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Monday, March 20, 2023

What the Income Tax survey on BBC tells us about foreigners and Indian Opposition’s brown sahib mindset?-Part 1

After 59 hours, its done. The rigorous IT survey on BBC offices in Mumbai and Delhi from where it wages its anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat propaganda warfare against what it perhaps still considers to be its colonial subjects.

It wasn’t surprising, then, that it’d become yet another blunt force instrument in the hands of left-liberals and Abrahmics against Hindus, sledgehammering them with various versions of “Death of Democracy and Free Speech”, which, in their collective delusion they believe to be a surgical sword sharp enough to divide Hindus from Hindutva.

But what caught my attention was, well, “the attention” it carried.

Let’s start with main opposition Congress. For a party which constantly taunts BJP and other Hindu organizations having no part in freedom struggle against colonial British, it’s visceral seething outrage against an Income Tax survey on official propaganda mouthpiece of our former foreign colonial overlords – an organization which has a proven track record of assisting British State in its information warfare against its ‘enemies’ – including Hindus, which was big enough to disgust George Orwell who famously wrote his satire novels against authoritarianism and tyranny – is nothing short of baffling, let alone hypocritical.

Colonialism was not just about destroying native culture and imposing foreign religion. It was about looting colonized people’s wealth to enrich greedy white monsters. BBC, which has another proven track record of evading taxes in not just foreign countries but its own, falls squarely in that bracket if its done that here.

No-one among foreigners feel that it’s a waste of breath to constantly remind Bhartiya people that Bharat is a Democracy. Fine. If it is, then the government of Bharat is elected in free and fair elections. It’s made up of the people, by the people, for the people. It is, in truest sense of the words, made up of all those who represent India, that is Bharat; who have taken an oath to work for Bharat’s people. For that work, taxes are collected from all those who’re eligible to pay it.

Hence if BBC is trying to evade tax-liabilities, we must understand what it is, at a conceptual level. A foreign state backed propaganda outlet which belongs to our former colonial oppressors, is trying to steal the money and resources that belongs to ‘the people.’

Instead of coming out and openly denouncing yet another brazen colonial British attempt to loot Bharatiya wealth and calling for strictest possible punishment under Bharatiya laws of the land, it is extremely baffling that Congress, which claims to have a monopoly on freedom struggle against British, is out there screaming “death of Indian democracy” if Bharat wants to investigate whether a British state arm had stolen from Bharatiya people!

Why would Congress, of all entities, be dejected for what foreigners think about “India’s image”, if Bharatiya tax authorities want to stop theft of the money that belongs to people? After all, its own “Mahatma” used to roam around the streets of London in a simple dhoti! They didn’t care about “India’s image being ruined by this nanga fakir then” – and rightly so!

It doesn’t make sense at all!

Not unless, you take into account that Congress party’s tallest ‘upcomoing’ leader, the dynasty prince pappu, is born of a half-Parsi father and an Italian-born Catholic mother. A prince, who completed his higher education in the infamous Marxist den of degeneracy called Cambridge University from which Soviets had no trouble recruiting future secret agents, who’d in future rise to the highest ranks of British power by exploiting its civil service and passing secrets to communists even during the times of WW-II and later (this is the same playbook used in UPSC Jihad by the way).

A prince, who, before he started in his ‘Bharat Todo stunt’ (mockingly called ‘Bharat Jodo yatra’ by him, to taunt all those who strive for Bharat’s unity) went to UK and Cambridge for brainstorming about it – along with hardcore communist leader Sitaram Yechury whose wife is an editor at ‘The Perpetual Liar’ (The Wire) which is an expert in fabricating evidence against Hindus, over and over again. In that visit, prince pappu also met a hardcore leftist named Jeremy Corbyn who was so extreme that he proved an extremist for UK’s labor party itself! But not for prince pappu, obviously!

It is notable here that Corbyn, is rabid anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat hater in whose leadership Labor Party passed a resolution against Bharat’s sovereign right to decide what to do with Article 370, and called for international action against Bharat to separate Kashmir from us. And there are reports that after one stretch of his ‘Bharat Todo project’, he’s once again planning to go to Cambridge to seek instructions from his UK handlers like Corbyn perhaps.

