntolerance #ChurchAttacks to project that Muslims and other minorities in Bharat are under siege, it is important that citizens are shown the disturbing reality of what ordinary Hindus face on the ground in their day to day lives.

The below tweet will ring true to all those who understand this grim reality based on hard evidence –

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