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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

This war has been waged against us since 30 years, don’t let Pakistani propaganda & liberals’ selective anti-war hysteria fool you

Pakistani jets tried to cross the LoC and target Bharat’s military installations in J&K yesterday, as retaliation for Bharat’s destruction of a non-military, terror training base in Balakot, Pakistan. One Pakistani F-16 was shot down by IAF, while one Bharatiya Mig-21 plane was brought down by Pakistani forces and its pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman ejected safely in PoK but was captured.

Pakistani Army released grim photos and video footage of the bloodied and blindfolded pilot, in complete violation of international norms regarding treatment of a Prisoner of War.

The Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement that it “strongly objected to Pakistan’s vulgar display of an injured personnel of the Indian Air Force in violation of all norms of International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Convention. Pakistan would be well advised to ensure that no harm comes to the Indian defence personnel in its custody. India also expects his immediate and safe return.”

The Government has given the armed forces a free hand to respond to this gross escalation by Pakistan of targeting Bharat’s military in response to an air strike against a training base of a globally proscribed terror group, which Pakistan claims doesn’t even exist on its soil.

Pakistan wages psychological war using Bharat’s MSM & liberals

Apart from illegally publishing videos of a captured soldier where he is made to state his religion & project his captors in a good light, Pakistani Army and deep state also deployed the PM Imran Khan to make a live TV address yesterday, where he called for talks with Bharat and made veiled threats of nuclear escalation if the situation got ‘out of control’.

The ploy is clear – build public pressure on the Bharatiya Government to force them into making concessions in return for the captured pilot, and more importantly to project to the world that Pakistan is interested in peace, but Bharat wants war. Obfuscate the root cause – use of jihadi terror by the Pakistani state to achieve their geopolitical goals with Bharat and other neighbours.

Bharat’s mainstream media has furthered the Pakistani agenda by revealing all personal details of the captured pilot such as home address, names & photos of family members. They have hounded his family to such an extent that the pilot’s father had to issue an appeal to leave the family alone.

Many liberals and Pakophiles have come out blaming their ideological opponents within the country for the ‘war hysteria’, and making feverish appeals to the Government to #BringBackAbhinandan – essentially, a repeat of the Kandahar hijacking episode where the same cabal literally camped outside the PM’s residence and urged the Government to make any & every concession to secure release of hostages.

This is what a senior journalist working with The Print had to say –

Another twitter-verified liberal parroted the same line –

Many are gushing over a puppet PM like Imran Khan (whose pro-Taliban proclivities and his PTI party’s hobnobbing with jihadi leaders like Hafeez Saeed are well known) as ‘statesmanlike’.

As the hysteria picks pace to paint our own Government as war-mongering, we the citizens cannot lose sight of one simple fact – Pakistan has been waging this war against us for 30 years now. They have deployed both soldiers as well as proxy terrorists in this low-cost (for them) war, as part of their ‘bleed India with a 1000 cuts policy’.

What started as a call for jihad to ‘liberate’ J&K by providing training to local Kashmiri terrorists like Yasin Malik, soon morphed into a full-blown jihad involving Pakistanis and other foreign terrorists. Even during the Kargil war, the war was limited to Bharat’s territory – we lost 527 soldiers just to push out Pakistani infiltrators from our own territory, and achieved this without crossing the LoC. To this day, Pakistan has not officially accepted that its soldiers were involved in Kargil.

The LoC has seen constant firing & shelling for many decades now, notwithstanding the ceasefire introduced in 2003. Hundreds of deaths, both civilian and military, have occurred just in this ‘routine’ shelling.

25,942 soldiers have sacrificed their lives in the various wars Bharat has fought since Independence -Indo-Pak Wars in 1947, 1965 and 1971, Kargil conflict of 1999, India-China War in 1962, Indian Peace Keeping Force Operations in Sri Lanka.

In comparison, as per the South Asia Terrorism Portal, 6503 security personnel and 14884 civilians, i.e. over 21,000 of our people have died just due to cross-border terrorism in J&K from 1988 onwards. If we include other terrorist insurgencies in Bharat, most of which have an ISI-connection, the number of fatalities is 35,000 (over 10000 security personnel) since 1994.

This shows that Bharat has lost more lives due to terror compared to all wars fought since Independence – let that sink in. And if you are wondering why, despite clear victories in wars with Pakistan, the problem of terror still festers, it is because we failed to utilize the hard-fought advantage won by our military – in 1947, we accepted a UN ceasefire just when our Army was gaining the upper hand against Pakistani militias, which resulted in the division of J&K and creation of the artificial LoC; in 1965, we gave back strategic heights like Haji Pir pass; in 1971, despite having Pakistan at our mercy with 93,000 of their soldiers as PoWs, we did not take back PoK or create mechanisms to ensure that Pakistani Army’s agenda of hate against Bharat is neutered forever.

Government data released in Sept 2017 showed terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir had claimed a total of 5,000 security personnel & 14,000 civilians between 1990 and March 2017.

So over a 30 year period, we have lost on average at least 700 lives (soldiers and civilians combined) every year due to the jihad waged by Pakistan in J&K – i.e. we have fought a Kargil-like war (where we lost 527 soldiers) each year!

So the next time you see someone berating the PM to #BringBackAbhinandan, remember that these very same people bay for our jawan’s blood when they use non-lethal pellet guns against stone pelting mobs, or fight for the freedom of expression of ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshallah-2’ chanters in JNU, or project Naxal terrorists as ‘Gandhians with guns.’

The voices that matter, the ones who deserve to be listened far-far more than the champagne-sipping, lit-fest hopping uber liberal who believes that people-to-people connect with Pakistani elites will usher in utopian peace, are those whose heart beats for the nation, who know that submission in the face of relentless provocation is cowardice of the highest order.

To those who are cynically shedding glycerine tears over Wing Commander Abhinandan in an effort to paint our own Government into a corner and thus shielding Pakistan – where were you when jawans like Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar & Lance Naik Hemraj were beheaded by Pakistanis during the so-called ‘peace time’? This is what Dharamwati, the widow of Lance Naik Hemraj had to say after the secular cabal had mocked the 2016 surgical strikes –

“If they want proof, they should go to Pakistan and do politics. They should not talk about the Army like that. They should leave the country.”

Lauding the surgical strikes, Dharamwati said she’s proud that the death of Indian soldiers had been avenged and added, “When my husband was killed, Congress was in power and no one came to ask about my welfare. Nobody helped me then. I am glad that the present government has avenged the deaths of our soldiers.” She added that she was in favour of this new eye-for-an-eye policy.

The life of each and every soldier & Bharatiya civilian is important. We all must put utmost pressure on Pakistan to ensure safe return of Wing Commander Abhinandan as per international conventions, but his case must not be allowed to weaken our national resolve to break the back of the Pakistani military-jihadi complex that continues to bleed us and which has taken over 21,000 Bharatiya lives in J&K alone over the last 30 years.

For now, we must support our Government and armed forces and stay eternally vigilant against both the internal and external enemy.

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