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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Kerala Story: Haq-e-Hindustan’s Tamanna Hashmi issues threat, offers 21 lakhs to anyone who cuts the film Director Sudipto Sen’s eyes out

“The Kerala Story: Haq-e-Hindustan’s Tamanna Hashmi issues threat, offers 21 lakhs to anyone who cuts the film Director Sudipto Sen’s eyes out”, Opindia, May 12, 2023:

“Many attempts have been made to intimidate the people connected with The Kerala Story ever since its trailer was released. Now in the latest incident, Sudipto Sen, the director of the movie has received a fresh threat from Muzaffarpur, Bihar where the film’s posters were also set on fire.

The threat was issued by ‘Haq-e-Hindustan,’ a self-styled social organisation which offered a reward of Rs 21 lakh for whoever gouges out the eye of the director of the multilingual project. The announcement was made by Tamanna Hashmi, the Morcha’s president.

He claimed that an attempt has been made to defame Muslims through it. He referred to the film as provocative and demanded to impose a ban on it. These accusations were made at a demonstration that was held close to the Shaheed Khudiram Bose Memorial by members of the group….”

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  1. This is not new in the history of islam, even the prophet tried to suppress the truth by declaring award, who ever want to know this should read sahi al bukhari ( hadees or hadith ) so these fanatics are walking on the same path as their prophet walked.

  2. Dont just fking watch the movie and come to a conclusion later.

    Dig in the past on your own and find out the facts.

    Stop commenting more shit. Instead of scrolling through your damn Instagram and Facebook.

    Go read facts and papers published.

    Spreading hate love jihad.. all of this is shit. Total shit.

    Watch Dhruv rathee’s channel on YouTube
    He also states facts. That’ll tell you the truth.

    • What is it with you people coming crawling out of the woodwork to criticize a movie based on real-life incidents? Are all the Hindu girls from Kerala, mothers like Bindu Sampath lying – and for what? To ‘defame’ a terror outfit like IS which is known to lure and brainwash girls FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to come as brides for jihadis fighting in Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan?

      You Islamist bigots seriously think that by assuming names like ‘Indian’ ‘Human’ and recommending useful idiots/crypto converts like Rathee, you will continue fooling the rest of us? Grow a spine and openly declare what you believe in, and stop using juvenile abusive language, else you will be banned from here.

  3. Ohhh o, today world has changed, all are indulge in only violence, first of all who told to make this kind of movies in India, & there is big political back ground as similar hindu vote bank, & this is first time in this world history, Indian prime minister campaigning and advertising this movie to watch, according to this indirect hindu vote bank, however, clever people they knew very well who is right & who wrong, finally, BJP lost their power in a very bad way in karnataka

  4. @ Shaik Mujahid
    How about saying a few words against ISIS? Of course you won’t
    That jai bherm jai meem should go in the garbage where it belongs. Stop shedding crocodile tears.

  5. See this guy what he saying. He should be arrested by now. This is Actual colours of this community. H-M bhai bhai my foot.

  6. This is not propaganda … this love jihad is for real …saw Hindu girls brain washed in the name of love … it’s time to screw them up … ANTI CONVERSION LAW MUST BE IN FORCE … and We must proclaim India as Hindu Rashtra … Muslims who can’t tolerate this can leave India and go to any Islamic nation including Pakistan or syriya

  7. One simple question: Does Haq-e-Hindustan’s Tamanna Hashmi has the right to issue such a Fatwa?
    If such violators are let loose and go unpunished, India will be another Syria!

  8. He should be given the same which he is wishing for the director so that he and people around him understands the pain and should not think about such thing in his wildest dream

  9. The worst community. How stupid were our mahatmas, chachas & chamchas to say H-M bhai bhai. These seperatists & fanatics should have hounded out of this country after partition.

  10. Sad that cinema is being used to spread hate and misinformation against a community. We are all Indians, we have to all live together, this country belongs to all of us!
    Someone please explain this to the makers of this propaganda movie.
    #thekeralastory..jai bheem jai bheem jai bheem

    • The movie is about Hindu and Christian girls being brainwashed and sent as sex slaves for ISIS – are you saying that ISIS and its sympathizers represent the entire Muslim community? Is Ghazwa-e-Hind something that all Indian Muslims wish for?

  11. Time to get the bulldozer out and crush the properties of Tamanna Hashmi, so that he comes back to his senses and learns not to issue such fatwas.

  12. These people should be punsihed. How can he make such statements? Why no statement feom him when Kashmiri Pandits were and are killed in the broad daylight.

  13. We have given them so much freedom that they are openly issuing threats ….these viruses must be eradicated….all Hindus have to be united and be ready to reply any aggression like this

  14. I will not blame Muslim. There are lots of Jaychands, opportunistic, selfish Hindus are there who are supporting Congress and other selfish parties just for free bees. Be ready for such threats cowards Hindus. Only you can save yourself and no one.

  15. This is the difference between Hindus n Muslims…. kashmiri bhramins were killed they never picked weapon….if this man still goes unpunished that Indian law pe kal daag hoga..


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