But talk about prince pappu’s sinister ‘Bharat Todo project’ is a matter for another time. Equally, perhaps more, important but for another time, deserving much more scrutiny and thought. And for my reference of The perpetual Liar’s evidence-fabrication, trust me, it’s not accidental and I’ll come to it shortly.

As for other Opposition leaders whose outlook is decidedly anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat and pro-Abrahamic/pro-foreigner, they have all reacted in the similar manner, proving once and for all, their anti-national credentials.

Now, about the media landscape, well here the reactions are interesting. Not surprising, but interesting.

Tremendously interesting was the monstrously anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat NYT and its entire Editorial Board, coming out with yet another propaganda piece regarding its fellow traveler BBC’s propaganda documentary against Modi and Hindus, just a day before the IT survey on BBC. Keep in mind that by that time, it had been nearly 3 weeks of BBC propaganda already on the air. The timing seems remarkably co-incidental, to the point it ceased to feel like co-incidence at all.

Not that it stopped NYT from publishing other pieces of anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat propaganda regarding IT Survey on BBC itself, but still.

The other noticeable thing was that nearly all the world covered the IT Survey on BBC, especially the monstrously anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat hate-filled western ones, but apart from those, even other countries’ press did it too.

Of course our own treacherous snakes in the media’s Ganga, those who work for anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat George Soros funded DigiPub – who has taken a vow to eradicate Bharatiya national identity, with his billions of short-seller dollars dedicated to left-liberal anti-humanity causes around the world – they’ve reacted largely similarly.

What was disheartening to see, however, was some of the articles, including in those supposedly not-too-much biased-against-Bharat-and-Hindu outlets, detailing, essentially, “how foreign press reacted?” in response to corrupt BBC’s survey by IT dept about stealing from Bharatiya people. For example here,  here , here , here , here , here and here.


2 points bear mentioning here:

1.) Why are we so bloody obsessed about what the world thinks about us? And especially the colonizer war-criminal West? Why is it necessary for our desi media to let Bharatiya citizens know about disapproval or even approval from foreigners? We talk at tiring lengths about de-colonisation – and none more so than left-liberals, across the world – and yet we all, but especially the latter, leave no stone unturned to let us know about pouting, tut-tuting, disapproving noises made by the same foreign colonizers? What’s the bloody point of “Independence” then? Maybe we should subject ourselves to British Raj once again – or a collective Western Raj, led by America, if we’re so concerned about foreign approval or disapproval.

2.) More importantly, if – and this is still a giant if – this income tax survey of BBC is done purely because of its virulent anti-Modi/anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat propaganda, even then, this isn’t the first time anti-government press in Bharat is being targeted by authorities and it won’t be the last. It has happened to Times of India, it has happened to Dainik Bhaskar, and we can forget about the whole George Soros funded propaganda network, or those from the IPSMF, by which I mean the anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat cabal of DigiPub and others. Be it Chinese spy employing The Quint, Newsclick, and especially The Perpetual Liar and alleged fact-checkers, or HW news.

The point is that, sure, at other times and especially for those who’re most virulently anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat with connections to Washington/London Deep State’s favorite Communist Party of India, like alleged fact-checker and The perpetual Liar, foreigners did make familiar noises. Maybe not much, but mandatory ones nonetheless. About “Democratic Backsliding”, “Electoral Autocracy” , “Human Rights of minorities”, “Hindutva Fascism”, “Fascism in general” , “Secularism” , “Nehruvian Idea of India”, “Religious Pluralism” , “Civil Liberties”, “Freedom of Press” etc.

But at no point, the foreign Deep State and its pet attack dogs’ reactions were this shrill, and vindictive. Not until it came to one of their very white own. Not until it was BBC.

This is where we need to remember The Perpetual Liar’s experience. An year ago, it had brazenly published the outrageous fiction named TekFog targeting BJP which, as a matter of fact, made waves in the same white western foreign anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat circles. But a year later, when it thought to go bold and go after the really big ones, like Meta – but again only to target BJP – the whole tech ecosystem, even those comprised of mostly anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat disposition jumped in to prove, by using hitherto unknown expert cyber techniques, that its evidence is fabricated!

How ironic!

(To be continued)

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


  1. I disagree with the label “white” or British. It’s the Christian mindset that is faulty.
    It’s about time we learned to differentiate whites from Christians. All whites are not necessarily Christians.
    It is essentially Christianity that teaches divisions between humans.


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