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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Toxic Feminism – An element promoting misandry instead of gender equality

Would you believe that a TV reality show drove me to write a blog!! Well, #NeeyaNaana is a reality show on Vijay TV which I have stopped watching ages ago, then why am I writing this? These kind of shows lost their sheen ages ago, but to my irritation all my Social Media platforms were dumped with Memes, Trolls and Abusive videos of an episode in #NeeyaNaana.

This Episode Titled “Dowry” featuring the prospective Brides pitted against their mothers had blown away the psyche of Tamil audience. They were shocked to see young girls demanding their share of dowry from their parents without any sense of shame, guilt or compassion towards their family.

I am not going into the details of the wild expectations of the girls/wannabe women. Usually in dowry debates, the menfolk (bridegrooms mainly) & his family members are in the line of fire, but this show had, for a change, the victims of this unjust social practice as villains.

The million dollar question – why did Vijay TV do this metamorphosis???

Well, no doubt that VijayTV has been courting controversies for the sake of TRP ratings by airing anti-Hindu debates, but presently, in this case, I see a sinister plan of pushing toxic feminist ideology into Tamil girls’ consciousness, perception & psyche.

Yes, feminism is definitely toxic, for it demands that in social institution policies and practices, women must be given a place above men, moving away from the motive of GENDER EQUALITY.

Numerous reports and studies from Western countries, especially USA (the country of origin of feminism), reveal that feminism betokens the destruction of family values and the defiance of divine and natural order.

Feminism is to be blamed for some of the most disturbing aspects of Modernity –

  • Divorce
  • Latch-key Children
  • Teenage Alcoholism & Drug Addiction
  • Domestic Violence
  • The sexual abuse of children
  • The economic & social burden on Single mothers

This Sanskrit sloka clearly illustrates the position of women in Bharat :

यत्र नार्यस् तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः।

यत्र एतास् तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास् तत्र अफलाः क्रियाः ॥

“Wherever women are given their due respect, even the deities like to reside, and where they are not respected, all action remains unfruitful.”

This clearly establishes the divine place enjoyed by women in our society. A turn of pages through Bharat’s history will show that this equality was disturbed by foreign invasions. This blogger says it well

The Islamic invasion of India thoroughly enforced patriarchy throughout the country for centuries. Before Islamic invasion, in South Asia, women had free agency, were able to work, choose who they married; our scripture and native records even indicate that women fought wars and ruled kingdoms.

After Islamic rule women were subjected to domestic servitude, women whose husbands died had no means to support themselves because Islamic law prohibited them from working. Many Mughal kings actively patronized prostitution, and often abducted women and forced them to be either their wife or concubine. After islamic rule came to an end, British rule brought it’s own patriarchy to the subcontinent. At the time, European society was not as egalitarian as it is today, thus the status of women did not improve under the British.

To maintain status quo and offer protection to victims (Women) “PATRIARCHY” rose. Feminism as an ideology is against “Patriarchy”, in other words against the domination of men in society (which is not always wrong). A prolonged attack on “Patriarchy” has resulted in deeper fissures in our social life. Feminism directly supports Dirty Economics and enriches Multinational Corporations.

So now to bare the truth behind airing this ridiculous piece of #NeeyaNaana and their sinister designs. The girls audaciously demanding “DOWRY“ from their own kith and kin were emboldened to talk and think as below:-

  1. “YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL”. Prioritize yourself and your needs, even at the cost of being called selfish.
  2. Do not let the Family get away by calling you their HONOUR, as if a well-behaved woman is the presentation a family can make in a society.
  3. Take the Decision making power within your hands, wage a battle against your own parents, relatives and culture. Not an easy one, but this is very critical.
  4. LOVE and SACRIFICE by family members is not “Caring” but oppression. Set limits to who gets to make suggestions in your life, and to what extent.
  5. The icing on the cake is “Don’t feel Guilty, Guilt is toxic for WOMEN”.

So in summary, the message clandestinely sent by Vijay TV to the girls there was that “If you want to be truly loved and honored as women, you must break the messages and expectations that define Womanhood in BHARAT’s CULTURE.”

The amount of hate, ridicule, caricature and anger directed at them shows the public loss of love for these girls, and thereby the victory of Vijay TV.  In my opinion, the messenger is being shot while the sender is scot free to air more such TOXIC FEMINISIM in the garb of TV shows.

Note: This article first appeared at https://madrasmamiblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/toxic-feminism/ and is being republished here with the permission of the author

Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions of the Author, and the Author is responsible for ensuring the factual veracity of the content. HinduPost will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information, contained herein.

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  1. This menace of caste will never go away until upper caste daughters and sisters are married to Dalit and tribal groom. Which will be a social sergical strike, after military and economic one. Eating together, bathing together or matter of fact reservations is not gonna do a thing to this menace. Growing number of people argue that the caste system was a British construct have been brainwashed by Hindutva theoreticians who want to deflect the problem. If the British and Muslims are responsible for caste, why don’t the Hindus give it up ? Inter caste marriage may not be the right recommendation as 99% marriages are arranged within caste. Ambedkar had the right recommendation : conversion. Ambedkar made a mistake converting to Buddhism. With Buddhism, caste will come from the back door as the Hindus claim Buddhism is part of Hinduism. Conversion to Islam and Christianity is the only way to end this cruel social system which is the obstacle to India’s development..!.!.!!

  2. good article but i feel it is somehow criticized this feminism issue with soft hands. Feminism will destroy all things natural in nature. On the other hand i find humans cant stop this feminist propaganda, the reason is very simple and for everybody to see “mens support this”. And in 30 years time it will destroy the family system.
    Gays will become single dad, like karan johar. and lesbian will take forward the agenda of self wanted single mother or single dad. It will become a fashion. Sodomy will be the new natural order.

    • “criticising” with hard words would be of no use as the Feminists wont even let you complete your sentence before they start shouting & put you down as “oppressor & chauvinist et al”. A middle path needs to tread upon to get the dialogue going and if possible sway maximum opinions in the right direction.


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