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Sunday, May 26, 2024

YouTuber Gaurav Taneja attacked by Islamists for sharing this viral image of anti-Hindu Karauli riot

On Tuesday, April 5, popular YouTuber Gaurav Taneja shared the viral image of Police constable Netresh Sharma rescuing an infant from the flames of anti-Hindu riots in Karauli, Rajasthan. This simple act invited the fury of Islamists and other anti-Hindu elements.

Gaurav had not accompanied the picture with any derogatory or inflammatory text. He had only posted the picture – that was indeed worth a thousand words – without naming any community or making any reference to the riot. However, that one post was enough to trigger Islamists, their supporters, and all Hindu-hating elements, including liberals bearing Hindu names.

The replies section to Gaurav Taneja’s tweet was buzzing with false claims. Some accused Gaurav of ‘stirring up communal hate’, and some asserted that the “Godi media” and the party Gaurav “supports” have conspired to create the riot.

In one of the first responses, one Mohammad Khalil posted a video of men with saffron scarves going on a rally and stated that ‘your people took out a rally carrying weapons, riot was bound to follow’. For the likes of this twitter user, Hindus wearing saffron scarves and carrying out a rally on their new year festival is so incendiary that it ‘provokes’ Islamists to riot. Why and how the Islamist rioters had planned for this event by stockpiling stones on terraces and closing down their shops even before the rally started, is conveniently brushed under the carpet.

Thousands of Muslims descend on the streets of Bharat every year during ‘Matam’, which is a part of mourning ceremonies and processions during Moharram. The participants of this crowd indulge in self-flagellation, practice bodily harm, and generate a gruesome and disturbing vision for the onlookers. They carry numerous sharp weapons during this time and brandish these weapons.

Back in 2019, a Hindu police officer was injured by a sword, and a boy was wounded by bullets flying around during a tazia procession by Muslims in West Bengal. We must underscore that Hindus did not rise in riot after these horrific incidents resulting from mobs of Muslims brandishing weapons on the streets. However, Islamists have become so used to the pandering of the secular state, that Hindus taking out a procession through an area dominated by them is considered ‘incendiary’. A tiranga rally raising nationalist slogans also infuriates them so much that they end up shooting and killing Chandan Gupta in Kasganj, UP.

A rabid hate-mongering Islamist can go to any extent to cry victim and accuse others of every act of violence done by his fanatic co-religionists. Like, one Sadique claimed that the child saved by police constable Netresh Sharma was a Muslim, and was being rescued from the fire lit by the Hindus. 

This claim is just as false as it gets. Vinita Agarwal, the mother of the rescued child, has narrated how she, her family, and their property were attacked in the Karauli anti-Hindu riot and arson. These were only two examples from a plethora of fake claims made by Islamists in response to Gaurav’s tweet. 

Twitter user Kulvinder Singh Khaira, who claims to be a ‘socialist, political analyst and observer’ dubbed the iconic image of the policemen saving an infant as a “hatred post” which “proved” that Gaurav was now officially “a dalla of bjp party.” 

It is beyond one’s understanding how an image of a policeman saving an infant becomes a hate-post? One wonders if two Sikh supremacists brutally assaulting an elderly Hindu woman in the Golden temple translated as a ‘peace post’ for Kulvinder Singh Khaira?

Khaira’s subsequent tweets exposed him as a Hindu-hater who shared the ideology of Islamic terrorist and Pulwama suicide bomber Adil Bar who had abused Hindus as “cow piss drinkers.” It is no surprise to see such a confluence between Islamists and Hindu-hating Sikh radicals as the Khalistani movement is backed by Pakistan’s ISI and Khalistani terrorists like Gurpatwant Pannun operating safely from the Anglosphere.

We have always observed and maintained liberals with Hindus names pose the greatest threat to Hindu society. Twitter user Vinay Chauhan is a good illustration of this threat. Chauhan tried to introduce a deceitful angle to the anti-Hindu Karauli violence by suggesting that the BJP had a hand in it. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Congress-linked Councillor Matloob Ahmed has been named chief conspirator in these riots. Police have also accessed a video establishing that Ahmed had plotted this violence with his relatives, and there are reports that sections of police conspired with the Muslim councilor. Further, it has also come to light that radical Islamist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) had sent a letter to the Rajasthan government warning them of a ‘riot-like situation’ if the Hindu rally passed through the Muslim area. 

Gaurav is not just another YouTuber out to make a quick buck through sensationalist or titillating videos. His fitness-focused vlog involves his family consisting of his successful wife and two young daughters as well. The couple treats their parents with utmost respect and although he has stayed away from political commentary, he has never shied away from his Hindu identity, and posts often on Hindu festivals and about upholding Hindu traditions. 

Gaurav and his family represent a good role model for young Hindus to follow. Maybe that is why his posts have started upsetting anti-Hindu radicals so much – he was viciously trolled for arranging free shows of The Kashmir Files movie as well.

Those who attacked him for sharing constable Netresh Sharma’s heroic photo are the Islamists, pro-Khalistani Sikhs and HINO (Hindu in Name Only) liberals – representatives of the combined forces threatening the integrity of our nation, and Hindu community and culture. 

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