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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Whitewashing Islamic terror : mainstream media and the beheading in Udaipur

The Muslim attackers of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur declared their intent on video. They declared their religion and the reason for beheading the poor tailor before as well as after the act which, by their own admission, was sanctioned by their religion. These are facts that are not in any doubt whatsoever. These are not allegations by the family of Kanhaiya Lal or any Hindu organisation. However, when various mainstream media houses presented this news, they presented as if it was an allegation. According to some, the religion of the murderers was “allegedly Muslim” and others said that he was “allegedly killed”. Some examples are presented below and they range from “The Print” and its alleged journalists from this country to the CNN from the US, the Telegraph from the UK and terrorist sympathiser Al Jazeera from Qatar.

The inclusion of Al Jazeera and The Print should not shock anybody. One has been described as the mouthpiece of Al Qaeda while the other has routinely shown its pro-Islamist credentials. The coverage of Bharatiya issues in the CNN, the Telegraph and other leftist media outside the country is influenced by the content generated by the brown sepoys, that the likes of The Print employs.

The whitewashing is not restricted to the media though. Muslim activists started whataboutery and cases of Muslims killed while stealing cows or bikes were sought to be equated to the gruesome cold-blooded murder. Politicians and some other Muslim intellectuals condemned it and sought to protect Islam from the act, blaming entirely the two individuals for the beheading. The honourable judges of the Supreme Court, in an illuminating display of dhimmutude, have said that the beheading was entirely the fault of Nupur Sharma. Recently, it has come to light that Maharashtra Police whitewashed the murder of Umesh Kolhe during the previous MVA govt. He was murdered in the same way and for the same reason as Kanhaiya Lal – another example of Islamic terror.

This whitewashing does beget the questions : who is really to blame? When a Hindu man commits a crime, it becomes “Hindu terror” even before the allegation is proved. Thus, they will frequently harp on about systemic problems of Hindutva. However, being minorities, it is the privilege of people following Islam, Christianity and Sikhism to blame specific people and discount the role of religious ideology in the act when criminal is from their own community. In this matter, one should keep in mind that to have a systemic problem, one needs to first have a functioning system. This includes communal places of worship, regular sermons regarding religious ideology and institutional support by co-religionists in the case a person from that community is in trouble. It is plain to see that all this is present in case of Islam, Christianity and Sikhism, while almost completely absent from Hindu Dharma(with the notable exception of some smaller sects). Thus, the Islamic system does bear the responsibility for any such religiously motivated crimes. The crowd shouting “Labbaik”(I am ready) with “sar tan se juda” slogans are all radicalised just like the killers of Kamlesh Tiwari, Kanhaiya Lal, Umesh Kolhe and others. The whitewashing is required to hide this fact.

It is understood that Islamic publications will whitewash the crime, but why should the media houses like The Print whitewash these actions? One reason could be the chilling effect these murders have on people. The purpose of such beheadings has always been to strike terror into the hearts of non-Muslims. It is understandable that some will be terriied by the gruesome murders, but those people should not then call themselves courageous journalists. Afterall, a journalist’s primary duty is towards truth. The second reason could be the moneydonations that fuels these media empires. A significant part of it, at least in Bharata, comes from Muslims and probably they do not want to let go of that. The third reason could be that they are simply deluded. The hold of ideology blinds them from the truth and they really do believe what they write, despite all evidence to the contrary.

This is a war of narratives and, despite being victims, Hindus are losing as the other party has more experience in the narrative of victimhood. It has a larger capacity to mobilise resources, despite having far lesser resources than Hindus. Despite the Overton Window shift being reflected in the polity of the country, the majority of the media still retains the Nehruvian secularist viewpoint. It would take the combined efforts of thought leaders, investors and common Hindus to change this situation.

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey is an Educator based in Dehradun, currently working as Senior Staff Writer with HinduPost. He is an Engineer by training and a teacher by passion. He teaches for Civil Service Exams as well as for Common Law Admission Test. He has deep interest in politics, economy, culture and all things Bharatiya. He fancies himself to be a loving husband and doting father. His weakness is Bharatiya food, particularly sweets. His hobbies include reading, writing and listening to Bharatiya music.


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