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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Wikipedia refuses to include violence by Muslims in its article on the Delhi riots

Maybe one day it will all be revealed. Maybe one day we will find out why the entire media establishment is in the tank for the global jihad, and continually whitewashes it. Wikipedia’s actions here were entirely predictable; indeed, even expected. But who is making sure that virtually everything that reflects poorly upon Islam and Muslims is scrubbed and whitewashed, and those who tell the truth about the jihad threat are demonized and marginalized?

“Wikipedia article on Delhi riots refuses to include violence by Muslims,” by Jonita Singh, Wink Report, February 27, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

“As the North East Delhi continues to be under the grip of violence on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act, a concerted effort has been taken by a section of media and left-liberal users on social media to portray the pro-CAA protestors and Hindus as the perpetrators of the riots. While both sides have indulged in violence and there is ample evidence of violence by Muslims and anti-CCA protesters, they are sought to be brushed aside and highlight only the violence by pro-CAA crowd.

One of the most prominent examples of the same is a page on Wikipedia dedicated to the riots in North East Delhi this week, which is very obviously biased, where the moderators are actively removing content that shows the involvement of anti-CAA crowd in the riots.

The Wikipedia article titled North East Delhi riots was created on Tuesday by a senior Wikipedia editor that hoes by the username DBigXray. When one visits the page, the first image one sees is the photo of BJP leader Kapil Mishra, not an image of the riots. Kapil Mishra gets a separate section titled ‘incitement’ in the article, where he has been blamed for starting the riots.

On February 23, Kapil Mishra had asked the police to remove the road blockades imposed by anti-CAA protesters in Delhi. He had given the police 3 days time to open the roads, and had said that after 3 days, he would not listen to the police. Kapil Mishra had said that if police fail to remove anti-CAA crowd from blocking the roads, the pro-CAA crowd will have to hit the streets.

The BJP leader had only talked about hitting the streets, he didn’t issue any threat of violence. Hitting the streets usually means marching on the roads demanding or protesting against something, it does not automatically imply a threat for violence. Several editors on Wikipedia had asked to remove the Kapil Mishra’s photo from the article as he is not directly involved in the riots, and not proven guilty of any violence.

But the senior editors, who have more rights then normal editors like preventing normal users from making edits in specific articles, overruled them, saying that he is the central figure in the riots. Being regular active users, senior users also develop personal coordination with Wikipedia administrators, who can block users from making edits in the website.

Interestingly, some people had reference to AAP leader Amanatullah Khan for his provocative speeches during anti-CAA riots earlier in Delhi and UP. But this was also removed by the moderators, claiming that although cases have been filed against Khan, those are not related to the North East Delhi riots….

– by Robert Spencer

HinduPost Note

Wikipedia editors’ bias against Hindus is an open secret. The riots in Delhi did not happen overnight – they have been in the work since December when Islamist mobs first resorted to violence in Seelampur, Jamia Nagar and other parts of Delhi. Other states like West Bengal, UP, Karnataka and UP also witnessed savage violence in name of anti-CAA protests in December. Hate speeches threatening every institution of our democracy – Parliament, Supreme Court – and warning of another partition have flooded all corners of the nation.

And over what? A law that offers refuge to some of the most brutally persecuted religious minorities that the whole world has callously ignored for decades. And a proposed national citizenship register program akin to what every civilized nation has in order to safeguard its territorial integrity and citizens’ rights vis a vis illegal aliens.

Islamists have formally announced their war against the Indian state through the anti-Hindu Delhi riots.

Innocent Muslim lives too have been lost in police action and the self-defence desperate Hindus were forced to undertake. No police force in the world, bar maybe Israel, has seen the sort of unprecedented urban warfare that Delhi just witnessed – improvised slingshots, stockpiling of petrol, acid and stones are reminiscent of Syria and other conflict zones in Middle East. Bharat’s police forces need to be modernized and intelligence agencies need to scale up to deal with this new threat.

If Islamists, and their enablers in the elite left-liberal circles of Bharat’s polity, are allowed to succeed in their designs, Bharat will disintegrate into the sort of fascist Islamist theocracy which exists on our North-West border and harbours dreaded terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, Hafeez Saeed, Maulana Masood Azhar. With the Islamist-ignited turmoil in Europe already picking pace, such an event might just signal the end of the free world. The Bharatiya state must not shy away from confronting the Islamist challenge, and all right-minded nations of the world must realize what is at stake here.

(This article was published on on February 28, 2020 and has been reproduced here in full.)

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  1. There are more reliable wikis.

    It is recommended to write a better article at these wikis:
    indiawiki org/North_East_Delhi_Riots.html
    en.dharmapedia .net/wiki/2020_Delhi_anti-Hindu_riots

    Wikipedia is just a anti-Hindu cesspit. It is useless for any topic that has to do with politics.

    See also here:


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