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Friday, April 12, 2024

“You Britishers will not teach us human rights” – Narendra Modi’s old interview goes viral after BBC’s anti-Hindu documentary airs

A recent documentary aired by BBC which rehashes old propaganda against Narendra Modi over the Gujarat 2002 riots and contains other standard anti-Hindu tropes has invited a storm of protests from Hindus across the world.

We at HinduPost are slightly puzzled by the brouhaha over anything put out by a vile, propaganda outlet like BBC that suffers from severe colonial hangover and thinks it still has a ‘civilizing mission’ towards brown and black people. For the uninformed, the BBC is the ‘public service’ broadcaster of the UK (akin to our Doordarshan) and runs mostly on state funding. BBC’s role in aiding the British intelligence services in furthering the country’s perceived strategic interests over the decades is well documented in the public domain, as Shashi Shekhar Vempati writes here

So, anything the BBC puts out must be seen as having approval of the UK government and public, even though UK PM Rishi Sunak publicly disagreed with the characterization of PM Modi on the issue of 2022 Gujarat riots, when a Pakistan-origin British MP was raking up the issue of the BBC documentary in the UK parliament.

But let’s not forget that Sunak did monkey balance his remarks with a “we don’t tolerate persecution where it appears anywhere” comment, which can be seen as an implicit endorsement of other issues raised in the documentary. Preaching to the ‘third world’ is still considered de rigueur for Western leaders by their citizens who have all grown up on official propaganda that ‘British colonialism was a force for good’.

From what we have have been able to gather through a quick Internet search, the propaganda two-part documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’ hinges on claims by a fellow named Jack Straw, a former UK foreign secretary, whose other claim to fame is backing the Iraq invasion over fake WMD claims (that is Western ‘liberalism’, in a nutshell).

This thread by the ever insightful @thehawkeyex provides all the answers one may have about the issues raised in the BBC documentary. Bharat’s Ministry of External Affairs has also slammed the BBC documentary as a propaganda piece designed to push a particular discredited narrative. “The bias, the lack of objectivity, and frankly a continuing colonial mindset, is blatantly visible,” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said.

But one unintended consequence of this controversy has been an old interview of Narendra Modi with BBC going viral.

“Please don’t try to preach us human rights. We know what human rights are. You Britishers will not preach us human rights”, said then CM Modi to the interviewer.

And that is really all there is to be said to UK and its fellow Anglosphere countries and other Western powers who love to lecture the world, but want us to forget the immense suffering and savagery they inflicted on the entire non-European world over ~ 450 years of colonial plunder, two World wars and through an unethical, Adharmic post-war international order.

Here are some tweets which make some incisive observations on the BBC, its documentary, and the propagandists who are trying to leverage this issue for their ulterior motives –

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  1. BBC is not unbiased. If Govt. thinks BBC’s propaganda mechanism spreads falsehood and degenerates divisive forces in India, its entire operation in this country should be banned. Taking the freedom press granted in the democratic set-up of India, BBC cannot be allowed to perpetrate a vile mechanism to undermine India’s stride which is the envy of the West. Everybody acknowledges Modi’s gut of diplomacy in dealing with Russo-Ukraine War where the West felled flat. And that’s one of the prime reasons why our PM Modi has become an eye-sore to Western countries.


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