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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

‘The Wire’ author Badri Raina’s twisted logic of Muslims serving the country more than Hindus backed by Congress MP Tharoor

Recently, an article by Badri Raina, an ex-professor of Delhi University, for The Wire stated that Muslims (Abrahamics to be precise) had a better claim to be Bharatiyas because unlike Hindus whose ashes are carried away to distant shores Muslims are buried here and their bones nourish the motherland.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor was enthused enough to point out to Twitter users that Muslims/Abrahamics and not Hindus were real Bharatiyas by faithfully endorsing Raina’s article. That the Congress has deep-rooted contempt for Hindus is already well-known, so it isn’t really surprising that Tharoor would endorse the point of view of a ‘liberal Hindu’ writing for a known Hinduphobic portal.

At the outset, it is truly astonishing that most left liberal authors find drivers and sundry other workers who turn out to be Muslims and strike up random conversation about patriotism after ‘sensing’ that the person they are communicating to is a ‘liberal Hindu’. How convenient to pin your hatred for Hindu Dharma on a random Muslim cab driver, who looks like Abraham Lincoln by the way. That apart, it is even more intriguing that authors such as Raina would use the conversation as an alibi to guilt trip Hindus.

The fact that Raina tries to project himself as a Hindu upset with this ‘revelation’ means nothing because liberals are known to be Hinduphobics. The author begins the article by talking about an advertisement on the achievements by the government which ends with the Vande Mataram chant.

By now each of us must be thoroughly well-versed with the kind of hatred left-liberal media like The Wire have for PM Modi and his government. The tone and direction of the article becomes apparent in the very first sentence itself. What Raina hoped to achieve through this totally absurd and illogical article is anyone’s guess but the shameless attempt to portray Muslim (or at times even Christian) victimhood at the drop of a hat is a new low in public discourse.

Although, Raina attempts to make his article look intellectual and logical, a thorough scrutiny proves it is neither. It simply comes out as an attempt to make out a case for Muslims and prove how ‘patriotic’ they are compared to Hindus even if they refuse to sing Vande Mataram because Islam forbids them to do so.

First and foremost, burying the dead does not fertilise the earth which is why burial grounds are barren and unfit for farming. Besides consuming large areas of already limited land space, the water and other chemicals released by dead bodies called “necroleachate” cause groundwater pollution.

Research by environmental organizations states that cemeteries are nothing but landfills where a higher than normal concentration of potentially contaminative materials pollutes groundwater. In general, the shorter the time over which burials occur and the higher the number of burials, the greater the risk of groundwater pollution.

Polluting one’s matrubhoomi and the most important element of the water cycle cannot really be considered a patriotic, isn’t it Mr Raina? Raina should also read up on the polluting effects of landfills that severely impacts soil fertility thereby permanently altering the biodiversity as local vegetation ceases to grow.

One would have thought with all the knowledge that Congress MP Tharoor pretends to have he would have at least done a basic research on what Hindu Dharma says about the human body. Guess, just stringing together the most difficult words in the dictionary does not guarantee either knowledge or common sense.

One Twitter user explained the difference between burial and cremation and which of the two was more ‘patriotic’ in simpler terms to the Congress MP.


While burial takes up land space and puts undue pressure on natural resources, cremation on the other hand, doesn’t consume space and is comparatively less polluting. Hindu Dharma states that the body is made of Panch Maha Bhootas (five main elements) which return to their base elements when the body is burned.

Moreover, the ashes that are flown into the river barely make up 5% of human remains. It must also be noted that most of the ashes would travel to farms along with water that is diverted for irrigation. Also, in many rural areas (particularly land locked ones) it is customary to strew the ashes in the fields, thereby returning it to nature.

In conclusion, all we would like to say to people like Tharoor, Raina and others of their ilk is that patriotism isn’t measured by whether one’s body mixes with the soil or flows into the river/sea but by how one serves one’s matrubhoomi while one is alive.

Instead of fomenting communal tensions by creating false equivalences through imaginary stories, Raina and his supporters would do well if they serve the motherland, but then it is too much to expect this from a gang which supports ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshallah’ and politicians whose party believes that ‘minorities (read Muslims) have the first right over the country’s resources’.

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