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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What the Income Tax survey on BBC hideouts tells us about foreigners’ and Bharatiya opposition’s brown sahib mindset? – Part 2

It’s this kind of institutionalized racism, that we’re dealing with here.

But of course Brown-Hindutva Right wing has no right to talk about racism because according to them, we’re already Nazis – with a ready-made excuse of our worship of Swastika, that goes back at least 15 thousand years according to IIT studies. Well before Hitler. But alas, when have LeLis and Islamists let facts come in the way of beheading? I’m sorry, I meant “reporting”, that too, the “truth to power” kind.

Same is the case of colonialism, where a well-paid Brown-Saheb takes away our collective agency and deposits it – with lucrative interest rates – among the banks of white-western colonial monsters, which means, they get to decide even what constitutes colonialism and who can be its victim?

I’ve seen this one gaining momentum recently.

In case of institutionalized western hypocrisy over Ukraine, the traitorous Pankaj Mishra – which means he’s naturally a darling of LeLis and Islamists – writing for far-left propaganda outlet Washington Post, which itself is often giving platforms to liars like Rana Ayyub and Amber Heard who both accused very powerful, publicly well-liked men of wrong-doing, and whose lies were then ripped to shreds in a court of law from both the world’s largest democracy and the oldest, he says in his propaganda piece dated 14-Feb-2023 about BBC documentary issue that Bharatiyas calling out white-westerners “continuous colonial mindset” are in-fact “opportunistic anti-colonialists”, even while he’s blatantly cautioning the west that such a blanket dismissal of colonialism would make them “lose the propaganda war”.

So what is he then? An “opportunist left-liberal?”

Tavleen Singh, a massively mis-informed troll who is so misinformed she infuriated khangress itself! And whose son of Pakistani origin Aatish Taseer had his OCI status revoked by Bharatiya authorities – thus irking her and her family beyond all imagination…She had the gall to say in her weekly propaganda column in the equally non-Bharatiya Express about BBC documentary that, “Others ranted hysterically about the BBC exhibiting a ‘colonial mindset’. They ended up making not just Modi, but India look pathetic.”

As far back as in 2019, the most ironically named The Hindu published an article (which must have renewed relevance given Hindenburg hitjob against Adani), talking about “Decoding the corporate-Hindutva alliance”, in which it says, “Previous rulers had appropriated economic surplus from the peasantry and spent it domestically, thereby generating employment; colonialism expropriated surplus from the peasantry and shipped most of it abroad which destroyed domestic employment. Hindutva obliterates this basic distinction, putting the Mughals and the British on a par, because it does not comprehend economics.”

In-fact, anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat hatemongers have tried to pitch anti-colonialism as the primary opponent of Hindutva and other forms of Hindu reawakening.

New York Times in a 2016 article, about an anti-Hindu hater novelist  U.R. Ananthmurthy – who threatened to leave Bharat if Modi won 2014 election – describes his work of “Hindutva or Hind Swaraj” as “examination of the two rival ideas that have shaped modern India: the plural nationalism originating from the struggle against British colonialism, led by Mohandas K. Gandhi; and the muscular, majoritarian nationalism favored by Mr. Modi and his supporters”

And this preposterous comparison in which only OG Gandhi’s kind of deluded plural nationalism is branded as ‘struggle against British colonialism’ is allowed to endure even when in the very next paragraph itself, NYT says:

“Mr. Ananthmurthy compares the key texts of these dominant political strains: Mr. Gandhi’s “Hind Swaraj,” a reposte to British colonialism completed in 10 days, and published a year later; and “Hindutva,” the 1923 founding text of Hindutva nationalism, written by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a right wing activist imprisoned by the British for his role in India’s freedom movement.

So why would a colonial British would imprison a man for “his role in India’s freedom movement”, if he was, as is postulated here by anti-Hindu forces, a supporter of colonialism?


Nothing is real, nothing matters, nothing even exists, until anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat forces, either through their brown sahebs working either on the payroll of white western colonial master – or, the rich LeLi/Islamist overlords themselves in some cases, say so.

Everything else is ‘disinformation.’

Hence everything else doesn’t matter.

Ofcourse, brown sahebs, helpful idiots as they are, are ranked much lower than ordinary west based agent of regime-change chaos. You know, “Dogs and Indians not allowed,” kind of stuff.

Hence, as long as brown sahebs attack India and Hindus, it’s perfectly fine; but as soon as they show “independence”, even of thought, and go after a narrative that’s not sanctioned by white western LeLis and Islamists, they get cancelled and are “Left” hanging out to dry.

That’s why despite a proven history of white BBC indulging in white British state sponsored propaganda, even in Bharat all the way dating back to World War–II and its heydays of colonialism, even then, everyone is still up in arms on a scale never seen before because a proud Hindu brown government decided to call it out as such and further decided to investigate whether its stealing – again – from Indian people.

‘How dare they?’ is the feeling working behind the façade of democratic outrage of the white west.

Bharatiya brown sahebs thus need to understand: the same courtesy would not be accorded to them, even if they do manage to succeed in their filthy regime-change ops. Even if US-UK-backed khnagress comes to power, even then, only the attack-vector on Bharatiyas would change. It’ll go from ‘Bharatiya Democracy in danger from Hindutva’ to ‘Bharatiya Democracy in danger from Emergency invoking congress’. Nothing will change. Because they do not have a problem with Hindutva. They have a problem with brown Bharatiyas, from all walks of life.

If proof is needed just turn the clocks back a decade during UPA-II era reporting from the west and specially BBC’s disgraceful documentary of Nirbhaya (a case that happened during UPA era) called ‘India’s Daughter’ that was banned by the same BJP government – and rightly so! And that was a much tougher ban than ‘Modi Question’, mind. Yet, the ban was widely supported by law-makers and activists across Bharat. Directly or indirectly. Even by hardcore Marxists like Kavita Krishnan. Remember all the evil propaganda about “Delhi being Rape Capital” of the world when khangress ruled it, despite sexual assault cases in west being much higher than Bharat.

The LeLis and Islamists, they will of course not understand it because ideologically they’re internationalists. For them, Bharat doesn’t exist, only different versions of ummah is what they believe in. But it needs to be said – especially to us on the Right side of freedom: Inviting, collaborating and taking help from foreigners to solve domestic disputes is what got us in a soup for 1,000 years of slavery under foreigners. Maybe not entirely, but a significant part of it nonetheless. In any case, this kind of self-destructive behavior doesn’t even need a precedent.

It’s a self-evident truth. Does any of the opposition parties believe that if they win elections against Hindutva due to foreign interference, their foreign benefactors were doing it out of the goodness of their hearts? For their love of democracy and human rights? No! They’ll extract a price in exchange for their help. And that price will not be in the interest of Bharat or Bharatiya people but the benefactors’, the west and middle-east and their white and Islamist people’s interest. Just ask Iraq, Iran, Russia, Syria, Libya and countless countries of Africa where ‘tweets must flowhad spawned unprecedented crisis.

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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