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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sonia Faleiro, NYT journalist and Congress MP’s daughter, blames Hindus for Delhi riots and partition

While the anti-Hindu Delhi riots were in full flow, columnist Sonia Faleiro, who contributes Bharat-bashing articles regularly to Western media outlets like The New York Times, The California Sunday Magazine, The Guardian, Granta, Harper’s, insinuated that Hindus were responsible for the partition of the country in 1947.


Though Sonia Faleiro did not explicitly name Hindus for the 1947 partition of Bharat that birthed Pakistan and later Bangladesh, the implications from her tweet couldn’t be clearer. Her words, “Jinnah knew Indians better than Nehru” implies that ‘Indians’ (read Hindus) are blood-thirsty people who could never live in peace with minorities and hence Jinnah was justified in demanding a separate nation for Muslims.

To make such a statement at a time when police and Hindus were under brutal, pre-planned attack in Delhi, and when Hindu houses, shops, schools, and even tuition-returning 11-14 year old girls were being targeted by Islamists takes some special hate.

Pakistan was formed after an unprecedented genocide of the Hindus in modern times. Jinnah knew Muslims would not be able to co-exist with Hindus, and after slaughtering thousands of Hindus in Direct Action Day and Noakhali Riots, he carved a country out of Bharat, only for the Muslims, a new Medina intended to be the new heart of the Muslim world. The Islamofascism inherent in the founding idea of Pakistan (land of the ‘pure’) became evident just 24 years later when the Pakistani Army outdid even the brutality of the partition and wiped out 3 million Bengalis in just 9 months in 1971. And what Pakistan is doing to its minorities today is known to the world.

It is apparent that by ‘Indians’, the cunning propagandist is referring to Hindus and Hindus alone. Slyly, she holds Hindus responsible for the partition. In her worldview, not only did Hindus divide their only homeland in the whole world, but rendered lakhs of themselves homeless and displaced after a bloody massacre, and still allowed pretty much all Muslims living in post-partition Bharat to continue living here!

An equal number (around 6-7 million) of Muslims and Hindus/Sikhs migrated to Pakistan (both East & West) & Bharat respectively, after the partition. As of the 1951 census, Bharat had 35 million Muslims, one-third of the entire Muslim population in the sub-continent, despite giving up one-fourth of the country’s land for creation of a ‘pure’ Muslim nation demanded by the 23% Muslim population (as per 1941 census) in undivided Bharat.

And the ‘fascist’ Hindus have continued to believe in  ‘secularism’, despite repeated communal riots, another Islamist-driven exodus within their own country in 1990, continued religious cleansing of Pakistani & Bangladeshi Hindus, more mini-exoduses witnessed all over the country (Mizoram, Kairana, Sundar Nagari in Delhi, West Bengal border districts), and a minority-privileging legal regime in education and management of religious institutions. Some ‘monsters’, these Hindus!

Sonia Faleiro’s tweet, at a time when Hindus are facing in their capital city, what their ancestors had faced during partition, is the most outrageous specimen of victim-blaming.

Sonia is not new to the game of twisting facts against Bharatiyas and presenting a vilified image of Hindus to her global audience. Even as Hindus are facing horrific attacks in the anti-Hindu Delhi riots, Sonia continues to project to the world that it is only Hindus who are attacking Muslims.


Here, we would like to remind our readers that the first policeman killed by Islamist rioters in the capital city was Head Constable, Ratan Lal. A video the horrific attack on the police posse by a hundreds-strong Muslim mob, including Burkha-clad women, has emerged. DCP Amit Sharma was beaten to within an inch of his life in the same attack.

20-year-old Dilbar Singh Negi’s hands and legs were cut off and he was thrown alive into a fire. Intelligence Bureau staffer Ankit Sharma was dragged to AAP’s Councillor Tahir Hussain’s house and tortured for hours by multiple attackers. His body was thrown in an open sewer and fished out with just underpants and at least  54 deep stab wounds. Acid, stones and petrol bombs were catapulted on Hindu homes by rioters from the roof of Tahir Hussain’s house that was later fund stockpiled with a hoard of riot material.

Improvised slingshots have been found in different localities, mounted on top of tall buildings – these were used to wreak havoc on surrounding Hindu homes, shops and other property. A Hindu school was totally burnt while the Muslim school right next to it was spared. Video testimony of dazed Hindu victims has emerged, recounting their heart-wrenching tales and holding AAP leaders like Haji Yunus directly responsible for rioting in their areas.

But Sonia Faleiro is indifferent to these unspeakable atrocities. Hindu deaths evoke no sympathy in the hearts of Faleiro or her left-liberal audience worldwide.

The champion of bias then takes to twitter to peddle her disparagement of the Hindus some more and shares a handful of wall writings. She mentions nothing about the wall writing in Urdu that read ‘there is no God but Allah’, the F*ck Om posters, wrapping up Maa Kali in a hijab by Islamists protesting CAA.

Her twitter handle, adorned with the image of Amulya Leona (a paid protestor who raised pro-Pakistan slogans at an anti-CAA rally organised by Owaisi’s party) on the cover, reeks of Hindu-hate as Sonia tells the world that only Muslim homes were burnt, but cunningly conceals the truth about homes, shops and schools of Hindus that were razed down by Islamist mobs.

Sonia Faleiro is married to Ulrik McKnight, Rahul Gandhi’s business partner at Backops, the UK-based firm that they both opened and which folded up in 2009. Faleiro grew up in New Delhi where she studied history at St. Stephen’s College, before getting a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh. Incidentally, Hindu-hating ‘activist’ Harsh Mander is also a St. Stephen’s product.

For the uninitiated, Faleiro’s father Eduardo Faleiro is a 5-time Congress Lok Sabha MP from Goa and was nominated to Rajya Sabha too. He was a Union Cabinet minister holding various portfolios in Congress governments from 1986 to 1996. It is no secret where Sonia Faleiro gets her Hindu-hate from – dad Eduardo was at the forefront of attacks on the NDA HRD minister Murali Manohar Joshi for allegedly ‘saffronizing’ education.

In 2017, Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio Costa ‘knighted‘ Eduardo Faleiro with the ‘Grande Oficial da Ordem do Infante D. Henrique’, an honorary Portuguese order which recognizes a person’s services to Portugal at home and abroad, including the expansion of Portuguese culture, knowledge of Portugal, its history and its values. Portugal had brutally colonised Goa for 451 years.

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