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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Why the Jamia shooting incident feels like another staged liberal production

On the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, a minor Hindu youth (some reports claim he is 19) walks with anti-CAA protestors near Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia university before suddenly pulling out a pistol while walking backwards towards a posse of policemen, and before cops realize he is carrying a country revolver and can disarm him, he shoots off one round while reportedly shouting “You want azaadi, I will give it to you.” The bullet hits a Jamia student on the left hand, who is now recovering in hospital.

All of this is caught on camera by several media-persons who are covering the protest. That same evening, all TV news channels are saturated with coverage of this incident and a connection is quickly made with a political gathering few days back where a BJP leader was involved in chanting ‘Shoot the traitors of the nation.’ It helps the liberal narrative that the shooter conveniently announced himself as a ‘Ram bhakt’ (devotee of Ram) when media asked his name.

The next morning, all major newspapers have splashed photos of the juvenile shooter with the gun in his hands while Delhi police is seen standing in the background. The optics look bad – it appears that police is just standing by doing nothing.

Source: Times of India

But dive a little deeper, and different facts begin to emerge.

The area around Jamia, JNU, Shaheen Bagh have all been the hub of anti-CAA protests for around a month now, and police was deployed at their usual spots. This particular march by Jamia students didn’t have police permission, but we guess such procedural issues don’t matter when one is fighting to ‘save the Constitution’.

The shooter was earlier walking with the protestors before he starts walking backwards towards the police posse, obstructing their view of what he is up to. When someone shouts ‘he has a gun’, a policeman starts walking quietly towards the boy to disarm him without agitating him with any sudden movement. So basically, police followed protocol. Unless the liberal argument is that police should have shot the juvenile – but would they maintain the same stance if the boy turned out to be from the ‘minority’ community?

So what about the shooter himself, who has been condemned as a ‘terrorist’, ‘Hindu aatankwadi‘ with alacrity by high priests of left-liberalism? Well, no one cared to understand the motivations of this 17-year-old, no one visited his parents to find if he is a ‘poor headmaster’s son‘ – it was enough for them that he announced himself as a ‘Ram bhakt’ to pronounce him a ‘Hindu terrorist’.

The shooter’s social media footprints raise many suspicions. A dormant FB account becomes active few weeks back, provocative posts appear which indicate some kind of suicide mission to avenge the death of Chandan Gupta, who was killed when a Republic Day bike rally taken out by VHP was attacked while passing through a Muslim-dominated locality of Kasganj, UP (today’s Times of India report on the Jamia shooting dismisses Chandan as a ‘Hindutva fringe outfit member killed earlier’). Two of the pages liked by this FB profile are that of controversial outfit Bhim Army (which claims to work for Dalits but has been hand in glove with Islamists to oppose the pro-Dalit CAA) and hate-speech accused Muslim actor Ajaz Khan. Confused? Wait, there’s more.

While the boy is in police custody, his FB profile goes inactive, and an older account of the same person gets reactivated – this one was last updated in May, 2018. Interestingly, one photo on this profile shows him with a Congress scarf around his neck.

Deja vu

Deja vu is the a feeling of having already experienced something. Let’s take a look at few other incidents which were hyped up by left-liberal media almost instantaneously, before being silently dumped when inconvenient facts arose poking holes in the narrative being peddled.

1.) “Christians under attack in India”

Just before Delhi Assembly elections of 2015, a few crimes in Delhi’s churches – petty thefts, minor vandalism – were blown out of all proportion to portray an unprecedented attack on the nation’s Christians. Newspapers were filled with stories of worried Christians, rallies were taken out by Churches in Delhi and elsewhere, even a horrific rape of an elderly nun in WB was blamed on ‘Hindu radicals’ (it later turned out to be a crime by Bangladeshi Muslims). But dispassionate look at facts and data showed that this was a blatantly false narrative, which might have played a role in AAP’s decisive victory in the ’15 Delhi elections.

2.) “Attack on Kashmiri dry-fruit seller in UP by saffron thugs”

In March last year, just before the 2019 general elections, a video emerged on social media showing a saffron-clad thug beating a hapless Kashmiri dry-fruit seller in BJP-ruled UP (Lucknow). A good samaritan, Muslim of course, appears to save the man. Right on cue, NDTV and other channels pick it up and go to town. But soon the story starts crumbling as past social media posts of the accused are full of anti-RSS propaganda and he has links to Samajwadi Party (SP) leaders. Moreover, the Muslim ‘good samaritan’ turns out to be a supporter of Nazi holocaust of Jews.

3.) “ABVP behind JNU violence”

Since October last year, leftist-controlled student union of JNU (JNUSU) had brought the university to a grinding halt demanding roll back of hostel fee hike. Academic offices were blockaded, professors heckled and students intimidated to toe the union line. When administration asked students to register online for the upcoming semester, JNUSU thugs wrecked the server room. Things reached a head earlier this month when masked goons entered the campus and allegations flew from both sides. Based on mobile/CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts, Delhi police held a press conference naming 9 suspects in the JNU violence – 7 were from 4 Left organisations and 2 from RSS-linked ABVP. Moments later, India Today aired a ‘sting’ showing an alleged ABVP student boasting about how he and others attacked leftist students of JNU.

Messaging – “ABVP behind JNU violence”, conveniently sweeping under the carpet the role of Communist student orgs like AISA, SFI, AISF in such repeated instances of hooliganism and violence in JNU.

4.) “Gau rakshaks bully Mum exec for ‘cow’ leather bag”.

August, 2016 – the ‘Rising Intolerance’ narrative was at its peak and ‘cow vigilantism’ was a hot topic. Times of India ran a story with the above title on its front page about a film executive, Barun Kashyap, who alleged that a rickshaw driver harassed him for carrying a ‘cow’ leather bag. But soon, this fell apart as Kashyap confessed to the police that he lied.

The ruling party of Delhi, AAP, is known to be a party which thrives on controversy, manufactured or otherwise – from people slapping the CM, throwing ink on him, the contrived death of farmer Gajender Singh during an AAP protest rally, to Kejriwal’s hysterical speeches to his workers accusing the PM of plotting to kill him – AAP is what political observers call the first truly ‘TV studio’ or ‘social media’ party. Their role in the whole Jamia shooting incident cannot be ruled out.

Whatever emerges in coming days about the Jamia shooting, the fact that a non-fatal shooting in the nation’s capital by a juvenile has completely grabbed ‘national’ media attention, while a poor OBC Hindu, Neeraj Prajapati, who died a painful death after being stoned from a mosque for participating in a pro-CAA rally in Jharkhand, has been completely ignored – this alone tells us all we need to know about state of urban talking heads.

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