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Monday, July 22, 2024

Did Zakir Naik’s IRF Buy UPA Support Through Donation to Rajiv Gandhi Trust?

The recent furore over Salafist Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s role in indoctrinating several IS (Islamic State) terrorists might make the casual news watcher think that his radical preaching is a recent phenomenon. But Zakir Naik, his IRF (Islamic Research Foundation) and Peace TV channel have been on the intelligence radar for several years now. Now, it has emerged that a charitable trust headed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi had received an ‘unsolicited’ donation of Rs 50 lakhs in 2011 from Naik’s IRF.

IRF was established by Naik in 1991 in Mumbai, and Peace TV channel was founded in 2006 in Dubai, UAE. In Sept 2009, it was disclosed by journalist J Gopikrishnan (who also broke the 2G scam) that the channel was broadcasting illegally through cable TV operators in Bharat despite not having the required license from I&B ministry for down-linking permission to beam in the country.

In Dec 2012, Intelligence Bureau had red-flagged Peace TV and 23 other foreign channels that were being broadcast illegally in the country for their hate-inciting and anti-national content. Even IRF is now under the scanner for illegal use of foreign funds acquired through the FCRA route.

So why did the Sonia Gandhi headed charitable trust accept this donation from a known hate-mongering, dangerous Islamist organization that the intelligence agencies of the country working under its own UPA-2 Government had flagged as anti-national? 

An article in The Tribune which appeared today says that the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust, controlled by Sonia Gandhi, has decided to return the Rs. 50 lakh donation received from Naik’s IRF 5 years after receiving said donation. Why did the trust wait 5 years to return this ‘unsolicited donation’ when its own Government had flagged IRF and Peace TV as anti-national in 2012 itself?

J Gopikrishnan further tweets – “After Pioneer expose of ZakirNaik’s illegal TV in 2009, I askd then I&B Min Ambika Soni several times.Why No action? This donation received in 2011. Pioneer exposed Zakir Naik’s illegal TV airing in 2009. Now you know why no action.” 

Another ‘inner voice’ moment for Sonia Gandhi?

Congress and its boss Sonia are past masters at cloaking their actions with the burqa of morality. Was this sudden act of returning the donation of Rs.50 lakhs to IRF taken voluntarily when the controversy around Zakir Naik erupted in June, or was it taken for self-preservation to pre-empt the threat of imminent exposure? The real motive was confirmed by Times of India journalist Bharti Jain – 

Going by this account, it would be fair to say that there was a cozy arrangement between Zakir Naik’s IRF and Sonia-led UPA.

Sonia-led Congress Ecosystem is at the core of #BreakingIndia forces

The mutual respect on both sides is further demonstrated by senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh showering effusive praise on Naik as a ‘messenger of peace’ in this 2012 public event (Digvijay Singh still stands by his support for Naik as this July 2016 article shows); and in Feb 2013, UPA minority affairs minister K Rahman wrote to the I&B ministry pleading in favor of Zakir Naik & IRF.

Of course, the Congress media ecosystem also did their bit to white-wash Zakir Naik. In a ‘Walk the Talk’ NDTV program broadcast in 2009 (just 3 months after the 26/11 attacks), journalist Shekhar Gupta (known to be extremely close to Congress leader P Chidambaram) interviewed Naik and eulogized him as a ‘rock star of tele-evangelism’, ‘a preacher of modern Islam’, and wished Naik to ‘keep on growing in popularity’.

The 2004-14 period will be written as the darkest chapter in the history of the modern Bharatiya state. Despite the justified complaints many informed Hindus have against the current Narendra Modi Government, we must all reflect what letting Sonia & her cabal (which includes the likes of Lalu, Nitish, Mulayam, Mamta, Kejriwal, Mayawati, Pawar) back in power in 2019 would mean. We must criticize, but intelligently – the future of our nation and civilization hangs in the balance.

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  1. Taking big donations from controversial sources is family tradition of Nehru-Gandhis. Dr,Yevgenia Albatas, who was apoointed by Russian President Yeltsin to inquire into the activities of KGB has written in her book “State Within State:KGB, its past &present” that Indira Gandhi family used to regularly get money from Soviet Union.On page 212 of this book she has mentioned of then KGB Director Viktor Chernikov who had told her that R.Gandhi, son of Indian Prime Minister had thanked him for continued financial support.
    In 1982, Rajiv Gandhi received a ‘donation’ of one million $ from founder of cheter Bank of Credit & Commerce Internation, Agha Hassan Abedi in the name of Asian Games of 1982.This bank is believed to have cheated to the tune of some forty thousand crores $ and that ill gotten money was used by Pakistan to funding its nuclear program.


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